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  1. You must watch this before saying England owns things....
  2. The only information I got is that the stadium must be ready in February 2016. Since the extra seat will be temporary, it won't take long to be assembled.
  3. It could became a poster on my wall... With a Mr Bean picture! lol Done. Please, don't make me take the Argentine side... That would be painful for my Brazilian proud...
  4. Adeus, João Havelange Olympic Stadium. The stadium that will host athletics during the Olympic Games was reopened yesterday with a soccer match between Botafogo and Bonsucesso. The Olympic Stadium is now named: "Estádio Nilton Santos", still nicknamed "Engenhão". For Rio 2016, the name will be only "Rio Olympic Stadium". The press is not using João Havelange anymore: http://www.lancenet.com.br/botafogo/Estadio-Nilton-Santos-Botafogo-Bonsucesso_0_1299470134.html http://odia.ig.com.br/esporte/botafogo/2015-02-07/na-estreia-do-estadio-nilton-santos-botafogo-goleia-o-bonsucesso-por-4-a-0.html Still, due law requirements, the city hall of Rio can not change the official name "João Havelange Olympic Stadium", but according to the mayor, the "naming rights" of the stadium now belongs to Botafogo soccer team who desired to change it and the city hall will use "Nilton Santos" and "Engenhão" in the media and publicity purposes, except in official bureaucratic documents where João Havelange will be there forever... http://oglobo.globo.com/esportes/botafogo-ja-pode-chamar-engenhao-de-estadio-nilton-santos-15148351
  5. So, go to wikipedia or search the web and in few minutes you get the resumé of the history and update your factbook.
  6. The Forums of "My-England"................

  7. That's big! Thank you for the kind words! Hope you can come back next year! Rio have lots to improve, the city have problems and bla, bla, bla, but from a broadcasting point of view, this can be one of the most spectacular Olympics ever, with all those HD aerial footage... World Cup studios in Copacabana was just an appetizer of what TV will bring during Rio Olympics.
  8. It can be showed, but, I don't think as a scenario for some act, maybe a subtle background for a samba musical part... Usually, this part of Brazilian culture is explored via carnaval parade when showcasing Brazil abroad.
  9. Is there any difference between the White English and, let's say, White? Perfect! And Tony hijacked another thread to a subject that relates with "My-England"... If we create a thread about Mars, he will find a way to put "My-England" on it...
  10. The slums are a reality in Brazil. In Rio, 14% of population lives in favelas (IBGE, Census 2010). (Rio City Hall says 16%) http://exame.abril.com.br/brasil/noticias/sao-paulo-e-metropole-com-mais-moradores-de-favelas-do-brasil-segundo-o-ibge Let's stick to correct information, Felipe, please, we are tired of favela-poor-misery-third world bullshit in threads. We, Brazilians, don't like to see our entire country reduced to Amazon forest when in fact we have dozens of unique ecossystems... From Atlantic Forest already said to Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah) or Pantanal (Swamps Region) or the Pampas.... Amazon Forest is huge, but it's only one part of North-Northwest Brazil. That's the pitch Rio-OCOG is using since the victory in Copenhagen years ago. I don't think any favela will be built, maybe indirect references (like music or art), but I can't imagine poor housing being featured as a national or local pride... This would be a reason for huge boooing from the stadium...
  11. Well done, NBC! Simple, elegant, beautiful, modern and it screams Brazil. Rio does not need a icon or landmark on the broadcast logo. NBC will use tons of video footage for it. The best NBC ever done for olympics, IMO.
  12. hahahaha, this costume looks a bit Brazilian carnaval for an Argentine, actually... lol
  13. I made some mistake on not including Rob on my A-List... Rob would be located together with CAF, nice poster, one of the most wise posters around.
  14. 12 points - Vitor Mata - the most sensate poster around (and of course, I'll vote for a Brazilian in the top since I'm defensive, pride and some other adjectives Rols pointed before) 10 points - Rols - Not needed to explain why (he could had get first place in my list, but...) 8 points - Tony E. Whatever Archtecture - An antagonist needs to be top-3! 6 points - CAF - This guy is amazing in all senses. 5 points - LDOG, he is Argentine but I like him and his posts. 4 points - Baron - Fair and balanced just like Fox News Channel. 3 points - Palette - She posts a lot of signatures with a mascot costume - she have my respect 2 points - whooitsme83 - Good poster 1 point - Ikarus - Despite bad attitude during the World Cup, nice guy, interesting and relevant posts 0 points - Why give somebody 0 ponts???
  15. If you could check Wikipedia in 1820, the page of Portugal would be like this... And those Argentines keep claiming they are Europe in South America... *rolleyes*
  16. I feel very European, suddenly... I can just cross a border and visit France... Not bad for a person who born in a city that was already capital of an European country, right, Baron?
  17. Now I learn something =] Means not much... Terrostist showed ID and used domestic flight at 9/11. I know now the rules for security check are far more advanced, I suffered myself all the bad will of TSA since then... Paris-Cayenne is one of the longest flights, not the longest... I remember a TV report about it a long time ago...
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