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  1. Thanks I am a star.. I don't have to deal with this kind of abuse..LOL .Glad your here welcome aboard.. It is a free for all... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  2. Ii hear you , I have seen and read all about you on other Forums. so as in your last paragraph. That is exactly what I am saying to you..SHUT YOUR MOUTH AS YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW //// ALL WE HAVE HEARD IS YOU MRS FISH HEAD... DEFINITELY YOU ARE WOMEN ...Such whiners ...get another Forum ..... This is for the Vancouver and Canada people.....not the players. Seems your interested otherwise you would leave it alone. You and Mrs Baronpiss should get together....looks like you are...LOL I have better things to do and a life....answering the idiots, are a waste of my time. Non of this was directed to any of you UNTIL you harrassed this Forum.. Were you bored all the months ??? Guess not because you harrasse on the other Forum too. LOL LOL LOL LOL Go ski down a Mtn and cool off.
  3. Like I said I am not James, from another thread. If you want to hasstle and put us down...do it on the Gay Streight Thread....It is interesting, who all is there..Hang out together. What I do is none of your business, but since you made it your business, I will be putting more on here of your doings. This Forum has nothing , absolutely nothing to do with you or your cronies. Yes , I do come back when more is on this from eyesearswideopen, as he is doing the foot work for me. News articles, going back 20 years ago and up to date now. So Baronpiss, get on with your life on your own Forum. When you decide to respect here...but that is not becoming of you.... I gave you the benifit on the fake Date of Birthday Wishes yesterday.. That won't happen again.. I don't know what country your from, as you can hide ,and falsify...but please leave us alone... man to man. if that is what you are. I do not attack Olympic players, this Forum is about , WHAT YOU DON'T GET. Agentmuggles
  4. Wow !! aren't you the big man tonight. Why can't you stay on the GAY/Streight Forum where you and your cronies are...skiers?? This is a Forum started as "Calligan Nordic Venue Scandal" Twice now on both Forums you make fun of us guys. Are you Gay? As on that Forum you ridiculed a guy so much...wonder if he is still on. I think that's fine. I am not, and I prefer to deal with men who act mature, not rediculing . if not going your way. Wether Gay or Streight. I liked Abbott ,Costello Laurel and Hardy...they would make you look like Orphan Annie/ Do you like making fun of people??? You must be getting paid for this , on this Forum... Are they paying you enough, because I am not leaving, until the Fat Lady Sings....and she will. I stayed away for a long time to wait for the paper to bring more and more out. I come back and ZINGERS right away.. Well sit tight , there is more to come. Meanwhile I am going to laugh at your statement..so juvenile LOL LOL
  5. Spikey and your Rothoel, and the others that abused us on previous posts, GET A LIFE. We never harrassed you like you do us guys. What are you afraid of, we stayed away because of your ignorance. Why, I can't express my self to answer you back......and your honchos.... I don't go on the GAY /STREIGHT thread where you all hang out. So why not read, SHUT UP, quit harrassing us . There are facts put in this thread, from the newspapers, from the Olympic newpapers, so where do you get that we are putting you down.....it is reversed..your the ones with ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZHMMMMMMMMm hey if you can do it I can too. I deal with idiots all day long. I was hoping to get back to level headed guys , as now there is something concrete that you ALL wanted. Do you forget what and how your harrassed us 10 pages back, and Thread before that. ,that was closed down. There you called us names..OH YES !!! I thought I was dealing with men, instead whimps. Who is disrespectful?????? The players that are going to get their heads on a platter....the newspaper is playing that. Go back to your Olympic side..this should have no bearing on any of you ...UNLESS , You are working for the HEADS and trying to Block as they are trying to do with the newspapers.. No one asked any of you to believe........so stay out of it. This started with the Olympics not just Hartwicks but the heads that thought they would get away with other deals they made.. 20 years of corruption just for the Olympics... I think I am dealing with other men, maybe you are all women.. Your acting like it. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it and that's being kind words of what I would like to say. But respect has been always on my part. making fun of Eyesearswideopen and I , is what you did. Not that I expected any different this time with more prof...Ha .Must be we are touching some one who knows we are right.
  6. I totally agree!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzhmmmmm LOL ,I am rolling in the court room....oh my gosh...
