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  1. Why Mount Evereast? That's too dangerous for the protestors, if they fail and lose lives somehow, who takes the blame again? Chinese again´╝č

    The significant of the everest summit receiving attention in the torch relay to me look like flamboyancy. I think there are other way to do it more impressively and meaningful by taking it around less protesting cities of the world like Abuja in Nigeria or Aukland in New Zealand.

  2. It would be better for the third world countries to take hold of this chance and let IOC know of their interest in the Olympic media.

    Every now and then some big tv names continue to dominate the air with Olympic events reaching only a fraction of the rich in poor African countries, that's those who are capable enough to afford DSTV.

    Frantically, I personally want to see the gap well bridged between the poor(with are the true audience) and the rich which are very few in numbers.

  3. This is the area I usually disagree with the west as the Olympic media is monopolized by them. It's surprising to know that there's none of these media that buy into the games is from Africa. This goes tto explain how these rich countries make things suitable for themselves.

    How can the poor partake in the viewing of the events on tv without their tv media participating? The huge money involed will keep on separating the poor countries from the rich ones in this regard. Sport entertainment is meant for all humans.

    The IOC has to find an avenue to regulate the media involved in the Olympic to meet poorer countries demand cos we are part of this earth we all live in! We in the third world have been neglected for too long!

    If for example the Nigeria Television Network(NTA) through the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria(BON) can pay part of the amount it's met it should be allowed to participate in the games but, the amount involved in Olympic media is too huge that it's been monopolized by the rich only. We have to put an end to this. On the other hand, if the rich countries media could offer poor countries free views or substantial amount to hook up then we are given a chance. I am not seeing that happen yet not untill IOC come in.

    I have been thinking about how we in the third world has been marginalized in so many areas that would be of good interest to us.

    To conclude it all we are tired of accepting everything with equanimity. It's time we start to complain to these rich countries cos they are in power to make the change as it's impossible when we tried. This type of changes has to come from the rich countries not the poor ones which are facing the plights.

    Thank you!

  4. If you had read the discussion before, you would have noticed that it's absolutely not proven that this thing is the cauldron. It could be a ceremonial stage as well -- which is, in my opinion, far more probable than it being a cauldron.

    Two reasons for that:

    1) The dish on top of that structure looks too small and unimpressive for being the "flame dish" of a cauldron.

    2) I don't expect the organisers to be that uncautious and leak the cauldron design already more than three months before the opening ceremony. They've made a huge secret of most of the ceremonial details so far, so they'll probably try to keep the most interesting secret -- the look of the cauldron -- concealed as long as possible.

    Why would you conclude so soon on that? If they say it's the cauldron so be it. Why making an hypothesis about that?

  5. I'm the kind of guy who has bent over backwards to tape every moment of every Olympics in 1992!

    *sighs* Is it time for Vancouver yet?

    If you stoop back to tape every moment of Olympics, for a political discord that target an Olympic(Beijing 2008), you might likely miss the interesting part of the celeberation.

    London 2012 torch relay is going to be different from that of Beijing 2008 for the reason it will be free from anti-political groups.

  6. No it's not.

    The IOC has never been keen on the global torch relay thing: debrief from Athens was that it was a logistics nightmare and a very costly event. It was a recommendation of the Athens 2004 Coordination Commission not to stage the torch relay on such a global scale in the future.

    To be honest, I don't thing the IOC foresaw the whole PR nightmare.

    BOCOG insisted on having a global torch relay.

    Why is there much-Ado-about-nothing on the torch relay issue when the sponsors aren't complaining?

    The cost is bore by sponsors like Coca cola, Samsung,etc as in the case of Beijing 2008.

  7. Does anybody know what will be the legacy of the Birds Nest stadium? Is it going to a roosting place for China's abandoned pet birds? What is China's national sport anyway? Agree with the other's it looks better at night with the lights, but then again, everything usually does.

    You are making jest of that superb stadium!

    I think it will stand to be a multi-purpose stadium and not from your perspective of taking on the ground of FIFA stadium.

    I think that Bird Nest is just one of a kind to be found anywhere else in the world so it's very unique in that context. To me the look is just okay both day and night.

  8. From what I have read so far politic can have great effect on the Olympic games though the games themselves aren't political.This has been the reason why the Olympic will continue to be marred with troubles in one way or the other cos different countries having different political views.

    Scrapping the torch relay, if ever considered, won't augur well for the Olympic movement.

  9. Actually, I admire Aussies gentleness and livelyhood to protest. I do see that as maturity and civility not hooliganism or other forms of negative innates we see in some European protesters. We from the primitive world(I mean the third world or more or less the developing countries) are watching you on what you are trying to put to us, the so called civility.

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