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  1. For Christ sake, learn to read/think before you post!

    I specifically did not say that scrapping the torch relay was the solution. I even did say that I was not against having a few international stops on the way to the host country.

    What I said is that if developing countries (China can hardly be compared to most developing countries) were to stage the Games sometimes then whatever little cuts (be it ceremonies, smaller stadia and arenas, fewer accredited media) was the way to go.

    I though you speak French. I never said you asked for the torch relay to be scrapped either. You brought up the torch relay issue with emphasis on cost and the developing as regard my previous post.

    I think you misunderstood me too. You should my post to comprehend it to before alluding to lopsidedness.

  2. Sorry, if am completely inconsistent to you. China on the other hand is a developing country and I have ever agree with developing countries hosting the games.

    I am not against your approval,anyway.Torch relay cost so far, as an integral part of the celebrations looks feasible to any developing country. And you insinuating that If one is serious about developing nations hosting the Games someday, then one has to to do whatever it takes to keep the Games cost under controlmeans scrapping the torch relay is the besy possible for the thrid world.Mind you, keeping the cost low for dveloping conutries doesn't necessarily mean the torch relay has to be cancelled but better still if it religated to few cities of the world and reducing the cost of infrastruture which is the core cost.

  3. I talked with some Greek girls when I was waiting to carry the torch. It was a very busy trip to go to all cities indeed. Two airplanes, nearly every day another city. In Beijing they have a lot more restdays. So I think it was a recommendation in the TOK of Athens to do so.

    Only the fuel for the airplanes was a high cost I think.

    The total costs for Torch relay, opening and closing ceremonies, culture programma and other ceremonies was 133,4 million euros according to the Athens official report.

    Sydney 2000: ceremonies 68,5 million Aus$, torch relay 11,4 million Aus$ and 38,6 million Aus$ for the cultural programma.

    In Atlanta $26,647 for all ceremonies.

    Salt Lake the Torch Relay costst: 25 million$

    Athens was very expensive with the ceremonies, I think most of the money will go to the Torch Relay. But all NOC's had costs to organize the Relay in her own city. I don't know the exact costs because I cannot read the Transfer of Knowledge Programme.

    The integral part of the torch relay has never been the cost. And,this is the first time seeing any complain coming in from the cost side of running it.

    However, the Olympic is equal to the task of the million dollars or whatever amount it's cost.The torch relay has become a significant part in countries it passes through. Do you know what that should mean in the celebration context to those countries?

    I think it's time to ignore pointing finger to the cost of running the torch relay.

  4. Before giving the games to China, should I say on merit, was the IOC ever questioned on some conditions of Human Right violations possibly link to Tibet?If the case was yes,for IOC to have taken further step and gave the games to China would have mean a lot to the Chinese people and government to look into such promises and fulfill them.

    The Chinese weren't alerted on ground before the upsurg cos they should have seen the protests coming and curtailed them before they got out of hand.The best instrument to get the troubles under control should be largel the Chinese capacity to decipher the troubles properly from the root causes --- that's meeting all of the promises made to IOC.

  5. We should know that the torch relay has no problem itself. I think scrapping it is never a good thing as this has formed an interesting part in the Olympic games. Due to history of disruptions by cancelling it would mean more than harm to those who admire it and follow it around the world.It also interesting to note that even celebrities are even involved in the torch relay thing.

  6. Hopefully the sporting gods aligned everything for London's competition. Sydney was remember for its great games not just for the technically and aesthetic aspects, but for the great competition and moments. So hopefully London gets blessed with that as well.

    Am hopeful of that. GOD blesses Great Britain!

  7. My comment was badly worded. I honestly was questioning if these people actually were a serious threat to the Games or to China at all since Beijing refuses to provide any real evidence.

    To be fair, American hands on this matter are not clean either, I'm just saying it's questionable.

    What are you insinuating?

    That Americans are likely behind the plot, is that what you mean?

  8. Img214233147.jpg

    The Olympic cauldron

    The Olympic cauldron plays a major role in the Olympic Torch Relay. The lighting of the Olympic cauldron symbolizes the end of the Olympic Torch Relay and the beginning of the Olympic celebration.

    The Beijing Olympic cauldron is based on the concept of a "round heaven and square earth" and takes after a typical cauldron from the Chinese Bronze Age. The cauldron shares with the torch and lantern the design element of the "lucky cloud."

