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  1. I finally was able to rewatch the entire ceremony tonight - and I must say that all in all, I really enjoyed it. Of course, there were some weaker parts - but they were not as weak to spoil the fun for me. And, as a matter of fact, I found this ceremony more enjoyable than London's opening ceremony. My more detailed review in chronological order: Opening video: Very nice idea to show Rio and Brazil in vertical view, together with that truly emblematic "Aquelo Abraco" song by Gilberto Gil. It set the mood right away, it felt truly Brazilian. But the transition from the video to the li
  2. Oh, and one more thing: I regret very much that they scrapped the "Garota de Ipanema" part. It's such an iconic song. But I wonder why they considered it good judgment to depict the street robbery problems in Rio. It was fairly obvious that many people wouldn't consider it funny, even if they apparently gave it a happy ending. Sometimes, irony (and also self-deprecating irony) simply doesn't work. So I'm very sorry for Gisele Bundchen (I wonder whether she will be given an appearance in a different segment of the opening ceremony or in the closing ceremony as a "consolation prize"?) and I'm ve
  3. I watched quite a lot of the videos and pictures you guys thankfully posted here, and I must say, that I'm looking very much forward to the opening ceremony. What I have seen so far is surprisingly impressive for such a low budget. I don't mind them for using so many projections (that's still a cheap alternative for huge special effects and mass choreographies), I still enjoy good projections, even if we have seen them in so many opening ceremonies in recent years. And the other impression I have is that Rio's ceremony focusses on being emotional: festive, sometimes pensive, sometimes simply b
  4. Thankfully, the suicide bomber in Ansbach (a small city near Nuremberg) killed only himself. He failed to enter a music festival in the city (the city had raised its safety precautions for the festival after the Munich killing spree) and thus detonated his bomb while sitting in a nearby café. Apparently, the bomb was rather weak and therefore caused no fatal or even life-threatening injuries for the people in his vicinity. Police and state authorities already found out that he was a radical islamist, ISIS has claimed responsibility. According to experts, it's quite possible that this seri
  5. I think the worst aspects of this killing spree were that 1) among the nine victims, there were eight young people ranging from 14 to 20 years old - while the killer was an 18-year-old man himself (and committed suicide later last night, by the way). They all had a full life ahead of them - and while one of those nine decided to throw his life away, he even raptured the other eight's chances to live that life, to fall in love, to have children, to have a steady job... It's heartbreaking. 2) so many social media (and even people who - probably abusively - called the police) users spre
  6. I know I'm a little bit late for the party, but that suspended structure within Maracana Stadium sure looks interesting - even if it might have nothing at all to do with the cauldron! But it looks very much (at least in the present state) like the sun, so it could be incorporated in the theatrical part of the ceremony but it could also be some sort of "Rio 2007 cauldron" remake. And if it's the latter, I deem it possible that that structure will be raised behind those boxes as soon as the final torch bearer(s) have/has ignited it, thereby symbolising the rising sun. It could be a very excitin
  7. I must say that even two days in hindsight, the final and its result are pretty disappointing. But this tournament which offered a lot of tactical, minimalistic and defensive football probably got the only suitable champion, a tactical, minimalistic and defensive team like Portugal. I agree that historically, they absolutely deserved a title - they were so close to winning a title so often in their history, and they sure are an important force in world football. But it's disappointing that they won with probably the most defensive tactics in their entire history. The days of a Portuguese "jogo
  8. Well, Schürrle played three times in the course of this tournament - and each time, he did not convince at all. Just like Götze and even Müller, Schürrle is currently only a shadow of his former self. So Löw gave him a chance more than once, Schürrle failed to deliver, and that's why one surely can't blame Löw for not using him anymore during the rest of tournament.
  9. I wouldn't say that Löw made coaching mistakes. As a matter of fact, he made very good tactical decisions throughout this tournament. But if major players go missing due to yellow cards and injuries and the replacement players (especially in the offence) are only a mere shadow of their former selves, what can he do? I think, Löw did the best job of his entire tenure as Germany's head coach, besides (of course) his job at the 2014 World Cup.
  10. Germany delivered a great game in the first halftime, but they were very ineffective in their scoring opportunities yet again. And this is what easily makes a difference against a top team like France. And the handball by Schweinsteiger, just one match after Boateng's stupid handball against Italy (which almost cost us victory as well) is just unbelievably bad luck/karma/whatever. This was where fate turned against Germany and towards France. They gained more confidence and one must say that their defence did a much better job than in their previous EURO matches. So all in all, while Germany'
  11. I think Iceland simply had used up the luck it needed (besides their undoubted talent to play football) to get that far in the tournament. While I was hoping for yet another "Icelandic sensation", tonight's match showed clearly that also their power and abilities are limited as soon as they meet a courageous top-class team like the French which manages to score early and get a good psychological momentum which carries them through the match. In any case, I look forward to yet another classic football duel next Thursday: Germany vs. France. It will be yet another tough match for Germany, espec
  12. I'm totally exhausted, just by watching. As ever so often when Germany plays against Italy at a major tournament, it was an extremely exciting match - exciting up to the point of "horrifying". I sure thought several times during the match (and especially the unusually bad penalty shoot-out performance by Müller, Özil and Schweinsteiger) that we are on the brink of losing against Italy yet again. But oh, how sweet is the victory especially after such a stressful match. Germany sure deserved to win, Italy had some great scoring opportunities, but somehow they were only a shadow of their former
  13. I have to correct my earlier statement: Cameron was of course the standard bearer of the Stay campaign in the last few months before the referendum, not of the Leave campaign.
