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  1. On 9/28/2021 at 7:07 PM, stryker said:

    Welcome back Danny. I'll be looking forward to my first visit to Rio in the not too distant future as my family and I will be moving to Recife for work in November.

    Enjoy your stay, try all local food you can and have lots of fun with Brazilians

    You'll love it!

  2. On 9/29/2021 at 6:21 AM, AustralianFan said:

    Hi Danny

    Welcome back.   It’s good to see you again here. 

    I’m glad to hear of your wife’s recovery cancer.  Also I feel for your struggles with depression which is very real and widespread, especially excacerbated by external environmental factors like the pandemic on top of everything else.    Many are struggling with this/have struggled with this, myself included, and I suspect a significant number of older and newer posters on Gamesbids.com.

    I hope your mental health gradually gets better so you gradually feel better.

    I joined Gamesbids.com in 2012 and enjoyed your very much your posts on the progress and updates of Rio’s Olympics,

    particularly venues and transport infrastructure construction and preparation.

    In 2018 when I first got wind of Brisbane 2032’s plans I followed your lead from your many interesting and valued posts and updates about Rio leading up to the 2016 Games.

    Like you I have found that there are some very nice level-headed Olympic fan posters on Gamesbids.com

    Like you, I have found, to this day, there is a minority of destructive, negative idiots on Gamesbids.com who behave like children and are more interested in revenge and points scoring than behaving like an adult.

    I too have upset a few along the way in the way I have posted and responded defensively and aggressively to some posters on Gamesbids.com 

    Particularly in the last 6 months or so, where, here in Melbourne we are at 241 total lockdown days - a world record now - and I have at times responded/vented with disproportionate and negative, destructive responses against some.

     But water under the bridge.

    I can’t guarantee that I won’t just ignore the minority of loud idiots on here and  give back as good as I get - so a work in progress.

    Anyway, it’s good to have you back and I wish you well day by day.  

    Warm regards,


    I loved the Rio Games Ceremonies and the Games.



    Unfortunately we won't change their minds... I was following a couple of travellers doing videos in Brazil and got really upset some negative people made their minds Rio is dangerous. It ruined their experience in the city and ruined my experience watching them...

    They simply decided to enjoy the city without camera stuff and they said they had the time of their lives, but we will never see it because some morons convinced them the second most photographed city in the world is not safe for... Cameras...


    I'm tired of it

    I learned to just leave people miss opportunities because of morons. I can't change the world.

  3. On 10/21/2021 at 1:46 PM, Citius Altius Fortius said:

    Boa noite @DannyelBrazil

    I had some great times in Brazil - the Games, the city of Rio, visiting you any your wife and the fur kids! You and Pat are amazing people, who made me feel home in Sao Vicente!

    I am very fine, @yoshi- I live in Vienna now with a partner and a pug!

    Glad to hear from you @Citius Altius Fortius

    I'm now living in Santos and our home is still open for you and your significant other at any time you come to Brazil again.

    Thank you for everything Martin!

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  4. My two cents:

    Sick of both sides...

    Disappointed with endemic corruption of all parties, all sides...

    Really tired of arguments to show "I'm right" for nothing...

    That's probably my last post in the forums (been away for 5 months already due skin cancer of my wife and somehow all internet argumentative fights became so stupid and useless).


    It was a pleasure!

    Hope you guys enjoy the games in Rio!

    Aquele abraço.

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  5. A news station here in Australia was doing a story about the progress of the Rio games. And mentioned how apparently the Deodoro cluster is located in a military area however if you are to leave that area it is extremely risky. They showed footage of their cab driver refusing to stop outside the zone because drug gangs are known to harass and kill.

    Just curious about this and hopefully Danny can clear this up with me.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Deodoro is a lower middle class area of Rio, nothing to do around the cluster, it's a residential area.

    It's not a risky area, but also not somewhere to visit if you have nothing to do there.

    Yes, there were/are some drug-related crimes in the area, since it's far from wealthy neighbourhood and drug lords can use far away zones as hidden spots, but, during the games, there will be tens of thousands of police and military in Rio, so nothing to care about during the games time.

  6. Rio 2016 Ceremonies to cost 1/10 of 4 years ago London ceremonies...

    Creativity, not luxury is the topic for the first Olympics ceremonies ever to be held in South America


    According to the director of the ceremonies, who was the director of the Oscar-nominated movie "City of God", the low budget won't be a problem for their creavity...

    Taking in consideration the luxuriois ceremonies held in Beijing or Sochi .... Are Rio ceremonies to fade out what host cities have made so far?

    Do you think a huge budget is necesary for a spectacular ceremony???

    May the Rio ceremonies bring back the old ways to make ceremonies ... more "human" not technological....

    Remember, the cost of Barcelona ceremonies was 11 millions of dolar (9 million is the estimated for Rio's) and they are still remembered as one of the best of all times...

    What do you thin about.... What do you expect, then, after this announcement???? Are Olympic ceremonies taeking a new road, after the over spent of Sochi or Beijing?.... Are, then, the regional Games (Pan Am Games, European Games, Asian Games) ceremonies going to be even more anticipated than the Olympic ones themselves???

    Already pointed before in this same thread that Meirelles and Waddington commited mistake (or decided to appear as concerned citizens in the middle of a economic downturn) by saying the values and the ceremonies will cost 10% less than London's ceremonies 4 years ago.

