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  1. Or the fact that only Greece and Canada are going to be included in the torch relay and no other country is? Maybe because its a winter olympics and Africa and snow don't go together?

    Some part of Northern Africa and Southern Africa experience snow! Infact, it's time Africans should start to participate in the winter Olympic. My goodness, what's wrong in africa and with Africans? Just the world!

  2. Table Tennis is another event you should watch out for ! The chinese are pros at em ! I am hoping for a medal for Singapore in Table Tennis. We narrorly missed a medal in Athens. 4th place :(

    This game should be given "a penny priority". I don't know why Olympic commitee includ it in the games and award gold medals for it? Table tennis is a game for kids. It should be up there on the list of Youth Olympic Games.

  3. Singapore may not have as much experience as Moscow. But we hosted a better IOC session, no offence to the Russian members. And if actually took time to read the evaluation closely, Singapore isn't that far behind Moscow like you think they are.

    An idiot would know you're not actually supporting Moscow. I bet you can't even name Moscow's main stadia or how far is their furterest venue. Your objective of this whole bid race is to see S'pore lose. In fact, if Singapore wasn't involve you wouldn't care less about this race. :rolleyes:

    EXACTLY! You are right!

    You can kiss my ass now that you've know my intention.

  4. If I knew any better he out deny Singapore the games.

    I wish is possible to stick your ass game in the mud! Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Ride on guy, your are too young my boy yo start insulting your master, James. Anyway ain't mad at ya.

    Do you really think Singapore would do better tha Moscow?

  5. I smell some distraction from the Games bid by creating Olympic games school. What do you think Singapore is doing with that. To learn about Olympic games or the history of Olympic games,NYCD?

    Sorry, that wouldn't add any thing to your bid. Singapore should stop acting like Abuja and face the reality, like the pre-requisite and put the necessary things reguired to have a good evaluations. Stop being outrageously pointing to uneccessary things--like the Olympic students, if you don't mind!.

  6. Can we call South Africa middle of the road then in swimming? If you have some talent and is used in not just the Olympics but the Commonwealth, World Swimming Championships, and All-Africa Games, etc (at least as a dark horse contender), in South Africa's case, I would be generous towards them. Too bad Sarah Poewe decided to join Germany and leave South Africa behind as a competitor.

    The doom of Africa starts with them!

  7. Look just because I against the Abuja bid doesn't mean you can backstab me with an insult. However , I suggest you look at Singapore's website. They can provide something Abuja doesn't , VENUE INFORMATION. Btw , the floating stadia is only used for the ceremonies .

    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh my good God! What's this little boy gasping at! It's like he's so fed up of living in Singapore. Maybe I can allow him a couch in my guard's house.

  8. It is just a highly technical game _ separate offense and defence teams, very detauiled mapped out plays, action that lasts for seconds in between long time-outs, lots of stats for tables and statistics lovers. Take out the time outs and it's not bad, but as a live spectacle it's far too stop start to really get enthused over.

    Yes, some vague similarities to rugby, except rugby flows with continuous play (unless you have an over-earger ref)

    Sir, what 's underscore ( _ ) in your sentences meant for? You use them frequently.

  9. True , just goes to show you how useless the floating platform is . As for capacity , the IOC requirement for the YOGs are smaller compared to SOGs so thus the smaller venue .

    that proves Singapore Showing off it knows how to do it better whereas it has weak sides. I have never see that floating platform to be impressive the first time I saw it on Tv, it's the stage that float only.

    NYCD 2012, what do you have to say to that? That your countries erred too much on that for planning to organise youth Olympic games there.

  10. The list is of countries that are building or will build high speed trains in the future, thus neither France, Germany, China nor Japan, to name a few countries that already have operating high speed train lines, appeared on this list. And > 300 km/h is certainly "high speed train", does Nigeria actually have such a line?

    I mean the planned monorail for Calabar and the future LRT for Lagos( the Lagos one has already commensed). As at now no good operating railway system is on ground apart from the one Chinese are working on. I hope get me right now?

    One of the obvious disadvantages of these high speed train in Africa should be energy consumption that goes with the propulsion, making difficult to operate well with lack of enough and constant working electricity in continent. The potential is there only that foreing investments will make the difference.

  11. Did you read a single word of my post. James - do yourself a favour - just do not post at all this thread. This thread is for requests and updates - I am not going to spend another second responding to you in here.

    Yes! Thank you very much and I won't, Mr. That'snotmypuppy. Are you ok now?

  12. If you can that would be good, James. We are currently in contact with theo Cape Town city officials who are working at sourcing a copy as well. Being helpful is preferable to being abrasive.

    Don't coerce me into what I didn't say, Sir. I meant throug little payment I could get better info from google. Even detail maps not available in those bid books as well. I don't work with the SA organizing team so, how do you expect me to help with that? I can't help you, Sir cos not am grown up yet.

  13. James - time to step up buddy.

    Considering 90% of what is on our site is no longer online on any other site, please supply the links to the 'better information'.

    Please post your links for the Lille 2004 Bid Book, the Madrid 1972 Bid Book, the Toronto 2008 Bid Book, the Egypt 2010 WC Bid Book... if you have such amazing research skills, please post links for those bid books we dont have.

    Go on - prove your statement to be true and not more mindless hyperbole from an idiot.

    You don't South African bid book as well. If am chanced, I will get them for you.

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