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  1. Oh, and I have to add one more thing: While Germany has blatant social injustices of its own, most Germans are more or less well-off. Employment numbers are high, the economy is still developing well, you name it. And while those suffering from the aforementioned social injustices are suffering, the big well-fed and fairly satisfied majority prevents any major political change in this country. It's the old phenomenon: If you feel comfortable, you tend to stick to the same-old, same-old. And Angela Merkel is a genius of presenting a "Don't you worry, let mother do that for you" image to the vot
  2. *sigh* This is a long story. To cut it relatively short: This spring, the SPD lost three regional elections (Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia), mainly due to regional factors. In Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany's most populous state and therefore particularly important) the SPD even lost the regional premierships, while in Saarland, the very popular CDU premier got re-elected. Despite the regional factors that decided those elections, it hurt Martin Schulz' image massively and also killed the momentum for the SPD in the opinion polls. Adding t
  3. This sums it up perfectly, Rob. However, I'll add my two pennies worth as well: As a Social Democrat, I was of course elated at first last night, when seeing the exit poll results. I won't deny that Jeremy Corbyn as a person was never the kind of Labour leader I wished for, even if he made an interesting political point. And I'm glad that such a social justice manifesto can produce huge gains in elections. This is particularly important (or even poignant) when I look towards our national election in Germany on September 24, where the SPD and its candidate for the chancellery, Martin Schul
  4. Read and rejoice: Banned drug found in Jamaican sprinters' 2008 samples — report Sadly, I couldn't find an English article from a more reliable source so far. What this article doesn't mention is that according to the ARD report, the IOC and WADA were unable to provide any proof for their assumption that the clenbuterol findings were due to a meat contamination. As a matter of fact, ARD showed that Beijing 2008 had very strict controls for all meals served in the Olympic Village and athletes were also not allowed to bring their own food into the village. Furthermore, the Jamaican tea
  5. I think that organisation-wise, Pyeongchang and South Korea will deliver very solid Games (at the very least). But atmosphere-wise, I'm not so sure. I still remember the biathlon world championships in 2009 there which had a ridiculous lack of spectators (and that drew a lot of criticism from international athletes, officials and media) and even snow (but that can change, of course, and can't be influenced anyway). I think that South Korea lacks so much of a strong winter sports tradition that they will probably struggle hard to fill their venues. But, as always, I'm of course open to positive
  6. Nevertheless, an insanely bizarre and tragic death at this time of year of all times. This year 2016 has been an entire bad joke.
  7. I highly doubt that. If that had been the case, the plane would have crashed a lot later than only a few moments after take-off. Planes usually do have plenty of reserve fuel on board so that they could fly an additional hour or so after having reached their destination.
  8. And there you have it, in his CBS "60 Minutes" interview Trump said today that he wants to deport up to 3 million people from the United States. I guess that's the premature end to that farcical "I feel the burden of my office already now and therefore I act more humbly than anyone expected of me" show he presented in the few days between the election and today. Regarding what @baron-pierreIV said about Kaine: While I recognise that he is a nice guy, he actually made pretty quite a fool of himself in the vice-presidential debate, with all his interruptions and his inability to place just
  9. Well, neige, not the Republican Party itself chose Trump as their candidate (and least not predominantly), but the voters in the primaries. And as you can see, Trump has a strong movement behind him which carried him through the primaries and now to victory in the general election. Besides that, I'm puzzled as well how something like that could happen. But already the campaign showed that formerly impossible thing are now possible in America, and also around the world. @phandrosis If you equal "bluntness" to "authenticity", you may be right. But in fact, Trump is one of the most unauthent
  10. While I see that you are no Trump supporter, I wonder where you recognise "authenticity" in Trump. I mean, this guy is a blatant liar and it is actually ridiculous that so many working class Americans deemed him "their champion" despite his incredible wealth and his long history as someone who actually cares a damn about the needs of the non-privileged people who worked for him and whom he dealt with in other regards. This is really one of the big bad miracles of this election.
