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  1. And now the Olympic Anthem gets sung in English. Interesting, I thought that singing it in Greek now becomes a new tradition at the Games. And also they could have chosen the Korean version from Seoul 1988.
  2. I just wanted to mention how nice it is to have a open, windy stadium again for a change. Maybe not nice for the spectators, but I like that the flags flutter naturally and not with the help of those awful ventilators.
  3. And just an addition: Thomas Bach is also criticised here because he forgot the agenda on which he won his election - namely the Agenda 2020 for more sustainable, cheaper and downsized Olympics. You can't find a lot of that concept anymore, as could be seen in the construction of the luge track in Pyeongchang instead of awarding the sledding events to Nagano.
  4. No, but the critical reports started when he became IOC president, also due to his tight connections to Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sabah who helped him getting elected. The critical reports became much more numerous in the lead-up to Rio 2016 when the IOC decided against a ban for Russia. The critical attitude towards the Olympic Games in Germany has started before Bach became president. Already the bid for 2018 seven years ago was quite a controversial one. I think that is the same development like in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland etc., regardless of where the IOC president comes from.
  5. I didn't know that either. I heard in a report by German television recently that he insists on that. But that probably shows how critically the German journalists now view the IOC president from their own country.
  6. Well, I think it's only natural that you march together with your team mates, those are the persons you know best. And probably you already arrived at the stadium with your team, so you stay together. At least the countries don't get announced and they follow no particular order to enter the stadium.
  7. And funnily enough, the re-use of the London 2012 recordings is the only thing that I know of where the IOC practises sustainability these days.
  8. I didn't know until recently that Bach insists on the mention of his Olympic champion title everytime he is introduced at the Games. It only emphasises for me what a prick he is.
  9. Yes, we did - Marit Bjorgen won there, too. And we heard the Russian anthem there - played for the triple winners in the men's 50 km, Cheatsky, Dopinsky and Fraudsky.
  10. Oh, I noticed the drones only now. They were a bit hard to see - and the German commentator either has a microphone malfunction or he didn't notice them himself. He has fallen silent.
  11. Or the fact that they apparently ran out of live music because the parade ran longer than planned - and now they had to resort to taped music.
  12. True. As a matter of fact, this is the first Olympic Winter Games closing ceremony since Torino 2006 where don't have to mock themselves due to an opening ceremony glitch. Disappointing actually, those segments always were some of the most entertaining of the entire ceremonies.
  13. Nice comparison. Yes, I always find it confusing for the international audience when there are songs or a lot of untranslated talking in the host country's language (unless that's English). I guess that most of the athletes don't know what's going on.
  14. It's at least on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC1e--DVt8s From what I could gather via Google so far, the singer is an ambassador of Pyeongchang 2018 and he published the song "in support of the Games" - so it doesn't seem like THE official theme song.
  15. I'm wondering whether that athlete from France will carry his teammate around during the whole parade - if yes, I guess that many doping athletes will want to know his secret. ;-)
  16. Wait, these Games had an official song named "Louder"? That was apparently the song that was played during the Games montage, according to the German commentator. I've heard of that song for the first time now, during the final hours of the Games.
  17. Alright, here's mine: Overall, I found these Games far more enjoyable than I originally expected. I felt absolutely no excitement and anticipation before these Games, due to the scandals surrounding the sports world and the IOC and also due to the location of these Games. I expected very lacklustre Games. But I was wrong in several regards. First of all, my verdict is of course influenced by the very strong showing of Team Germany. 14 gold medals means the biggest gold haul in their Winter Olympic history, and a total of 31 medals means a strong increase compared to the rather disapp
  18. Yes, it is verdict time again! Mine will follow next. What was your impression of the Pyeongchang 2018 Games?
  19. *sigh* If only... Now that my boyfriend lives in Munich and I therefore visit the city every few weeks, I really regret that it didn't get the 2018 Games and kept itself out of 2022. It would have been a great host, and the Olympic Park still amazes even after 46 years. On the positive side, I will never have to witness Olympic Games in Germany presided over by Thomas Bach. After all the scumbagging he did so far, this would have been a really undeserved honour.
  20. Hi guys, long time no see. ;-) Well, as you can see, I've lost a lot of "Olympic Spirit" due to all the doping cases and corruption in and around the Olympic Movement, so I've largely vanished from these boards. I must say, though, that the opening ceremony reconciled me with the Games a bit. I think it was a good ceremony. There was impressive imagery (especially the glowworm/firefly effect stunned me, and I'm also asking myself whether the drones forming the Olympic Rings was real or CGI), nice projections and a strong use of technological gadgets, just like you would expect from a coun
  21. And the ugly farce that are the Tories of the years 2015-2017 continues: (Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-40231107) So Theresa May has now been officially taken hostage by her own party. Why doesn't she simply quit? Cringeworthy!
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