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  1. I think I have to repeat what I've written in the penultimate post -- because due to the Internal Server Error on Page 18, you'll certainly not know what I'm talking about. Roger Cicero has won the German ESC qualifier last night with his song "Frauen regier'n die Welt" ("Women Rule The World") and will therefore represent Germany in Helsinki. Here, you can see his performance at last night's qualifier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1pWn3qUgVg It's the first German entry not sung in English since 2001. That's why I fear that it will not have a big chance, although the best of the three p
  2. BTW: In the comments of the YouTube clip, you'll find a verbatim English translation of the lyrics.
  3. BTW: In the comments of the YouTube clip, you'll find a verbatim English translation of the lyrics.
  4. And the German entry for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest is... ROGER CICERO! Here, you can see his performance at last night's German qualifying contest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1pWn3qUgVg This will be the first German entry not sung in English since 2001. And that's why I fear that it won't have a big chance. However, the best of the three songs and the best of last night's performers has won the qualifier.
  5. ¿Estás seguro que estos jóvenes no entienden el español?
  6. I understand that this is an emotional topic for you -- but I have to reject the accusation that my criticism on Gibraltar's UEFA membership was meant as an insult to the whole country. For me, the problem is (and that's why I gave my comment): The membership of many other small countries creates a problem for UEFA already now. Currently, there are discussions whether weaker teams from small countries should have a pre-qualification for the EURO qualifiers since it has become a growing problem that stronger teams have to play qualifier matches against teams several classes below them. This is
  7. Two new interesting clips: Excerpts from the opening ceremony of Mexico City 1968 (and great clips of highlights of those Games): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aodCkVOzj8g And the same for the closing ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m84adPDnHY Additionally, YouTube now has many new clips from Torino 2006. Search for "Olympic Ceremony" and click "Sort by date added" on the left side. Then you'll see those clips on the first page.
  8. And yes, I understand the problem. But never say never. Why should the relationship between Scots and English stay the same forever? When it has changed to a more negative climate during the past years, why shouldn't it change back to a more positive atmosphere in the future? Maybe it would be even good to let the SNP win the elections and form the government -- then probably many Scots would see that even the SNP can't work any wonders and that confrontation with England is the wrong way.
  9. But that was a late consequence of the break-up of the Eastern bloc, i.e. a major political crisis. And it happened by mutual consent. In Britain's case, it would probably be only one side (i.e. the Scots) striving for a secession.
  10. Well, I can open the video player but the video doesn't start. But it doesn't matter -- because it isn't clear yet whether the SNP will get a majority for forming a new government with the other separatist parties. Thanks to the Scottish electoral system, they'll possibly have to form a coalition with one of the union-friendly parties. Or maybe they even won't be needed for a new government at all.
  11. I haven't asked about inside information but for cases of such strong disputes between members of the Olympic team (including not only the athletes but also the officials) that those disputes have been covered by the media. However that doesn't alter the fact that the UK still exists. And it doesn't alter the fact that I simply don't see a serious chance of the country splitting up in the near future -- even if the SNP should get in charge in Scotland. Split-ups only happen in nations shaken by civil wars, other serious ethnic conflicts or severe political crises (such as former Yugoslavia
  12. First of all: You still haven't answered my question about conflicts in past British Olympic teams. It would help a lot if you answered my questions first before turning to other subjects. And secondly: Could you please go a bit more into detail about that "hoo-hah"? I don't know what you're talking about. And additionally: What does that "hoo-hah" change about the existence of the United Kingdom? Let me repeat my question: Why on earth are you still one country then -- if your interior conflicts are really that dramatic? I've never heard that the United Kingdom is in real danger of breaking
  13. Well, I've understood Mainad's point very well. But I've asked you, too, whether there have ever been serious conflicts between the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish athletes in the British Olympic team -- which would prove that there really can't be any form of nationwide agreement in the field of sports. And why on earth are you still one country then -- if your interior conflicts are really that dramatic?
  14. So how is it possible to form a British Olympic Association and a British Olympic team then? At least here in Germany we never got reports about serious trouble between the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish members of the past Olympic teams. We in Germany also have at least one very headstrong region, Bavaria. In Bavaria it's very popular to mock the rest of Germany (which they call "Prussia", regardless of the historical facts) and, from time to time, to silently consider a secession. Nevertheless, we always join forces whenever it is needed -- especially in sports. We cheer our su
  15. Sorry Gibraltar, but it's good that there's not another third-class football team participating in the EURO qualifiers. In any event, I'm no supporter of that sectarianism in sports associations. And that's why I always ask myself (OK, I know that this a big, big taboo...) why England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can't form united sports federations at last.
  16. You're kidding -- or you've been taken in by a hoax. No simple helium-filled balloon can reach the space and survive for years. Even weather ballons reach no higher than 40 kilometres/25 miles. That's still in the stratosphere, i.e. the second-lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere and far away from the space stations.
  17. Time for another YouTube olympic ceremonial update. And those are only the highlights, there are still a lot more new videos on YouTube (search for "Olympic Ceremony" and sort by "Date Added"): Seoul 1988 Hoisting of the Olympic Flag at the opening ceremony Bizarre fireworks, huh? Today, they couldn't dare such kind of sounds because everyone would think that it's a terrorist attack. What is the sense of fireworks at daytime, anyway? And: Lighting of the Olympic Flame (a.k.a. dove barbecue) Barcelona 1992 Spain entering the stadium at the opening ceremony (Part 1, starting at 6:42) Spa
  18. Hey, they've found a way to make the Olympic Flame visible for all people inside BC Place! Seriously, I don't expect that to happen again, especially not during the opening or closing ceremonies -- that would be an enormous coincidence. So relax, everybody. They'll fix it and they'll certainly control the roof meticulously until the Games.
  19. Are you also working on those "Internal Server Errors" displayed whenever one tries to open certain topics? I noticed so far that in the "Other International Games" section, the "FIFA World Cup 2010 - South Africa" and the "The 15th Asian Games - Doha 2006" topics cannot be opened without that error (except for the last page).
  20. I believe it was Helsinki 1952. All subsequent summer opening ceremonies had clear skies or at least dry conditions.
  21. Well, one clip of the Calgary 1988 closing ceremony was already posted here a couple of months ago - it's the performance of the Games' theme song:
  22. I'm very impressed how quick the construction is proceeding. And it's good to see that this time, the Olympic Stadium will be completed more than just a few months before the Games! But in terms of the design, I'm still not fond about it. Currently, it reminds me rather of a parking garage than of a stadium. And as a visitor, I'd feel somehow trapped inside that dense braiding. As a bird nest, it actually should actually express warmth and protection. But to me, this stadium appears (also on the computer graphics of its final looks) rather cool and repelling to me.
  23. Now some real vintage: A newsreel report about the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 1964 Games!
  24. Oh, that's why they had so much space on the field for the ceremonial acts. Since I haven't watched the ceremony at that time, I always wondered where they had left the athletes.
  25. That's true. Frankly, I absolutely don't care about the order in which the teams will make their entrance. The parade of nations is too long, anyway.
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