    As I mentioned before, it only costs much less because you CAN'T have a ceremony like London, Beijing or Sochi because those stadiums were built from scratch and they were designed to accommodate an opening ceremony of Olympic proportions. The Maracana wasn't designed for anything other than a football stadium, and as reports have shown on here it's had its ups and downs as far as renovations are concerned for it to be able to hold the Olympic ceremonies. If they gave us an OC similar to what we saw in Barcelona and Atlanta with not a lot of excessive aerial acrobatics or things popping out from under the floor and it cost more than half of what London's cost, I would question where all that money actually went to.

    But if Rio decided to make the Joao Havelange stadium the location of not just the athletics stadium, but also the ceremonies, you better believe their ceremony would have cost as much as London's, if not more. I honestly think they should have done that instead of trying to upgrade the severely outdated Maracana. Leave it to host soccer matches, but not something far more grand like the Olympic opening ceremonies.

    The former "João Havelange" and now Nilton Santos Stadium or simply Engenhão as it is known in Rio could not use the roof for the structure as much as Maracanã - This is the biggest problem about the ceremonies in the "outdated" stadium...

  7. What about large/poisonous spiders?

    (Not a great fan of those ;) )

    Not in cities, but in the countryside, yes, dozens of spiders, not sure which ones were poisonous or not... lol

    I'm not a huge fan too.

    I spent my carnaval holiday in a state park this year and I saw tons of insects and weird animals... Gosh, it was terrible.

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  8. Any sensible person knows the wave of hatred that is consuming our middle class.

    Brazil is one of the friendliest countries in the world (with foreign people). But Brazil is in one of the worst ideological and social crises.

    I am not ashamed to say it.

    The ceremonies will be fantastic. Brazil's reception will be amazing. But the Olympics now are in Rio and the world deserves to better know our country. Not only the natural beauties of Rio, but the real Rio and the real Brazil.

    But don't worry, Dannyel, we can get back to talking about party and about the cerimonies.

    I just said generalisms are dumb.

    Don't put all the middle class in the same box.

    About ideologies and protests, yes, President Dilma will be booed in the Opening Ceremony, and thankfully, people are free to boo their politicians if they want...

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  9. Nice! I'll stay close to Posto 6. Can I get there by subway?

    Yes, just leave in General Osório station at General Osorio Square and walk some block until your place.

    Flights booked, Aug 1st to Aug 23rd

    Apartment booked, Ipanema close to Metro General Osorio

    Tickets bought for 34 events, only missing ticket is ZC001

    Enjoy your stay in Rio!

    Hope all construction works be ready at Olympics.

    Just booked my family air tickets, will arrive/depart from Santos Dumont Airport (my option: it could be GIG but just love the SDU landscape)

    Looking at Skyscrapercity, the works are at full steam. LRT is fine, will be ready easily. The subway line makes me affraid. The deadline is so tight.

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  10. from SDU airport to the Olympic Park in Barra, how long it takes?

    Without traffic about 1 hour/1 1/2 hour...

    With traffic, the sky is the limit.

    But things will change during the Olympics, since you will have the option to leave the airport, take the LRT to Subway's Cinelândia station and from there, take the subway to Barra/Jardim Oceânico station and then BRT to Alvorada Terminal and another BRT to Olympic Park. I think you will spend about 1 1/2 hour to get there. Not sure yet, because part of the subway, part of BRT and the LRT are under construction yet.

    Public transportation will be the best bet during the games.

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  11. Is this really true? Do Brazilians not let wild animals live in their cities? There are snakes in American cities, so it's hard to believe there wouldn't be any in Brazil. Well, at least there are in cities in the American West.

    Personally I am much less afraid of the animals of Brazil than I am of Australian critters. There are a ridiculous amount of poisonous animals there. And Brazil's reptiles are also much less scary. I would be willing to swim with a caiman, but it would take an awful lot of money to convince me to swim with a saltwater crocodile.

    Nacre, while most of main American cities are small downtowns rounded by huge suburban areas (it seems Australia have a lot of suburbs American style too).

    Main Brazilian cities are like downtown districts everywhere with tons of buildings and avenues and not much big green areas. That's why most of urban population of Brazil never saw a snake or a monkey in the streets... This is just another Hollywood Stereotype...

    I never saw a monkey or a snake in the streets of Rio or Sao Paulo or Santos (where I live now) and know nobody that saw them anytime inside the city...

    Sao Paulo




    Belo Horizonte




  12. Economy is so cyclical and so rollercoaster in Brazil... I just remember 2002-2003 and 2008-2009 in Brazil. It was the apocalypse at that time... Two years later, Brazil was great again and now apocalypse again... And here we go...

    (Same is valid for Mexico, does anyone remember the Tequila Effect in the late 90s? - Just imagine Trump winning the elections... Adiós Mexico and NAFTA).

  13. According to UOL investigative reporters, Rio 2016 ceremonies actually will cost about 10% more than London.
    Most of the money in Rio ceremonies is private.


    The cost of the Rio's Opening Ceremony budget is inscreasing and got already R$ 190 million (around US$ 50 million in today's exchange).
    London's OC costed 27 million pounds (R$ 170 million in melted Real exchange).

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