  7. HI We sure are not connecting much, earseyeswideopen, I presume your Christmas and New Years was good. Did you take the family out? Money is so much here in Vancouver, right? Yes I am LOL LOL with Kendegra respond.. ..good laugh for 2008 to start off with. busy with the Court Data, just stopping in to lookie...your doing the foot work , thank you.. I depend on you doing the research., and putting it on. Thanks How are your boy's doing? Any sking while home from college...LOL Might as well go to Breckinridge Colorado..thats where I took mine. They are really disappointed with the graft here. Well got to back to work..Hello to the boy's from me.
  8. I always knew you are another one THAT DOESN'T GET IT.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzhmmmmmmm
  9. Hi Spikey, " Who is we??? I only see your name. This is not going to stop the Olympics, you know that and I know that. What you don't get. is the people being stepped on , how the Olympics got to Vancouver. Oh , I am sure this stuff takes place in all the sites. BUT , this is about How the Hartwicks,got swindled, lied too. I for one ,want JUSTICE, FOR THE HARTWICKS. Been following this for 20 years, and time is now, while the heads are in Court now for misjustice, proof is there on the Reid now. So , Hope you can bear with us backers for the Hartwicks. Olympics are important, just I felt angry of how it got here. Happy New Year....
  10. Sorry man, you are not from Vancouver so you don't even have to put anything here...but thanks anyway.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz back
  11. Been waiting so long for these articles, I knew it would come. Thank you for putting them on, Eyesearswideopen.. Are any of the abusers and always putting us believers down, are you reading?? Are you looking / I am and was for the Olympics ..BUT NOT NOW IN VANCOUVER WHO CHEATED, LIED, THIEFS, AND DID CRIMINAL TO GET THERE. My son is disappointed....this is not for the Olympic players,THIS IS FOR THE HUNGRY MONEY MAKERS... You have not heard from me as dealing with you charactors and you know who you are is like dealing with the Goverment in Vancouver. Trains, Planes and Automobiles, that is what it is . The drugs, the homeless, the parks, streets torn up,people displaced. 2008 will be on the records for sure.....and little people who know it all..go run tell it on the mountain. The ones that are screwing the Hartwicks, the Vanvouver residents, and all the Canadians. This too long for you too read...pictures are better...like the trains and streets...like the one who takes those are paid by the Goverment....don't fall asleep.. I haven't .. I laid still waiting to shove some of this where it belongs to these ones, thinking they are god. I am not done yet..You will hear more...I am waiting for it to go and it will....the people will be singing... I will gladly back the Hartwicks on their project and so will my son's..Powder Mtn, was taken unfair and the proof is their, hold on to your chairs, cause your sitting on your brains... It is soooo in the open....like I said " Go tell it on the mountain"" We are,all her backers..especially TODD BROOKER... AND I HOPE THE OLYMPIC COMITTEE WILL TAKE ANOTHER LOOK,AT THE FRAUD/. ALL THE HARTWICKS WANT IS THEIR MTN BACK WITH OR WITHOUT THE OLYMPICS....THEY ARE NOT THE MONEY HUNGRY , THEY WANT WHAT WAS THEIRS BACK.....~~~~~~GO HARTWICKS~~~ ~~~~~
  12. Well Spikey, seems I am a man, what is your excuse. I have grown, but you have not .Read back on the posts in all the Forums and see who is running who down, never seen you on these forums before. We all were for the Olympics I thought ,till people started throwing their comments towards me.or others. My Son's are Olympics,,,,,, so read back and see whats happening in Olympic City,Vancouver... The city got the Olympics , by hook and crook....wait and see...NOW WE ARE PAYING FOR IT.. All in the newspapers, all on these Forums.. will show you that..Globe, Vancouver Sun...even Googleing brings the rift raft up.. Thanks for your comments and post, did help me to post..
  13. That's the point Mr/Mrs X !!! Here you go , copy and pasting long copied posts or editorials, BUT KNOCK ANYONE ELSE THAT DOES it...like earseyeswideopen...and on other threads. He has the facts, all from newspaper too or editorials, but you knock it down. So who do I beleve!!! You can put all you want up, but you still don't get it.!!!! This argument will go on and on, because you have no expertice with people..ONLY YOUR WAY ,AND BETTER BELIEVE IT. Halloween will be over Nov.1st , take the mask off.... This is not about Olympics on this thread, for sure.
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