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  1. I think that reindeer and Durban Sandshark said particularly interesting things: While reindeer was too busy with a major change in his life, things are actually pretty relaxed for me now and if there was any change in my life, it was a positive one: I'm quite newly in love, so that kept me a bit busy during the Olympic Games, too. But even that hardly explains why I still feel no real sense of withdrawal after the end of these Games. Maybe it's simply age and I don't get as enthused as easily about the Olympic Games. Or, something that would be more regrettable: Maybe it's due to all t
  2. If you use a VPN tunnel pretending you're in Germany and don't mind the commentators speaking German, you could try the recording of the ZDF broadcast: http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek#/beitrag/video/2818752/Olympische-Schlussfeier-in-voller-Länge
  3. After having rewatched the entire ceremony, I must say it was really good. Many of the segments would have found a decent place at the opening ceremony, too - but I also like the overall idea of not letting a closing ceremony appear like the stale afterthought of the opening. While one could recognise that this was a low budget ceremony once more, it almost never lost the air of grandeur and importance. The only criticisms I have is that they somewhat overpresented the northeast of Brazil (were these the Rio 2016 or the Recife/Salvador 2016 Games?) while leaving out the south and the Amazonas
  4. Also after having rewatched the closing ceremony I still have to say: Tokyo's handover was fu**ing awesome. I bet the tourism office of Tokyo sent a note of thanks to those who choreographed and participated in that segment - it sure presented the city in a very interesting, positive and vibrant light. It was very original and innovative, it conveyed a very cool (in the most positive sense) and hip image and they even poked fun at themselves, with Abe acting as Super Mario. Japanese are not exactly famous for being self-deprecating, emotional and outgoing - but this was actually what the hando
  5. Who knows, Stefan, who knows... I underestimated it at the time of the Munich referendum, but I think the general mood in the electorate was pretty much against hosting Olympic Games anyway. And even more so that was the case in Hamburg's referendum last year. Sadly, current events in world sports and within the IOC (talking of Pat Hickey and of course, the coward leading the IOC) are not helpful at all in bringing a pro-Olympic mood back to Germany again. I think that the last time Olympic Games got considerable support in Germany was in 2003, when Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart an
  6. (Please bear with me that I answer in English, so that our friends here understand what we're writing about.) I sadly don't know whether there was any longer summary video of the Rio Games. I wasn't at home for large parts of yesterday, so I could watch only parts of the final Olympic broadcass. But I would be surprised if there wasn't a summary, it's a standard on ARD and ZDF at the end of each Olympic Games, World Cup and EURO. Or maybe it will come later (but that would be odd, too)? But I am still doing surprisingly well, no real post-Olympic blues so far. Yes, it was a bit strange to
  7. I just awoke after having watched the closing ceremony - so I hadn't time yet for a post-Olympic blues. But if it kicks in, I will first have to rewatch the first part of the closing ceremony which I missed because I overslept. This could help. And apart from that, I'm looking forward to the Paralympics and the US presidential election, even if those two will probably turn nasty. But the US elections have always been "oh good, there's another highlight this year" thing for me after the end of the Summer Olympics. And after the Winter Olympics, I have the FIFA World Cup to look forward t
  8. I believe that for the Paralympics, you always have an official live stream that should be accessible from all countries. At least it was that way in the past. The IPC luckily isn't as restrictive about TV rights and livestreaming as the IOC...
  9. Oh, and one more thing: I hope that I'll see many of you guys again for the Para ceremonies live chats! It sure was great fun!
  10. Before I go to sleep, I would love to judge this closing ceremony - but I can't, since I slept during the first one-and-a-half hours I can say, however, that Tokyo really blew this thing out of the water - a truly amazing handover! And more on the closing ceremony tomorrow respectively later today after I have rewatched the first part Good night, good morning and good day to everyone of you, wherever you are!
  11. ZDF has cut to the studio as well and is now already running its "Games highlights" compilation video. That's it! And I guess it's time for me to go to bed, it's 3:46 am here and I have to work today
  12. Well, if you ask me, next time I will be in Maracana yet again - for the Paralympic ceremonies.
  13. They are using so much firework that its hardly visible anymore due to all the smoke. Lovely.
  14. With such a revealingkind of costume, you hardly need any wardrobe malfunctions.
  15. How does it feel for a Brazilian/Carioca to see those carnival performances in August, by the way? Like Christmas at the totally wrong time of year - or do you enjoy it at every time of the year?
  16. All this dancing looks really stale if you see empty seats and largely indifferent athletes and/or spectators in the background... This was a lot more festive and happy in the opening ceremony, especially during "Pais Tropical"...
  17. Because it should be a sad moment - the extinguishing of the flame is usually the emotional pinnacle of every closing ceremony, putting symbolically an end to the Games.
  18. And apparently the ceremony now draws to a close, according to the German TV commentator. And the iconic "Cidade Maravilhosa"...
  19. What is it that in all recent Olympic closing ceremonies, they failed to make the extinguishing of the cauldron really emotional ans sad? I think that this was rather strange than anything else.
  20. That looks as if it's intentional - and weird The camera work is a bit strange, too - one camera only produced a very blurry and shaky image.
  21. Since Samaranch is out of office, no IOC president has ever used the term "best Games ever" again. It was a Samaranch trademark. So calm down
  22. Oh, and how much I love that bossa rhythm! Nice to know that we will probably hear some more of Brazil's great music in two more ceremonies!
  23. Bach's speech was at least fairly short. But, of course, he didn't address the doping problem. What a coward!
  24. And of course, Bach is talking about ALL the other subjects: The Games, Rio as a city, the refugee team... Oh, and now he even awards the Olympic Cup to the people of Rio? Oh, come on... You know that I love the people of Brazil and Rio, but quite a few of them not really showed the best side of Olympic audiences during these Games...
  25. Okay, thank you for the info. But if he knows about his condition, he is even better advised to speak from a manuscript on the lectern and not from papers in his hands.
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