    The 56 "lucky clouds" hollowed out of the curved plate of the Olympic cauldron symbolize well wishes to the world from the 56 ethnic groups in China. The base of the cauldron has four legs with eight faces, symbolizing that the Beijing Olympic Games welcomes friends from all directions across the world. The Olympic cauldron stands 130 centimeters high, symbolizing the 130-day duration of the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay. The cauldron plate is 29 centimeters deep, symbolizing the 29th Olympiad. The cauldron post is 112 centimeters tall, symbolizing the 112 years that have passed between the staging of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and the 2008 Olympic Games.


    The cauldron is going to be one whole gigantic structure from the picture.

  9. What annoys me most about the IOC:

    - claiming that sports and politics don't belong together, when its suit its plans, but emphasising that the Olympic Games will improve the situation of human rights in the hosting nation, which is a political task...

    - it is a mystery for me that the official website of the IOC doesn't mention the crisis, but a discussion about the air in in Beijing - I take that as a sign that the IOC tries to take us as fools - there is not information at all...

    - I wonder why the current IOC-president demands only now that China has to keep its promise of 2001 to improve the human rights situation - the riots in Tibet have already shown that China didn't keep its promise of the bid...

    Plz, Sir, I think IOC was right in defending itself by separating itself from politic. The games being a unity ones, the IOC awarding it to China has to question some issues which might affect its position, of which the Human Right Violations is one of them. Meaning that it's not a political organisation but apolitical cos that might indirectly affect the games as we have seen here and other media so far.

    IOC should be careful not to publish such political news on its website cos I don't think it's the duty to do so as it might look like something against its tenets. Olympic is supposed to be sporting events used in bringing the world together as a communual entity of love --- posting Tibet chaotic protest on its website would tarnish such image.

    The IOC presidnet must have waited for the right time to see if China would make changes and, being ornery about the issue, as China is seeing Tibet riot as been sponsored by few dissidents, I think, he has to quickly anounced that to free the mind of those who are coercing them to do so.

    Human Rights Watch should know that IOC is not an organisation to meddle into politic according to the president, of which I think it's right for it to remain neutral on the ground of political issues.

    Wether people are against Rogge comments or not, there are even or less likely odd decisions not to take the violent way in finding solution to the Tibet Human Rights Violation protest from the slow response from the IOC toward the Tibet issue.

    Thank you!

  10. CNN made an error. It would be the last international Olympic torch relay. Instead, torch relays would be national relays for the host country - which is what Vancouver is planning.

    Vancouver's will go ahead, especially since they've already announced the relay and signed sponsors.

    I thought I was the only one that saw it. That's what I call media dictator. Lol

  11. Whether you're speaking about the torch relay specifically or not, what you're saying is nonsense.

    I know it nosense cos it's a westerner that said so...

    When few people do anything wrong in developing countries we are all labeled thesame by your bias media. What goes around comes around.

  12. "The West" is doing this in support of non-West Tibet. Why do you chose not to blame Tibetan monks? Why not the Tibetans who have dispersed themselves in "The West" and have spread word of their cause?

    Am speaking in regards to the Torch relay. I don't have anything to say about the Human rights violation having something to do with sport (Olympic for that matter) cos am not a politician. I think what Olympism stands for needs to be upheld.

  13. So not content with labelling all protesters, peaceful or otherwise, as hooligans and ignoramouses as some people have done, you James decide to take gross generalisation to another level and blame "The West" for what we've seen.

    But, they are Westerners. Or aren't they Westerners?

  14. There's a saying that goes like this - what goes around comes around . What the west protest has done to the torch relay is more of an injustice. There's always a way to settle the Tibet issue by separating it from sports. The world are watching you west for taking the hard way of protest to try and disrupt sport games that belong to almost all people in continental regions.

    Where is the tolerance and wit the west claim they have? How would they prove to us they came handle severe situation without violence? Why are the advanced people with easy way to solution? Cos kidnapping white people in Niger -Delta has be seen as a radical solution to government corrupt operation in that part of Nigeria. So, what do we say to this step taking to put off the Olympic torch?

    I don't think I buy this idea from the west. With all their wit they could come up with a civilized way to a solution. I disagree with the west in whatever they have done so far in this protest to the torch relay.

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