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  1. First of all, it's interesting that you speak about being called an islamophobic and a bigoted racist. In fact, no one here has called you that. Don't put yourself in a victim role. BUT: You still talk about saying "the painful truth" while you can't provide just the slightest evidence that refugees have committed these attacks. What you state is not the truth, but only hollow allegations and insinuations, nothing more, nothing less. And please also don't claim speaking for others ("of course many of us are not going to be very trustful after this"). Anyone who still has a little bit of common
  2. @Ikarus and Alexjc: You guys live on continents far, far away from Europe and still you claim to know it all, you talk about "huge risks" regarding the refugees and you raise doubts about the people who want to take refuge in the UK, although there is not even the slightest hint yet that the terrorists were refugees. Frankly, I want to puke when I read that unfounded bile and vitriol. Last night's events in Paris showed the worst of mankind. But some comments on this board have actually the same effect. Show us any evidence that the terrorists were refugees, any! The people who committed e
  3. On the contrary: France will have to prove next year that it is able to secure a large sports event. Otherwise, if there are any incidents or even large scale attacks during Euro 2016, I see Paris 2024's chances considerably weakened. But of course it's too early to say and I still hope that the French will deliver a safe and undisturbed Euro.
  4. New information: For security reasons, the German national team spent the whole night in its cabin at Stade de France - and out of solidarity, the French national team stayed there, too. What a great gesture! This morning, the German team safely returned to Frankfurt. All players got a day off and were allowed to return to their famiiles because they are shocked by yesterday's events. A final decision has not been made yet whether the friendly against the Netherlands on Tuesday in Hanover will take place. The suicide bombers apparently tried to enter the stadium indeed but didn't succeed - a
  5. I fully agree with StefanMUC. Of course one has also to be cautious about who exactly is among the many refugees coming to Europe currently. But claiming or even only insinuating that refugees were responsible for yesterday's attacks is disgraceful, frankly. You have no facts whatsoever - but history shows that such attacks in Europe are often "inside jobs" by people who have spent years and years in Europe already, sometimes even including their childhood. So I'm curious how you want to prevent that even citizens of the respective country commit such attacks. Let's face it: There's no such th
  6. And I don't want to sound pessimistic or fatalistic, but the worst thing about all this is that one can't even be certain that there won't be any further attacks during the days to come. Remember the situation after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, when the perpetrators took hostages two days later... I wonder why it is still that easy for terrorists to commit multiple attacks of such scale in France, despite the experiences from Charlie Hebdo. But this shouldn't sound reproachful - my thoughts are with the French people who is really suffering an awful year.
  7. I would still say that Euro 2016 will be strongly affected, though. If I had planned to go to France and especially to Paris for watching the matches or simply enjoying the atmosphere of the tournament, I would probably think about cancelling my trip now. And I wonder how many actual Euro tourists think the same in this very moment. Of course, Salt Lake 2002 was in a similar situation - but at least 9/11 didn't produce any terrorist attacks at the very spot of the sports events and such traumatising pictures of panicking people on the field of play. By the way: Latest reports say that the num
  8. I'm shocked and worried: During the live broadcast of the France-Germany friendly match in Stade de France, during the 20th minute, a loud bang was audible. At first, I thought it was a loud firecracker. But as it has proven now, it was an explosion outside the stadium. Furthermore, there have been shootings in Paris city and even a hostage-taking involving 60 people. The situation is still very unclear, first reports say that at least 30 people have been killed tonight in Paris. There even was some panic in Stade de France. Apparently, police advised the spectators to move to the infield aft
  9. Regardless of the final outcome, this is a massive blow to Russia's sport scene - and Mutko's reaction speaks for itself. It's exactly the wrong response to a problem that has been blatantly obvious in recent years. And that problem doesn't stop at the borders of the Russian track and field scene and not even at the borders of Russia. This could only be the beginning for further revelations also regarding Russian athletes from other sports and/or athletes from other nations. And so this is somewhat worrying for the whole sports world as well. In general, the sports world is very much in turmo
  10. Sorry for joining this debate so late - and probably my opinion has already been stated by others before: But I was really astonished to read about Tokyo's decision to withdraw the logos, and I must say that it's hard to believe that that designer was so stupid to do such a blatant plagiarism of Theatre de Liège's logo. But anything is possible of course, even if I do not deem it very likely, and Tokyo's decision shows how strong the pressure must have been on them - maybe also due to the controversial Zaha Hadid design for the Olympic Stadium and its subsequent scrapping. Tokyo 2020 is really
  11. Now that was a really bad match by the German team against Georgia - and a terrifyingly shaky qualification altogether. The performance in the attack (and especially the usage of scoring opportunities) and in the second half also the performance in the defence was really abysmal last night. And yet again, Jogi Löw says that there's still a lot to do within the next few months, something which he has said again and again and again after all the subpar or even abysmal matches of the German team after the victorious 2014 World Cup. So how many times does he still want to repeat that mantra? I'm i
  12. Germany has played a very shaky qualification so far - and only adding to that picture is the fact that they'll have to wait until the last day of the regular qualifiers in order to (hopefully) qualify. Tomorrow, they'll have to achieve at least a draw against Georgia tomorrow in order to secure direct qualification - something which shouldn't be a difficult task under normal circumstances. But the circumstances have rarely been normal in this qualifying round for Germany. Furthermore, goalgetter Mario Götze is now seriously injured so that he can't play for the remainder of 2015.
