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  1. Don't coerce me into what I didn't say, Sir. I meant throug little payment I could get better info from google. Even detail maps not available in those bid books as well. I don't work with the SA organizing team so, how do you expect me to help with that? I can't help you, Sir cos not am grown up yet.
  2. You don't South African bid book as well. If am chanced, I will get them for you.
  3. I can get better info from google. Anyway, it's still useful having this one.
  4. I am james by name. Tanaka ray is my friend and he quite understand what I am talking about. Peace off, Baron.
  5. Always look before you leap. Am fed up of your SORRY, every time.
  6. I want to say happy birthday to you, forum mate.

  7. I can see that you are very friendly. I appreciate you intelligence.

  8. I think this is the best and funiest of all games. I wish they will change the name from Youth Olympic Games to Children's Olympic Games. There's nothing wrong having one for them as it is now only the with name, to be changed.
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