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  1. And lets be honest, the Beijing games weren't attributed on technical merit...

    It was but we have also seen here that using technical evaluation also has disadvantages. I think the sentiment of it all should come in to place and resolved this issue by letting the Olympic games go on without hitches.

    Tibet was not on the agenda of the OIC before awarding the Olympics anyway. Human rights violation should be forwarded to the appropriate channel. And, I think China really needs to play low now so that it can overcome this trouble.

    Chinese people are not bad but the government is headstrong. This is actually not a near perfect democracy we witness in developed countries like the US, Uk, Canada or Australia. China is new to how democracy operates so, we shouldn't take things with it on the tougher line cos it's used to that - government by force.

  2. The IOC have to award Olympic Games to experienced democracies always therewith such mistakes wouldn't happen again...

    To so extent I agree with you but should politic play the most significant part of hosting Olympics?

    If not that Tibetians were targeting the Olympic at this right timing I don't think anything regarding such hitch would have been a problem in Beijing 2008 cos China put everything in place to host a very good Olympic. I am still waiting to see that this Olympic turns out really spetacular.

    However, the Chinese are really going to meet more opposition from different parts of the world as the games progress. I so much want the Chinese government to do anything possible and find a lasting solution to this stigmatising issue from Tibet.

  3. What is so ridiculous and wrong about voicing one's disapproval of what is being done, let us not forget, in the name of the Chinese government? It is ludicrous for you or anyone else to try to paint China as some sort of utopian society when what we are seeing on our television screens at the moment is so different? You might be getting the state-controlled, sanitised version but we aren't.

    Anyway, I have been dabbling into things here lately which is very critical as per my minimum level of knowledge. But, I still think the use of Olympic to address the political turmoil that has been is not too ok for any nation. If I should say here now that it seems like a bait given the Olympic to China when everybody knows Chinese government policies so well -- this is going a long way to create distrust and cold war which might like be exhibited indirectly.

  4. I sincerely don't see the Tibetian subjects really parting away from China to from an independent state. Even the India exile Tibetian spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, made claim to that. If you look closely you will find out that China's inexperienced in handling such trouble. That is among the things which differentiate third world countries from the western ones . On the other hand, I think Chinese people need to learn and they are not doing that yet. The protest upon Olympic torch lit is a signe of more protest and trouble to come.

    However, boycotting the games is never the best way to approach this human rights demand from the Tibet people by the world. Isolation of the games is going to sow a seed of hatred not peace and love nor understanding. We should know here China is a fragile democratic nation and has a lot to learn from the western nations.

  5. A word is enough for the wise. The whole boycott is still going to end up on the dailogue table after whatever method you are ascertaining to here. If you look well, the pressure has already been there and people are dieing everyday in Tibet. Don't you think it is time to come to a point and call both side for a better understanding? Do you think China can't agree to the the basic human rights Tibetians are asking for when both sides are called to the round table? C'mon, we should stop taking the long road to solution.

  6. Easier said than done. What have western governments done to pressure China?? Has anything worked?? They tried to bribe them with the Olympics, and that is back firing.

    So what would you suggest in place of a boycott? What will make China change their brutal ways?? Everyone says a boycott will fail, so what will work?

    I said dialogue will work as China is becoming more civilized these days. Chinese are humans and I believe they will understand where they are wrong if properly put to them(government). If we think China is too powerful and ornery to listen to the world on its human rights violation we should also know that no nation is independent of the world. So, I think China can't segregate itself from the world or else will witness an economic chaos. It shouldn't think resources from Africa are enough to keep its economy going.

    If you think dialogue won't work, Passthedutchie, you can subscribe to a primitive military use of force and see now what the outcome is almost like in Tibet, not to mention Iraq(though looks like this one called for it).

    This would be easy to solve if all heads come to know that China can think on the right way too as they are more fragile than ever before this time.

  7. I wonder if you actually read that piece before posting a link and failing miserably to score points.

    I got it right, Sir. Why would they have to ask for what they are purposed about? To me this is like preaching to the public to have a hand in it when things aren't going the right direction. Or would you like to correct me on that?



    There's one thing I don't get right here. Why is Glasgow asking for help to create a sustainable games when it won on among such in it presentation?

    "However these are the minimum standards we are committed to – what we want to see now is the public getting really involved, giving us their ideas, and connecting with the potential of the Games".

    Are volunteers not fort coming in?

    Am watching, don't think am not!

  9. I think the watercube lacks the sit-down toilets the most after its elegant look. The quality of the ceramic has to be taken into proper consideration cos as one person said here lots of Chinese aren't too sure about the throne, and end up standing on rims and squatting over the bowl anyway, if that is actually true of the Chinese people.

  10. There's some truth in that. But on the other hand, the rest of the world and especially the IOC mustn't leave it uncommented that the Chinese regime has tried to fool them with its promises to improve the human rights situation in the lead-up to the Games. How can one accept "peace and harmony Games" under a regime for which violence and oppression are common instruments to enforce its policy?

    That's one thing OIC should be thinking by now. China must go by the agreement it made with IOC, if not, there's going to be a big problem for this upcoming events.

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