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  1. I'm very impressed how quick the construction is proceeding. And it's good to see that this time, the Olympic Stadium will be completed more than just a few months before the Games! But in terms of the design, I'm still not fond about it. Currently, it reminds me rather of a parking garage than of a stadium. And as a visitor, I'd feel somehow trapped inside that dense braiding. As a bird nest, it actually should actually express warmth and protection. But to me, this stadium appears (also on the computer graphics of its final looks) rather cool and repelling to me.
  2. Now some real vintage: A newsreel report about the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 1964 Games!
  3. Oh, that's why they had so much space on the field for the ceremonial acts. Since I haven't watched the ceremony at that time, I always wondered where they had left the athletes.
  4. That's true. Frankly, I absolutely don't care about the order in which the teams will make their entrance. The parade of nations is too long, anyway.
  5. Athens had approximately 5.3 million tickets. By the way, does someone have the exact numbers of all tickets available and of the tickets sold for every Olympic Games (summer and winter)? I'd like to make a comparison between the percentage of tickets sold for every Olympics to see how high the public interest in the respective Games was. I only have the following exact numbers so far: Sydney 2000: 6,679,792 tickets sold (=87.8 % of all tickets) Atlanta 1996: 8,384,290 tickets sold (=82.3 %) Los Angeles 1984: 5,017,524 tickets sold (=82.6 %) Munich 1972: 3,311,105 tickets sold (=74.6 %)
  6. It doesn't matter whether the ceremony has thousand or only ten participants -- but it does matter whether it will be only hree segments or six, seven, eight. How do you want to have Elton John, Robbie Williams, opera singers and a Welsh choir perform their respective songs within only eight minutes and still have some time left for the entrance of the bagpipers and the Indian and Irish dancers? It's simply impossible! And you also ask too much of the spectators when you want them to perceive so many different acts and performers within such a short time. Well, than you have to include all
  7. Your scenario won't happen -- they've only got eight minutes for the little handover ceremony. It'll be impossible to squeeze so many different acts into such a small slot. And I also don't expect Indian dancers. The possible Delhi 2016 bidders would certainly not like that. Seriously: Handover ceremonies always consist of something very typical for the respective host country. And Indian dancing is simply no part of traditional British culture. You could be right with the Scottish Pipe band but if they really use such very traditional elements, I expect them to be included in something v
  8. Or they'll follow Turin's example and construct a huge cauldron tower outside the stadium.
  9. Well, I don't feel addressed by this criticism. I only said to Rei that it's possible to overlook some scandals as long as the rest of the year is plenty of more successful sports events -- and used the German experiences of this year as example. Why Mikel had to add the list of Spain's recent achievements, I don't understand either. Ask him!
  10. Yes, but **** happens. We in Germany had the large doping scandal around our former cycling icon Jan Ullrich -- but nevertheless, it was an unforgettable and excellent sports year for us, too. We were the most successful nation in Torino, we hosted a great World Cup and had a team which surprised and inspired us all, we hosted much-applauded World Equestrian Games, we became Hockey World Champions on home soil and maybe Michael Schumacher is able to finish his career as World Champion. So who cares about those "little" scandals?
  11. Further infos about the host election delay: uefa.com - EURO 2012 decision put back I think that's pretty strange -- it seems as if they had trouble with one or more bids which forced them into the delay. Otherwise it just wouldn't make sense why they want to give the bidding committees even more time for giving UEFA all the answers it needs. And I guess that especially the Italians would have wished that the election had taken place already in 2006 -- that way, they could have possibly looked back on an extraordinarily successful sports year: with the Torino Olympics, the World Cup victory
  12. Didn't you notice the ironical smiley ( ) behind my post? Sorry, but it's not my style to underline my ironical or funny comments with an extended "hahahaha" or "muahahaha" or something like that.
  13. Not really. Sure, it would be great if we had another World Cup in Germany as soon as possible. But I would not like the fact that we only got the 2010 World Cup as substitute and at the expense of the original host nation. It would certainly not be the nicest way to "win" the World Cup.
  14. It might be that the EURO is usually the chance for smaller nations to prove that they can host major sports events, too. But nevertheless, hosting the EURO should be a great honour also for the bigger nations. The recent EUROs were on a much higher (i.e. more offensive) playing level than the recent World Cups -- always when I watch some old videos from the EURO 2004 in Portugal I think, "Damn! Why haven't we seen a lot of that kind of football at the last World Cup?" So, if you in Italy don't want the EURO -- we in Germany would take it gladly.
