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  1. Edinburgh's are colour. They are silver in Glasgow though. Interestingly (or not) they are silver on the back of the Edinburgh ones. Probably so you can't take a photo with the colours the wrong way round!
  2. Managed to get a swimming ticket to complete my Olympic decathlon. Thanks for the tip off as I would have missed this otherwise. For me the main olympic sports are swimming and athletics so to get one of the two finishes off things nicely. Most looking forward to the mens tennis final though! I was planning to take in the cycling time trial as a free event near to Hampton Court as one of my events. The cycling maps are here... http://www.london2012.com/cycling-road/about/
  3. Yes, not sure about the alphabet thing. I'm a W and mine are sitting in the post office to collect.
  4. Managed to pick up a badminton and handball ticket just after 11. Wait time fluctuated between 3 an 5 mins before getting through after about 10.
  5. 70 EUR?! Might need to rethink that badminton ticket I've been pondering. When is the next UK phase being announced?
  6. Tennis Men's Final for me! Plus Archery, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Hockey and Weightlifting. 6 out of 16 tickets. Not bad!
  7. At last some information about the next wave of tickets and a link showing availability... Second chance sales Exclusive window 24 June – 3 July 2011 For applicants who were not allocated any tickets during the initial application phase. Following window 8 July - 17 July 2011 For applicants who were allocated some or all of the tickets they applied for during the initial application phase. There are still lots of great sports available in the second chance sales window including: Athletics, Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey and Volleyball, please view Availability... http://www.
  8. Interesting... http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/jamespearce/2011/06/theres_still_hope_for_the_one.html From the amount I've had debited it looks like I've been lucky and got 4 or 5 of the 16 events I applied for. Impossible to tell what ones though! Hopefully they are grouped over a few days. Will they be letting us know earlier than the 24th?
  9. went to Vancouver and liked what he saw so has applied for London too!

  10. That's true, so how does the ballot actually work? Does it work up from the lowest Cat? If I applied for a Cat C, but also said I would take a Cat B or D and got lucky for a Cat D then I wouldn't be in the ballot for the Cat C tickets? The uncertainty and waiting is killing me!
  11. Yes, just have to wait now. Got my application in last night. Was a bit worried with the potential maximum outlay so in a way it's reassuring to hear that I'll actually only get such a low percentage! Morning archery is probably my best bet and the number 1 prize would be the mens tennis final. Tickets do seem more expensive than Vancouver for me, but I guess that's down to higher summer demand. I mostly went to the curling which was cheaper while the (ice) hockey is mostly comparable with London events. Until June 24...
  12. Hi Is the video they showed at the start of every event with the countdown then the sakting over the frozen loch and the swooping shots of the venues etc available anywhere? I thought it was great and really got the crowd going for the action to follow. Cheers
  13. Congratulations to Sweden in a tight game. The Canadian Women have had a few extra end wins and this is the first to go against them. At least the crowd were a bit more respectful for the last Swedish stones unlike the games against Denmark and Britain I was at. They were probably just a bit shocked at the game going down an 11th! Just to add to the debat about Eve having the experience to skiop at the Olympics... I agree that bringing a team together like we do does nothing for team harmony, but Eve was never going to play anywhere else but skip. Having won 3 Junior Worlds as skip I thi
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