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  1. I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. I am taking Visa to the games and was just asking about spending money. As for the "MacDonalds" comment, is that supposed to be a slight against Americans calling us fat? I haven't eaten McDonald's in years because it is unhealthy for me and I am a competitive hockey player. All I wanted to do was make sure I need to convert money (which I was already planning to do) because I have never been to Canada. Are you insulting me or am I misinterpreting what you are saying because if I am disregard what I just said.
  2. I'll be using a debit card mainly, I was just wondering if minor places like fast food restaurants need CAD. I've heard from some people that they've been able to use USD at certain places. I was planning on exchanging when I got there as I won't be carrying much cash. Thanks for the help.
  3. I am American and will be in Vancouver. I was just wondering if I need Canadian dollars in Vancouver. Or will US dollars be accepted? Thank you for any information.
  4. I was just wondering how long do you think it will take to clear security at the Cypress Mountain venue, or all other venues for that matter?
  5. So I gather that with my situation it would be best to take a taxi to Capilano University and then use the Olympic Bus Network from there? How long do you think it will take to get into the venue from the drop off point? Thanks for all the information
  6. How would I go about doing that? The problem I have is that I get into Vancouver on the 17th by way of Amtrak and I need to be at Cypress Mountain within an hour. The Olympic bus network won't work because the times are bad for my schedule. That day I have mens halfpipe and I am willing to miss some of the prelims. What should I do? Should I miss some of the event by using the bus network or is there another way?
  7. I was wondering if it is possible to take a cab to Cypress Mountain during the games. I contacted a few cab companies and they said they believed it would be possible to do so, but I just wanted to make sure.
  8. I don't really think this is true. Pretty much the whole world is chasing Shaun White and to a lesser extent Louie Vito with their back-to-back double corks and they are both Americans. Also, Kevin Pearce was Shaun's biggest competition last year and he is American too and I think he will get back to form soon. On the women's side Kelly Clark is the favorite with Gretchen Bleiler the second favorite, both American, and the reigning olympic champ Hannah Teter is also American. In fact I could see the Americans sweeping the halfpipe, I doubt it will happen, but the Americans have by far the strongest team.
  9. I received an email from UPS saying that my package will arrive on December 16 and seeing as I haven't ordered anything else it should be my tickets!!! So, I guess other Cosport customers, or at least American customers (I'm from Missouri), should be getting their tickets soon too!
  10. Cosport will begin shipping tickets the week of the seventh! I should be getting my tickets soon!!!!!!
  11. But Cosport is only for people living in certain countries including the US, Australia, Sweden, and a few others.
  12. Thanks, I was just reading press releases about the final phase of tickets sales and they said that no more Whistler tickets would be released because the Olympic Bus Network was filled up. I had previously read that it was in November when the bus tickets would be released, but I kind of freaked out and thought I had missed it when I read the recent news.
  13. When and where can you get tickets on the olympic bus network to Whistler and Cypress Mountain?
  14. Definitely the Europeans with NHL experience will be able to handle the Americans, but the weaker teams like the Germans and the Swiss, Norway, Belarus and even some of the stronger teams will be sending players that have only played in Europe and they may have some trouble handling physical play. Playing physical against these teams will give the Americans a good shot at the semifinals. All I'm trying to say is that the Americans will be a very tough team and will have at least a shot at a medal. I am just saying that the Americans will be sending a team that is mostly based around big, strong players, more so than the rest of the traditional top teams because they have to compensate for a lack of skill.
  15. I'm not saying that the US has as much talent as some European teams like the Russians and the Swedes because they most definitely don't, I'm just saying that the US game plan for the 2010 Olympics is to go big and tough. Those are the type of players that they assembled in camp. The three players that Brian Burke, who is notorious for assembling somewhat dirty teams, raved about the most were David Backes, Dustin Brown and Ryan Kesler and I just don't think that most teams can match that physical play and toughness and those aren't the only power forwards that the US will bring. Once again I don't believe the US has enough talent to win the gold and I think they will end up around 4 or 5, I'm just saying that the finesse European teams (which is the prototypical style of European teams) will have a tough time handling the physicality of the Americans. Also, the North American game is generally more physical than the European game. Now the top players like Ovechkin and Malkin and Zetterberg etc will be able to handle the less talented Americans with ease, but the other players who are not used to that much physical play will definitely hate playing against the United States. I'm not trying to be an American homer, I'm just saying that it is a little ridiculous to say that they have no shot whatsoever. Perhaps me saying that they will run over the Europeans was a little much, I'm just saying that they are going to make up for their lack of finesse by being very physical and will definitely work very hard, but will probably fall short.
  16. I definitely think the medal leader will be between Canada, the US, and Germany. While the US will be facing stiffer competition in Snowboarding I could still see them sweeping the halfpipe with Shaun White, Kevin Pearce, and Danny Kass the 3 favorites all American. Also, the United States has a very good men's short track team and long track team, I do not however know much about the women's team. I also think it is ridiculous to say that the US has no chance in Hockey because every team has a chance and the US is going to be fielding a young, tough and hungry team that will run over the European teams with their size and physical play. Despite my obvious bias toward my home country (as you can tell from my name) I still think that Canada may win slightly more medals and I think at best the US will win a Bronze in hockey and probably no medal at all. I'm just glad to be going. GO USA!!!!!!!! and if they don't win I'm rooting for Canada!
  17. Does anyone know when Cosport customers will get their seat assignments?
  18. Seat numbers have not actually been assigned yet. And the reason for the price ranges are because of the quality of teams such as the United States vs Canada (probably the biggest hockey event besides the gold medal game) is very expensive upwards of $400, while Belarus vs Germany is much cheaper and you can get a ticket for $100. My suggestion for you is to buy tickets from your country's Olympic committee. If you are from Canada check out http://www.vancouver2010.com/ for the next time tickets will be on sale. If you are from the US or many other countries go to www.cosport.com, they actually have prelim hockey tickets on sale now, and may have more phases in the future. The cheapest tickets are definitely purchased from olympic committees and not scalpers.
  19. I've got men's halfpipe tickets on the 17th. Where do you catch the bus to cypress mountain and at what time would you for a 1:05 p.m. event?
  20. Was just wondering if anyone had every stayed at Comfort Inn Vancouver Airport. Is easy to get to the venues from there? I couldn't possibly beat the price though, I got it for 195 CAD per night from Feb 17-27.
  21. It is the Best Western Peace Arch Inn.
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