  14. While I agree that this disaster was in the making way before Cameron took office, I couldn't disagree stronger with the notion that Cameron acted "courageously". In fact, he played a false play: First, he nourished the Eurosceptic feelings of large parts of his party, nagging about the EU for years - just to become the standard bearer of the Leave campaign in the last few months before the referendum. If instead, he had stood up against his parliamentary party and said: "You can expect a referendum on such a crap.py and plainly stupid idea like leaving the EU only over my dead body", now that
  15. I yet have to recover - yesterday, I was honestly depressed about the result. While it was apparent that the Leave camp might win for weeks, I regained my old hope that reason (and therefore, the Remain camp) will prevail during the last few days before the referendum, bolstered by the rather positive opinion polls and betting odds. I really hoped that the murder of Jo Cox (even if it might not have been motivated by the referendum at all) would change the mood in Britain to a more contemplative, less cynical and even hateful atmosphere. And now it hurts a lot to see how this referendum leaves
  16. It sure is a quirky EURO - in a positive and in a negative sense. Relatively few goals, a hooligan and streaker problem while all the world concentrated on the terror threat, many likeable outsiders who make it to the second round (due to the new play mode) and a loopsided draw which will result in many (initially) strongly favoured teams eliminating each other already before the final. And EURO 2020 could become even more quirky, with all those venues spread out across the whole continent which will probably be very harmful to that special "tournament atmosphere" we all know. But, back to 20
  17. And yet, we will have to discuss the gun rights issue again, and again, and again. Has anything changed after previous killing sprees? No. Those ignorants of the NRA, the Republican Party or right in the middle of the American society make me puke - and still, after all those senseless deaths of the past and the (inevitable) senseless deaths of the future, they will fight for their archaic rights in a society that increasingly lacks the good old American "common sense" and instead, becomes ever more hateful and schizophrenic. And no, I don't reduce that social criticism to the USA - I see quit
  18. I thought that the EURO's opening ceremony was bleh and rather filled with clichés (as a matter of fact, those can-can dancers made me cringe). France is much more than can-can, Edith Piaf, the parks of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower and it would have been nicer if they had tried to convey traditions and a more modern image of the country. But hey, that's what you get if they only have a 10-minute-slot for an opening ceremony - it's probably impossible to fill those few minutes with something else than piffle and tripe. France will certainly do a much better job when it hosts the Olympic Game
  19. Very true, Stefan. I guess we have to explain to our international friends what we mean with Gauland, though: A leading politician of the right-wing populist German party AfD, Alexander Gauland, recently gave a newspaper interview where he claimed that many people like (black) German defender Jerome Boateng as a footballer, but wouldn't like him if he was their neighbour. That caused quite an outrage in the German public and many gestures of solidarity towards Boateng and the German football team (and one must say that it was particularly stupid from Gauland to attack a member of the national
  20. Truly shocking - it's sickening how that fascist ideology looks for ever new aims: trade and business, Western culture in general, rock concerts, sports events and amusement parks in particular and now also the LGBT community in particular. The only comforting thing is that they will never prevail in their strife to destroy our culture, our liberties and our open societies. But that doesn't alter the fact that it's so incredibly senseless that those 50 people (and all the other victims of all the previous terrorist attacks in other parts of the world) "had" to die just because of their religio
  21. To be perfectly honest: There are still very strong indications that there's still a catfish element involved. Or to make it more understandable for non-native English speakers like me (I first had to look up what "catfish" means in that context): After having got a hint by one of our fellow forum members, I am convinced that Scotguy created a fake personality in social media. And I really hate to say this, because I once trusted him and obviously was quite naive in doing so - and thus, he disappointed but also baffled me a lot. Nevertheless, I hope that he returns to this forum as an active
  22. What a nice start for Germany! It sure was a tough fight with some weaknesses in defence and in seizing scoring opportunities, but the Ukraine defence made life extremely difficult for them, too. All in all, the Germans showed the dominance one would expect from a world-class team and it surely was a much more decent performance than in most of their qualifier and friendly matches since their World Cup victory. Schweinsteiger now is the hero of all already-greyish 30-somethings (and that includes me ) and Boateng now is the hero of the goal line, with an artistic performance that could earn hi
  23. Or for even more than 15 years. Basically, he was already very much stricken with his illness and barely a shadow of his former self 20 years ago in Atlanta and even earlier than that. It's sad that he had to live with that terrible illness for so long, but apparently he did what he always did before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease: He made the most of his life - just like he had announced in this sort-of townhall meeting in the UK, approximately in 1977, when he was asked by a young boy what he plans to do after his retirement as a boxer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsDH9SXKZtI
  24. Addendum: Of course, the cauldron could be entirely mobile - so that they can place it at Maracana for the opening and closing nights and, in between, easily move it to its "permanent" location near the port. But this raises the question how they can easily ensure the necessary gas supply at the port location. They would have to have some sort of "quick-fix" connection to a gas pipeline there. Otherwise, some poor guys will have quite a lousy job exchanging gas cartridges every couple of hours.
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