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  1. We are always learning... Not all counties have an unified system for International and Domestic flights (not talking about France, not even a clue how it works there). In Brazil you are required less security check in domestic flights compared to International flights, indeed, boarding halls are separated, not like in the USA where everything is ruled by one system and boarding halls are together.
  2. As mentioned before, Brazil does have border with France. French Guyana is a region of France (pretty much like Hawaii or Alaska are American states), people born or living there are European citizens and currency, obviously since you are in an European Union country, is Euros. Crazy or not, many people enters Guyana without authorization to work illegally there and earn payment in euros (not need to mention how strong is euros compared to any South American currency). Not a relevant subject to this anglo-centered boards, but, at least hope the tension in the area around Guyana does not increase. About terrorists and other bad guys, Cayenne-Paris is famous as one of the longest domestic flights in the world. Unless France treats its passengers as international passangers when arriving, that's a nice way to reach Europe without too strict security... Hope our neighbors be fine after this terrorist attack.
  3. Names in Rio were already unveiled... Future Arena, Carioca Hall, Rio Olympic Arena, All of them are in the website. Engenhão (João Havelange) is just "Rio Olympic Stadium"
  4. But I think there is nothing wrong on telling the history of the name of stadium if also telling why people in Rio wanted to change. Actually, it's something positive.Anyway, officially, Havelange name won't be there and commentators can use it only as a trivia-like thing.
  5. Not intern borders, but just ondering how much Charlie terror attack will change the restrictions and secutiry in the border of Brazil with France...
  6. I loved this video of the previous mascots meeting Rio 2016 ones. Special! I loved the idea of the previous mascots arriving in Rio at the airport... Everything was well planned.
  7. AGE - 31 LOCATION - São Vicente, SP, Brazil, born in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. NATIONALITY - Brazilian SEXUALITY - Male, straight, married, chubby-chaser. I love them big. RELIGION - Agnostic Atheist, which means, probably there is no god, but I am not able to say with 100% certainty that God does not exist. MADONNA - Favorite: American Pie, good old times of High School. Hung up, Frozen, Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita, Like a Virgin (I really enjoy Madonna songs, except for "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" )
  8. Rob, the RIO-OCOG said it got already 6 million registrations in the first day... SInce there will be 7 million tickets, the demand will easily be far bigger than the offer. We saw it during the World Cup, we will saw it again. Brazilians will pay to watch any sport at any venue... I remember Platini saying he never imagined to witness a crowded stadium in a World Cup for a match like Nigeria vs. Iran... It's a lifetime chance to join Olympic Games, Brazilians and South Americans will not disappoint again. Domestic prices: About prices, the most expensive ticket (excluding ceremony) is 400 euros for domestic audience (e.g. best seats for Athletics Super Final, Beach Volleyball finals and Volleyball finals) The most expensive ticket is the ones for beast in the Opening Ceremony is 1500 euros. The cheaper is 15 euros. http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2014/09/confira-tabela-de-precos-do-rio-2016.html
  9. How many commentators did it during the World Cup calling stadiums as Plácido Castello, Octávio Mangabeira or Governador Magalhães Pinto? That's why I disagree, Rob. Spacially now, the olympic stadium name will probably change, and the tribute will for a very unknown name for international audience: Nilton Santos.
  10. Nicknames... Engenhão (JH Stadium) will "Olympic Stadium"... HSBC Arena will be "Rio Olympic Arena"... Mario Filho Stadium as always will be "Maracanã Stadium"... And thankfully Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Park (few in Rio knows this name) will be "Flamengo Park" as all cariocas knows it. The only exception seems to be Júlio Delamare Aquatic Center in Maracanã Complex, but, somehow, the place got no nickname in the past and it's famous as this.
  11. It's very common to Brazilians to ignore names of the stadiums and put nicknames to it... Almost all the stadiums of World Cup had names like "Mario Filho Stadium", "Plácido Castello Stadium", "Governor Magalhães Pinto Stadium" and noboby knows those names, but: Maracanã, Castelão, Mineirão... Exactly because many of the tributes are for controversial people or politicians... So, just create a "Big + Name of district/place" nickname for it and ignore official name forever... BTW, virtually nobody knows here Brazil that the stadium used for the World Cup in Sao Paulo was named as "Arena de São Paulo" abroad... Here in Brazil the stadium is known as Itaquerão (Big + Itaquera)... And even the signs during the World Cup have it or Brazilians would get lost because stupidity from FIFA to name it "Arena de São Paulo", simply ignoring the fact the city have a club called São Paulo with a big stadium too in the other side of the metro area... Same goes with João Havelange Stadium or worse JH Stadium (very GamesBids-ish term).
  12. You'll be very well located buddy! I made my register in the website and I'll be trying tickets for the Opening Ceremony and some basketball matches. I'll be happy to watch anything.
  13. At least, people will last longer to realize what you are talking about... Engenhão or Olmypic Stadium are far better shots. Even the signage nearby the stadium points to the Engenhão Stadium... The logo for the stadium used for Botafogo FR, the club that is using the stadium... Summary of Bus Lines to get the stadium, from Rio City Hall... And if you take a look on news from Brazilian media... Engenhão again... http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2014/08/engenhao-reforma-da-cobertura-entra-na-reta-final-e-obras-no-entorno-iniciam.html Frame from TV news...
  14. Tickets for Rio 2016 here we go!

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      Thank you!

      Opening Ceremony (dream)

      Any basketball session

      Any Volleyball session

      Open air free events

    3. Palette86


      Is it very hard to buy tickets for opening ceremony?

    4. DannyelBrazil


      I know at least 20 people who are trying them.

  15. As much as I know people got mad just because "irrelevant" thread about South America is the one featured in the Newswire section at home, a post to make any other thread up ...
  16. Yes, because you mature guys never got trapped in "childish feud" discussions here at the GBs... Tony is showing how "geopolitics" justifies it was "Rio's time" to host... Amazing, uh?
  17. As far as I remember, Brazil is not more relevant to geopolitics than Japan or almighty United States, right? Indeed, if you weren't a children at that time, you would remember easily that the simple appearance of Barack Obama was taken as "seal the deal trip" exactly due geopolitics... And as we all know, Chicago got 4th in the final vote. Sorry, kid, geopolitics may have cause some buzz during a bid race, but it does not play the major role, right?
  18. ^^ Sort of agree with you despite the rude post. If geopolitics plays a role as you think, Brazil would never win a bid against an European capital, one of the alpha capitals of the world and US President's hometown... And despite being very probable that no South American host SOG before 2040s, who knows the future, Tony?
  19. Good news, but again, if you go to Rio and ask where "João Havelange Stadium" is placed, not many will know what you are talking about. In Brazil the stadium is known as Engenhão, after the name of the district around the stadium: Engenho de Dentro.
  20. Thank you guys for the votes on my entry, pity, I didn't reach the final voting. Congratulations for the finalists who presented interesting designs! I wish all entrants good luck! Have fun!
  21. If the guy is asking if there is any buzz about the World Cup in Brazil 6 months later, the answer is no. In fact, after the loss to Germany, it's like we never hosted any World Cup, somehow... At work we were talking about it: it's like we didn't have World Cup this year...
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