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  1. Congratulations to Sweden in a tight game. The Canadian Women have had a few extra end wins and this is the first to go against them. At least the crowd were a bit more respectful for the last Swedish stones unlike the games against Denmark and Britain I was at. They were probably just a bit shocked at the game going down an 11th!

    Just to add to the debat about Eve having the experience to skiop at the Olympics...

    I agree that bringing a team together like we do does nothing for team harmony, but Eve was never going to play anywhere else but skip. Having won 3 Junior Worlds as skip I think this Olympic Bonspiel was to give her more experience at this level to build for the future. Hopefully she can do it with her own team next time!

  2. Officialy, it's only for people living in Canada.

    But not sure, it will block if you put your international adress. The main thing is to have an Visa card.

    When i pick up my tickets this week they only required a visa card and an id with picture (i gave my french passport).

    They did not ask for an id with my canadian adress... or proof of residence in Canada.

    At worst, if the website block with your international adress, try to put your local adress at Games Time...

    I've just been on and it looks like you can buy as an international visitor and pick up your tickets from the box office.

    Looks like they add a 10% premium to whatever price the seller is asking too.

  3. Actually...

    For the Olympics, Britain does select individuals to form a squad and creates a team from these players. There are many mixed views in Scotland just now about whether this squad based drive for Olympic success is spoiling competitive curling. I think forming your own team and having playdowns, as in most countries, is the fairest way to select the team for the Olympics.

    It just so happens that the GB Murdoch rink selected for Torino have largely stayed together, with good international success (as Kevin Martin knows :)), and have been selected again for Vancouver. It's a pity they don't seem to be playing so well this season (yet).

    The GB Womens team has been brought together from different rinks resulting in a reduced entry for the Scottish Championships this year. They seem to have gelled quickly though and have had good results so far this season. I still don't like the squad system though!

  4. Will you be able to book on the OBN without having a ticket for an event?


    The Olympic Bus Network

    The Olympic bus network is the quickest way for spectators from Metro Vancouver to be transported to Cypress Mountain and Whistler venues from a network of departure hubs. After each competition, you will be transported back to your originating departure point. To reserve a seat on the bus, you must purchase an Olympic bus network transportation ticket. Only Olympic event ticket holders may reserve seats on the Olympic bus network.

  5. I was disappointed to find out that the Olympic Bus Network whisks you straight back down to Vancouver after your event. I was hoping to spend a few hours in Whistler after the Ski Jumping and maybe even go to the Victory Ceremony that night. You can book your own alternative transfers here...


    You can even get a downtown pickup instead of having to go out to the Olympic Bus Network Hubs.

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