  11. Surprisingly, I'm not as shocked as after the Brexit referendum - although this result will have an even bigger impact on the world than the Brexit. I'm rather sobered and worried about the direction our planet takes. The UK chooses to leave the EU from which it profited strongly; Colombia decides against a peace treaty which would have ended decades of death, violence and suffering; the Philippines have elected a total nutjob president; Austria is set to elect a right-wing populist president; populists throughout the world are on the rise, and such is hate, intolerance, denial of facts and th
  12. And instead, the ARD now shows the replay of a political talkshow regarding the xenophobic attacks last week in the German city of Bautzen. They couldn't have chosen a more sobering reminder of how hateful and ugly our world can be. What a downer after that show of harmony, love, tolerance and global understanding that was just presented in Maracana. Ugh! I better go to sleep now, I guess. It was a pleasure, guys - even if I could only join for a few minutes! Keep Rio 2016 in your hearts! Even if I became very silent on these boards, the Cariocas sure warmed my heart with the hospitality
  13. Here in Germany, the video compilation was a very rushed and abbreviated thing. So ARD and ZDF still are somewhat a disappointment when it comes to Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies. I will never forget how in 2012, they showed the Paralympic opening only on tape delay and only parts of the Paralympic closing.
  14. And the German broadcast quickly ends completely - the moderator spoke only a few words of farewell. Now that is a very anti-climatic and disappointing end to seven years of Rio's place in Olympic/Paralympic spotlight, at least from a German perspective. I hope you guys still get a bit of live coverage.
  15. I suppose neneu typed one "n" too many. And so it seems to end - the German commentators already bid farewell. Awww, would have been so charming to hear "Cidade Maravilhosa" or something like that as the farewell song.
  16. Rominger, Ivete was called "THE super star in Brazil" by the German TV commentator. Is that true? I have never heard of her, I have to admit. And while the Brazilian audience seems to enjoy her, the athletes in front of the stage seem a bit lost. Would be nice if she sang a very famous Brazilian samba or bossa nova as the final song, in order to get also the international spectators engaged.
  17. True, and the song sounded a bit too much relaxed for that big moment of farewell. But however, I guess that's what we have to live with - it fits that low budget feel a bit.
  18. Charming idea to "blow out" the flame with those windmills! That was a new one.
  19. I guess a truly historic moment approaches - the very final moment of Brazil's three years in the focus of the sports world, with the 2013 Confed Cup, the 2014 World Cup and now the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Troublesome, but I hope also amazing years for the country!
  20. I'm slightly late for the party - I fell asleep on my couch and only awoke to Philip Craven's speech But this music concert part of the ceremony really looks a bit as if they ran out of ceremony budget. Or am I wrong?
  21. They rather shouldn't do this in 2020, because the pictogram segment in their handover already was pretty much a copy of Sochi's pictogram segment shortly before the cauldron lighting at the Olympic opening ceremony. That's why Tokyo shouldn't do such a segment in 2020, for the third time within six years in Olympic ceremonial history.
  22. Could you enlighten us when those pics of Maracana were taken, neneu? Do they show the preparations for the Paralympic opening or were they taken before the Olympic closing ceremony?
  23. And now to you, Rominger: I think you deserve not only one, but two gold medals - one for your excellent and very touching article, and one for the passion you showed for the Olympic idea and the Games in your home city, despite your difficult personal circumstances. That said, I and probably many other people here hope that you find time to come back here once in a while. Maybe it can sometimes take your mind off the problems in your personal life and in the Brazil of the year 2016 (and following). Best of luck!
  24. I hear you, Roland, I hear you... while waiting for at least only one edition of the Olympic Games to take place in my country during my lifetime. With the ever growing scandals in and around the Olympic Movement, I feel increasingly pessimistic that I will ever experience Olympic Games staged in Germany.
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