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  1. Defend what you want to defend, mister. Human rights violated remains human rights - be it national or a city.
  2. No country is free of bad human right record and China has be use as scapegoat to send a message to the developing world how powerand intelligent they can persuade, any nation willing to grown, to dance to their tune. On the other hand I believe Tibetans deserve the right to govern themselves if the so ask for it. But, is it neccessarily right to use the Olympic as a means in achieving this aim? Cos Chicago Olympic vs All Sharperton was unanimously disagreed with here on gamesbids.com.
  3. The truth is that the so called trolls can not be outlawed as they too are part of any society. Their views go deep to understand the issue though most time they are out of the topics. I visit skyscrapercity regulrly but don't participate in posting comment.
  4. The most surprising to those who are calling for no truce is that USA has removed China from its List of Non co-operating Nations.
  5. You don't have to be offended about that comment. Baron doesn't write good English either. So, why are you worrying yourself over English language? R u is a non-standard way of writing You are. Lol!
  6. Wow! I never new that China human rights record is a very serious one. If that should be the case they should try to adjust to what the IOC requested for in the area of human rights. I am on the support for a hitch-free Beijing Olympic games, you know.
  7. I doubt it. If you can explain better why you think it will be your so called largest barbecue since Seul '88 might be more apprecitaed by me.
  8. Am a little pertube about some technical views here on Cauldron light. Mostly, evening or night time is usually cool and breezy.
  9. I commend Scottish parliatment for coming up with such intelligent ideas. I think this will go a long way to make Glasgow 2014 commwealth games be among the best if these are done as said.
  10. Am glad this wasn't from me, James.
  11. Mind you, nobody is blamin' Moscow for not winnin' YOGs. Moscow is a great city but the way it went about the YOGs was too professionally high. Don't gorget where there is a winner there is a loser. I don't think Moscow was robbed off the games cos Moscow was the influencial one in the bid.
  12. If you are not going to laugh at Abuja for not been able to win. I guess --- if GOD(HE owns my life) wants me to.
  13. Congratulations SINGAPORE!!! congratulation for the YOGs 2010. The LORD GOD answered your prayer, NYCD2010! LOL
  14. I heard Mia Farrow would also be a part of the boycot.
  15. I wish to prophecy for Singapore. Singapore I think. AMEN!
  16. Am watching! Don't think am not. Am keeping an eye on things going on.
  17. You have hit the nail on the head.This is what Spielberg smells is cooking is that China is fueling the war through arms sales to Sudan. The Arms are getting into the hands of those oppressing others -- I hope that clears you up on why should we help a continent that has not helped itself from this context on Sudan. Actually, many countries in Africa are trying their best to get up but you seem to forget how the world really think and deal with Africa progress. And, the face of Chinese in Africa is almost proving something can be done to help Africa to help itself. That shouldn't be the way t
  18. The soul of these Youth sports, to me, belong to Singapore the most if one comes to look at the timing and objectives relative to the Yogs. With all reasonable doubt, I think Moscow chance can not be ruled out completly.
  19. You are wonderfully blessed. And that's the reason why some part of the world would not see the light -- the superpower political play.
  20. cos the media are often about negative news from any developing country.
  21. Am so glad it has really boiled down to the truth of the matter. To respont to your first line of comments, it means the kids are to young to run that if mega idea is put into place as you are concentrating on it. For you information it was for instance. I didn't say either that you said Singapore infrastructure was outdated. I was just bringing into place of how Singapore bid is not inferior to Moscow. The fact also never said Singapore was not going to win. Thank you for saying that the IOC said that Singapore was more than capable and that coupled with Moscow bragging would mean something
  22. If I should agree with you on that one that means Russia is fighting to host two games consecutively when another nation can do well in the bid race. Would that be fair games? I still think there are things the Russians have to grapple with, like Seeing YOGs as equivalent to the main Olympic, trying to put to idea the use of mega infrastruture for something so small in comparison --- I even wonder if some of those kids would run a 400m field without compelled to, etc. Sorry to say, I haven't read where it was written in this forum that it's Asia turn. Besides, Singapore is highly capable of
  23. Even the blind man can see it that that YOGs is better off as a consideration for Singapore than Moscow by this time. The timing is really in favour of the Asian country if we have to consider hosting of Games -- as Russia would be fighting to host two Olympics Games consecutively, dragging Sochi on one hand and the YOGs on the other. To me this is not wit but display of prowess rather non needed thing in sports. We shouldn't see this as a contest of superiority between both countries and, I hope Moscow knows what that means.
  24. Chinese people am proud of you for the Water cube. I accept the whole concept with heart. Does anyone know the internal temperature of the Water cube?
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