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  1. Pope and a mass with "only" 3 million people. One more test to Brazil and we did it again. Smoothly.

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      Indeed, a question made by the reporter from the TV I work for.

      Meanwhile Europeans and others lost time asking about what Pope carries on the bag or about how he felt in the car with people around in Rio Downtown. Brazilian reporters went wild. Gay lobby, Divorce and other polemic stuff.

      Brazilian media 1 - 0 International media.


    3. DannyelBrazil


      BTW, the exclusive interview TV Globo made with Pope in Rio, I can call historic. Never a Pope went so deep and open in an interview.

      Brazilian media 2 - 0 International media.


    4. Lucas


      Francis has so much charisma, this wouldn't be surprising ;)

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