  15. I've noted that we're only two-and-a-half months away from the election of the EURO 2012 host country. It is scheduled for December 8. Meanwhile, UEFA is obviously currently conducting its inspection visits in the five bid countries, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Ukraine. Does anyone know something about the results of those visits -- have the inspectors revealed in any sense which bid they are favouring? I guess that Italy as experienced World Cup and EURO host has the best chances. But I'd also be glad if the EURO would be given to Hungary and Croatia. Especially Hungary deserves it
  16. How do you get those information? I mean, you're only 15 years old, you're American and you already have connections to the inner circle of BOCOG? However, I don't believe in a ring of fire in the middle of the stadium. Unless it will be lifted to the roof level, it would hamper the athletics and football competitions on the field.
  17. I think it's time for other major broadcasters in the world to replace NBC or other American networks as main investor in the Olympic television rights. NBC and company have become a little bit too cocky over the years, with their demand for "America-friendly" broadcast slots. Why doesn't the European Broadcast Union, for example, outbid NBC at last? And it's bad enough that the IOC -- whose former president Avery Brundage once was a resolute critic of television at the Games -- has become so greedy for money meanwhile and therefore poops on the demands of the athletes. The IOC seems to becom
  18. Some new YouTube links: Koreana's theme song for the Seoul 1988 Games: "Hand In Hand". I didn't know that they even had all former Olympic mascots perform in the opening ceremony -- you can see at least Misha the bear (I believe), Sam the eagle and Hodori the tiger dancing together starting with 3:08 minutes. Very cute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAFhNobJABU The "Temple of Zeus" segment of Atlanta's opening ceremony in 1996 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRtOLZe5QZg LeAnn Rimes performing "Light The Fire Within" in Salt Lake in 2002
  19. The two pieces were called "Torch Journey Around the World" and "Pyros 1" by John Psathas, the guy from New Zealand (not Australia) who also composed the fanfares for the opening ceremony and the medal ceremony music. You can look up all infos about the pieces played at Athens' opening ceremony here: http://home.iprimus.com.au/beethoven2001/thegames/ (click at the banner "Athens Special") And just one request: In case you have some more questions about Olympic musical pieces, could you please open a new topic for those? Because this topic here is about posting links to musical pieces. Thus
  20. Thanks for all those files and links! I have another one -- it's the official fanfare of the Munich 1972 Games. http://www.olympia72.de/olympia-fanfare.mp3 It originates from a great website about those Games, by the way. But sadly, that website is in German only. Here are some more links from that Munich 1972 website: The beginning of Kurt Edelhagen's arrangement for the parade of nations: http://www.olympia72.de/ouvertuere.mp3 The end of the arrangement: http://www.olympia72.de/finale.mp3 Finally, the "Munich Fanfare March" performed by Günter Noris and the Bundeswehr (Federal Army)
  21. What? Have you tried the high-bandwidth version? Because that one is actually very good quality.
  22. Thanks a lot for searching all those videos! I've found some more from Athens 2004 and Torino 2006: ATHENS 2004: The fireworks at the end of the opening ceremony Björk performing "Oceania" Anna Vissi performing "Ise" (You Are) at the closing ceremony TORINO 2006: The beginning of the opening ceremony with the "Sparks of Passion" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZIgMOqGj3U The cute rendition of the Italian national anthem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3Scv4Bg49U The famous "Olympic Ferrari" makes its entrance (funny comments of the Japanese presenters) Aerial ba
  23. Just to sum everything up: The most important issues for me at any Olympic Games is the comfort for the athletes and the attendance of the local audience. I absolutely don't care whether I can watch the swimming finals at noon CET or at night -- I'm experienced in "late night Olympic watching", too (I even stayed up all night for watching the Salt Lake 2002 closing ceremony -- although I had school the next morning). However, both main issues (the athletes' comfort and the local attendance) are harmed seriously by NBC's stupid plans. After Athens 2004, it should really be avoided to have the
  24. I don't get it -- why do they say the stadium won't be ready before June? It looks absolutely ready! It looks even more ready than Athens' Olympic Stadium only three months before the opening of the Games! So for what in the world do they need another ten months?
  25. But the main issue aren't our viewing habits but the needs of the athletes. And obviously, the athletes oppose finals in the morning.
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