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  1. Firsly, thank you, MO. Yes. We can continues with this restriction of the games to only the developed countries which will create some kind of lopsidedness. No sentiment no Africa really moving forward with the world the way the want everything to go.Peace!
  2. What makes you think SA and Egypt alone would be more promising than others in a bid? Even in world cup 2010 bid they score below Morocco. So, what are we saying, I mean what are you talking about? Does Africa see to scare you?
  3. I don't think Seoul can because it couldn't single handedly host its former WC which it cohosted with Japan. The most capable country in Asia would have be Japan-- if it's willing to.
  4. We never pray for that to happen. If by chance it occures that another SARS outbreak is in China at this ceremonial period, I think the Chinese have to face it squarely. And, it would have a dramatic effect on the chances of the games really passing through, making them the worse Olympic games in the history of the Olympic. Meanwhile, chances are that it will not happen. I also beleive they are surveilances everywhere searching for outbreaks here and there in China. If not, they should try to start doing that now.
  5. Are you among those who don't want things to happen in Africa? It will happen one day!
  6. Why No Africa can be best narrow to the number of those who don't want to see good things come to africa. And, they are in larger number than those who want them to come to Africa.
  7. What I really like about the Singapore 2010 website is the comical look that identifies it with children. I gave them a pass mark for that. I think Singapore is presenting a stronger bid.
  8. Hey, I don't think your mouth is wide enough. Maybe you can open it the more for us to know that you can speak bad words.
  9. I don't know maybe Maya or something. Don't Singapore have a local language?
  10. Thank you for the correction! But, am still wondering why you are so sad-looking. If may ask, why are you so sad about being an African?
  11. I did some french in school. The french vocab is more than the English with the é, à, etc. If am right the masculine and the feminine thing are not basically with the e ending thing. It does mostly with number, age, size of what is being described. In french you can say grand mere(feminine) or grand pere(masculine). la grand stylo or les grand stylos, the most noticable different there is in the quatity with definite articles of la and les. However, I beleive the meaning depends on where the name actually comes from. In scotland it may stands for boy's name while in France for girl's name w
  12. I beleive it's uni... just like Sean Jean, Wycleaf Jean, and the female's name is often common with the french.
  13. I don't think he's JJ or XD. I think Jeankigali has almost thesame problem with me when I came newly to the forum but, he is a little bit concerned about sensitive issue from a wrong dimension. From my own point of view, I would like him to continue posting in the forum afterall he opened a good thread of "Why No Africa". The most surprising thing is that he can not stand criticism.
  14. Did anybody ever compare? I didn't see that yet. Plz, you have to point to where it was mentioned in this thread. But Cape Town is not just all the heaven. Besides, Lagos is a big city even bigger than Cape Town, PLz. Every city has its bad sides. Why do you think one cannot compare Cape Town to Lagos?
  15. Are there other activities interesting in Winter Olympic than skate?
  16. I have never see anything positive in your posts in the first case. You are rather judgemental here by saying maybe because am from the former British colony while your are from the francophonie than to say you are fight a course for Africa to progress. You don't seem to act right, bro. I think you like to create enemity and it's good for nobody. Am your friend saying that you should learn to be careful when treating things important. Where are you from anyway? Rwanda? I can not live in the past and I can not listen to somebody who does. PLZ!
  17. If they know some of the athletes would be able to perform in Beijing and environs they should take them to some rural fields to do theirs there. If I like, I would go to Beijing and inhale the air I will still be alife, that's the truth. Am not saying here that Chinese should relax and watch the pollution to continue. The athletes are giving excuse here that they can't perform in such atmosphere. Whereas, many chinese athletes are there doing their thing.
  18. I don't want to say anything as long as somebody called for the insult. Nobody is insulting my country yet. Jeankigali, if you don't know how to put up a good post by being negritude will call for troubles. Wole Soyinka wrote...tiger tigretude, negro negritude...you better behave yourself cos I wouldn't want people to insult my country. Sir, Roltel, Africa isn't 80 percent with people walking around with matchettes. That can never be posible anywhere. Atleast, I can speak for my country.
  19. I think I have to go to sleep now. I love everybody! PEACE!
  20. Sorry, Sir. I mean pathping www.gamesbids.com
  21. Anyway, I would be happy if Singapore wins. There's still a big country for Singapore to contend with not only that the country is big but has experience. Just the way Glasgow has experience more than Abuja in the CWGs bid.
  22. I saw your link I thought it was an unknow robot rocker...tan tan tantantantan 5x or so! Blaising the trail. I was expecting something also in singaporean language. Am not so much impressed.
  23. it would have even be better to ping www.gamesbids.com to get the actual time and size.
  24. Does that really solve the problem? No! This is among commands that never really some problem but a tell about condition already known.
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