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  1. Just to let you all know that tomorrow (7th December 2007) there is a huge bash at Stirling Castle to celebrate the success of the Glasgow2014 Bid. Any one who is anyone will be there.

    James - you will be toasted on a number of occasions throughout the night - cheers!! Thanks for everything you did to help win the games for Glasgow.

    I didn't help Glasgow to win and I never did anything to support Glasgow! PLz, refrain from calling me a traitor.

    If you like you can toast an elephant for the party, I wouldn't join in your toast.

  2. JeezusJjames, are you now saying that athletes with asthma, an affliction many, may people around the world suffer from, should just accept they can't compete at games in certain cities? In which case, about 80 per cent of the world's elite swimmers won't be there (swimming is well known as a sport that attracts lots of asthmatics because it helps them deal with it and ease the condition).

    James, you're just being an idiot talking about something you don't know squat about. The pollution problems of Beijing are highly documented and of concern to sporting and health bodies around the world. And the Chinese even acknowledge it.

    Are you saying the Olympic Games are not going to take place in Beijing or what?

  3. Given his ban, I'm not sure Mr Gatlin will be overly concerned. But again, you miss the point. If any athlete, particularly one of the stature of the world's leading female tennis player, feels that they cannot go to Beijing because of the smog, does that not devalue the spectacle of the Olympic Games? In my judgement, it seriously dents the competition.

    Yes! Let's not conclude at this time cos nobodu is coughing yet. Anold swatzneger and Jackie Chan were there.

  4. So you openly admit you are not bothered if the world's leading athletes don't go to Beijing because of the smog? With an attitude like that, quite frankly I struggle to see how you can care about the Olympics at all.

    Atleast, I haven't heard that from Justin Gatlin, Asafa Powell and co.

  5. You have shown that you really don't care about what is a major issue. If even one athlete is put off by the smog from competing in Beijing, then that devalues that event and devalues the spectacle of the Games. Does that not bother you, even in the slightest?

    J-E-S-U-S! Am scared of you!

    It doesn't cos it's not what TIME painted it to look like. China will host as long it has been given the right only that it might be worse among Olympics if the air pollution is not taken care of.

    The opening Ceremony worked out just well,right?

  6. The brazen contempt shown by James towards the conditions for Olympic athletes to perform to their maximum staggers me. You might watch the Olympics to see people coughing and spluttering and wheezing their way through a smog-coated marathon, but I don't. I want to see the best athletes winning, not the last person standing.

    Not what you are taking it to look like. I wouldn't even want to see such too. And, that's not going to happen in Beijing! Never!

  7. And you don't think it's a problem that she may have to pull out Beijing becuase of the pollution? Saying it's only ill athletes who'll be affected is admitting there's a problem because they can compete at the top level everywhere else in the world.

    And who's to say healthy athletes won't be affected. Obviously they won't complain like athletes who know they'll be affected like Henin, but the conditions aren't ideal, especially for the long distance events.

    It is. Considering her condition, it's right she has to pull out of the events. Not withstanding, did she need to be compensated by the Chinese authority for pulling out?

  8. Not true....

    MADRID, Spain -- Justin Henin might not defend her Olympic gold medal in Beijing because the city's air pollution triggers her asthma.

    Henin withdrew from the China Open in September because of her asthma and is worried she might also be forced to skip the Beijing Games next August.


    I said this earlier excepting the athlete is not in good condition as in the case of Justin Henin you've just mentioned. One the other hand she's already an unhealthy athlete.

  9. Let's be sincere here no athlete has complained yet. We are still going to see athletes go to Beijing on those graceful days to perform their very best.

    You are not going to tell me that there are no chinese or other countries athletes living in Beijing live and sound as ever.

    Am not saying here that the Chinese shouldn't profer solution to the polluted air but people should paint the image as if when you enter Beijing you inhale the air and have a lung problem,is what the athletes are going to get by going to Beijing to perform. That's scary picture.

    When times are that we should take care of the environment as regards to the ozone layer depletion, it would sound rather absolutely right to do something about the air pollution in all of China industrial cities. At the moment the Chinese must have adopt some measures. like the ones some persons mentioned about, the halting of vehicles and industries for sometime so that the air can return back to normal and flighting the atmosphere with chemicals to nuetralize the air pollutant, etc.

  10. I have read it. People are there in Beijing sound and alive. TIME is blowing it!

    Even in countries where the air is clean people still have lung conditions or whatsoever. The Chinese will definately have a measure to curb this what I call triviality-about-the-atmosphere. 3 weeks stay would kill no-athlete excepting if the athlete's been sick inside unknowingly.

  11. James, u should be the last person to complain about this. If u were a professional athlete and cared one iota about your health and the risks of what the Beijing atrmosphere would do to your lungs, you would not be so glib with your 'all-knowing' remarks. As u say -- down, boy.

    Not for the short time. I would call that an excuse on the part of the athletes. People have being living in Beijing with good lungs and health condition.

  12. He's answering your question, james. Since Africa is not a major player in the WOGs, why should it really be included in a WOG torch relay? This isn't even taking into consideration the cost and logistics of planning & executing such an enterprise. James, if u only realized what goes into planning and setting up for all the contingencies of an Olympic torch relay, I think you will be more understanding of who's being left out and not be so glib with... comments.

    He didn't answer my question but as a question, bro.

    I wouldn't want to know cos the world is big enough to contain us all.

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