  13. I see! So that's where your interest in aviation originates. Before the FSX, I had FS 2000 too, but it didn't run properly on the computer I had back then. You should try the FSX or (which seems to be the newest fad) Prepared 3D v.3, a modification of FSX. It's really great fun to take some virtual flights there.
  14. No surprise whatsoever - but I was only frightened that the Swiss authorities might chicken out from investigating also against Blatter. So bring them on, the handcuffs and all the other necessary stuff!
  15. So you seem to be quite an aviation buff, right? This is a passion that has rekindled for me a few months ago when I re-installed the Microsoft Flight Simulator on my computer Do you use a flight simulator, too?
  16. Lufthansa is currently retiring its 737s, too, by the way. And of course, since Lufthansa was the launch customer of the 737, this will be the end of an era even more. I remember my occasional journeys in Lufthansa's and Hapag Lloyd's (now TUIfly) 737s fondly - they really were a workhorse and it was always impressive when that little flying piggy powered up for take off. But somehow I've grown to be more of an Airbus man over the years, mostly due to the strong shift towards Airbus at many European and German airlines during the past ten years. Air Berlin (the airline I most regularly fly wi
  17. What a good idea! Although I still hope that she'll live a little bit longer than 2016 Seriously, I hope that I will find some way to watch the OC nevertheless, if only on tape delay.
  18. I just wanted to report that I today, I got the invitation from an old colleague and friend to her wedding which takes place... ...right, on Friday, August 5, 2016. You can imagine that I secretly wanted to kill her, also because all my other friends married on a Saturday - and she of all persons had to choose this day of all days, the opening day of the only Olympic Games in the next seven years which I'm really looking forward to. Now I'm already musing whether she will be miffed if I leave the wedding at or at least shortly after 11 pm CET, when the opening ceremony starts in Rio. Othe
  19. I don't quite understand, though, what exactly is alarming about Bubka's statement. The way I read it is that he says that IAAF needs to be aware of doping methods and step in before the athletes become aware and make use of those methods. So he basically calls for doping prevention. Or am I wrong? The only thing that might be alarming about that statement is that it could indicate that IAAF wasn't "a step ahead of the dopers" until now. But even that is hardly a surprise, bearing in mind how many doping cases have been discovered in the past and how many additional doping cases might have
  20. Very true. And if Coe said totally different things before an election than after an election, it would be objectionable and non-credible, too. So one has to be in doubt about his intentions, for no one makes such a harsh statement completely against one's own convictions. And Coe is very well aware of his media image - which explains why he behaved so professionally and even mostly politely in front of the ARD camera in Beijing, while one could feel, that beneath the mask he was still angry as hell about the ARD. I don't trust him.
  21. I'm afraid that we all should have more than just one or two doping suspicions regarding these World Championships. I mean, Kenya which had two athletes tested positive during the WCHs and had to face particularly strong allegations in the ARD and Sunday Times report, is now number 1 on the medal table for the first time ever. The very Dafne Schippers you just mentioned has managed to win silver and gold in events which are usually dominated by black athletes, and that with a personal performance increase during the past few years that raises more than just one eyebrow in the athletics communi
  22. If it was you, you would throw all sports and athletes out of the Olympics and make it a two-weeks long opening ceremony anyway, right?
  23. Meanwhile, WADA is also pussyfooting around the doping issue, brown-nosing Russia's anti doping officials: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-3207651/WADA-president-Sir-Craig-Reedie-s-comfort-email-Russia-s-senior-drug-buster-reveals-toothless-clampdown-doping.html I guess it's only appropriate, therefore, that no one here seems to be interested in commenting on the sporting action in Beijing. It's really a sickening abyss which has opened to the public eye in this core Olympic sport. Troubled times ahead also for Rio 2016!
  24. Coe gave an interview with ARD, the very broadcaster which made those doping revelations, a short while ago in Beijing. He was surprisingly polite and even said that he will defend till his death the media's right to do investigative reports. He also admitted that doping in athletics needs to be revealed. But he was also staunch in saying that the IAAF and he himself have done a lot during the past decades against doping in sport (including, for example, the first freezing of blood samples in 2005 in order to be able to test them for doping also at a later stage) and that he claims that the re
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