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  1. I voted for Moscow.

    they surely know how to make it, and it would be guarnteed success.

    Singapore is also too small, they don't have culture for sports there: have you heard of any singapore sportsman?

    There's nothing wrong in you voting for Moscow. But...You are looking at the YOGs from the SOG or WOGs. I think there's a great different to the level of implementation and integration of things. Singapore being a small country would be in a better position to do it as a youth type of games that doesn't require those mega infrastructure but paraphenalias to teach them to lead their ways in sports. Culturally, the Singapore community as earlier said here is working to join in the games --- what a go way to start.

    I don't think adding more ingredient to the Moscow experiences and infrastructure is not what really would swing it for it. I do think a better understanding of how the kids feel about sports and what's best for them should be the proper consderation.

    All things be equal, I would consider Singapore to be more a good place to start the YOGs 2010.

  2. While it is indeed true that the chinese officials have reached an astoundingly ambitious target in cleaning the environment for these games, the complaints from athletes so far about the air quality seems to be getting louder and louder. I think that as the games approach, we are going to see a lot of turbulence where this issue is concerned.

    The good thing is that non of those athletes trying to boycot the games has visited to see for himself or herself. It's been said -- seen is believing.

    There hasn't been any turbulence as such only that many athletes are not visiting at the moment. I think it would be more wise to place santion on athletes who are actually willing to boycot the games by IOC, cos Beijing is killing nobody with the situation reports from there by now. The simple truth is that Chinese need to lower the use of coal to power their industries.Meanwhile, their constructions so far are eco friendly.PEACE!

  3. I don't think YOGs are such mega games in the real sense if want to say let look at things from this angle. Singapore being a small country in terms of size can host YOGs as a small replica of the Olympic proper without hitches.

    Using a measure of experience of hosting the very big games on YOGs might likely not fit in. Well, let's look to what both sides offer for the kids not adults.

  4. For me I would be the last person, if representing any country, to vote for Moscow. I think I can only speak based on my feeling about both countries. I understand so well technical evaluations play the best part.

    Politically, Russia lacks fair co-operation with many democratic nations ( mostly on the issue of nuclear proliferation) and economically, the gas monopoly plan by Gazprom is already a negative idea to the European countries. These two factors might play some part in the voting.

    Basically, security is not an issue from both countries but the skin-head is an issue on the Russian society. I know the authority can handle that one. Nevertheless, Moscow has an issue more than Singapore leaving out experience and sports infrastruture.

  5. The political atmosphere surrouding Moscow bid is less active when compared to Singapore's, as you it has being pointed out regarding the community involvement. I deeply believe the would definately increase the chance for Singapore cos it would be of no used if the cummunity on which the YOGs are taking place is not involved in it at a very high magnitude.

    Sorry to say that Russian experience (boast of 500 olympic champions). Is that actually a criteria for YOGs? Media might fail to swing it for them this time around cos, I haven't come across a whole publicity expressing their plans so far on the race as compare to Singapore.

    Does the IOC used the same criteria for YOGs and SOGs or WOGs?

  6. So james, do you still believe the pollution concerns about Beijing are all false?

    I have never said they are false! I said that should been the excuse for athletes not going to perform well--you can go back and read my comment on the Beijing air pollution.

    I have always advocate for the air pollution cleanup!

  7. We believe you as the topic has been discussed here for months...

    At the age of five I fist played the game Sonic the hedgehoger on the Sega master system II then marion wasn't that fun. On the contrary, both are games of picking something. It would be better if they really add something to them from the Olympic games.

  8. wha kinda crap is this, james? What r u talking about? NOTHING has publicly been unveiled or SHOWN about the BEIJING Aug 8 Olympic Opening (the subject of THIS THREAD) -- so whadahell are you blabbing about?

    I only made reference to the 2007 special Olympic opening youtube ,Baron. I know what am talking about this time, BRO.

  9. The ceremonial big dragon I saw on youtube didn't enter into the cave where the fire rather lighting flashed atleast once but just made a turn-around at the center of the stadium. I really enjoyed watching the drumming, it was a fantastic dislay. The children song was absolutely melodious but they lacked coherence and their trainers did teach them how to move their hands in uniform very well.

    All thesame, I thick the whole celeberation a pass mark! Atleast, they are doing it for the first time.

  10. Abuja is not hosting, as you know, so we wont be treated to a display like that unfortunately.

    Expect a show linking Scotlands fascinating past with modern culture, and plenty of party atmosphere.

    Yes! We are not hosting and Hahaha...that's not going to make me cry, pal!

    I asked a question and you answered me in a hash way! Am I dealing with a civilised person here?

  11. The New Terminal 3 of the Singapore Changi Airport opened today. It was planned about 9 years ago. I must say this new terminal is awsome ! I had a classmate whose dad was part of design team.

    SINGAPORE - Singapore opened Wednesday a new state-of-the-art airport terminal, with features including an indoor garden and waterfalls, in a bid to strengthen the city-state's status as a regional air hub.

    Changi Airport Terminal 3, built at a cost of 1.75 billion Singapore dollars (US$1.22 billion; �831 million), will expand the airport's annual capacity by 22 million to 70 million passengers a year.

    Terminal 3 started operations with its first arrival from San Francisco and first departure to London, both on Singapore Airlines. Arriving passengers were greeted with a traditional lion dance performance and adorned with orchid garlands.

    The seven-story terminal has 28 aerobridge gates _ eight of which are designed to handle a new generation of large, double-decker passenger jets like the Airbus A380.

    A vertical garden of climbing plants and four waterfalls spans 300 meters (984 feet) inside the main building, which also features a roof with over 900 skylights and reflector panels that automatically allow an optimum amount of natural light while keeping out the tropical heat.

    As a regional air transportation hub, Singapore's Changi Airport faces competition from neighbors such as Thailand and Malaysia.

    Pictures at http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=70216

    Was this terminal built in preparedness for the Singapore 2010?

  12. Nice little video announcing the winning city


    Aldo check out the website for all the bid videos


    You are bringing in memories of the past. PLZ, let bygone be bygone!

    Afterall, Nigeria commwealth teams will be there to grace the events in style and Scotish people will say, "Oh these people are really the ones which supposed to host the games.We are sorry that we stole the CWGs from you!"

    What has happened to the Hampden Park at the moment? I don't think anything's been done yet.

  13. I actually think that the Youth Olympic Games are perfect opportunities for some African countries. Morocco has a good history of youth events, they hosted a good youth IAAF World Championships. Tunis, Tunisia is also a good possiblity. Not to mention a South African city.

    For the WYOG, it would be a good opportunity for a country like New Zealand to start building the winter sporting tradition.

    Firsly, thank you, MO.

    Yes. We can continues with this restriction of the games to only the developed countries which will create some kind of lopsidedness.

    No sentiment no Africa really moving forward with the world the way the want everything to go.Peace!

  14. Goodness no, I'm very much in favour for the advancement in Africa. I think Africa is a serious problem which needs to be tackled, but it's very hard to progress a society so entangled in corruption.

    An Olympic Games isn't what the continent needs, it needs stability and fresh ideas - on how to move Africa upwards and onwards. An Olympic Games would be a waste of money to almost 90% of African countries. South Africa and Egypt (and even that is pushing it) would be the only candidates with a serious chance.

    What makes you think SA and Egypt alone would be more promising than others in a bid?

    Even in world cup 2010 bid they score below Morocco. So, what are we saying, I mean what are you talking about? Does Africa see to scare you?

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