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  1. Are they running late or is only my livestream not working yet? Oh, German news channel n-tv already shows the live broadcast from Kuala Lumpur. So apparently my livestream is f*cked up. UPDATE: I could now open the livestream after I chose the "floor" option.
  2. As a German, from a national perspective, I would of course prefer the US retiring from the 2024 race altogether. But from an international perspective, I think that a bid by LA could do the race very well - and could even be a winner.
  3. Well, yes - but I don't think that the difference of cultures within a continent plays any significant role for the decision-making within the IOC. What might count more, though (as I stated before), is that Beijing is in East Asia just like the 2018 and 2020 host cities, and that might play into Almaty's hands which is at least in a different part of Asia.
  4. Read again. That was exactly what I wrote before: "Of all the cities that were on the 2016 shortlist, Rio got the worst rating". And here again, it's not very relevant to me whether there were cities that were ranked even lower originally or not. What actually counts is the shortlist of cities that go into the host city election. And of those in the 2016 race, Rio got the worst ratings. First of all, what I actually wanted to point out is that you shouldn't perceive the evaluation report as a bible or a law for the IOC members. So I didn't want to draw a direct comparison between Rio and Al
  5. Something tells me that this won't happen But anyway, it's off topic, so please don't let this discussion derail into one about the opening ceremony before the Games are even awarded to one city or the other.
  6. That wasn't the question I asked, I referred only to the actual shortlist, and not a virtual one. And even if all those cities had been in the 2022 race at that time, I wouldn't have vouched for higher rankings for all the cancelled bids you mentioned. But again, that is hypothetical. Munich's and St. Moritz' bids never even fully materialised, so it's hard to judge. Furthermore: Of all the cities that were on the 2016 shortlist, Rio got the worst rating - nevertheless, it got the Games. And judging by the way the preparations go so far, Rio will probably deliver decent Games at the least, if
  7. I have two questions about what some of you guys mentioned in this discussion: 1) stryker and FYI, you said that Almaty was "the lowest ranking applicant in the 2022 prelimanary evaluation, before all the Europeans dropped out". What are you referring to? I have never heard so far of an official preliminary evaluation done by the IOC, apart from the evaluation of the (at that time) only three remaining applicant cities Almaty, Beijing and Oslo when the IOC had to make its shortlist last year. And yes, in that ranking, Almaty ranked last. But it was not an evaluation of all original 2022 bid c
  8. So there's still quite a lot of interest in this race left At least I didn't expect so many answers in such a short time. Here's my two pennies worth: I think it will be Almaty, even if Beijing stands a strong chance, simply because it's China and due to their experience as Olympic host, they might be a safer option than "newbie Almaty" for quite many IOC members. But I think three important factors are very much in favour of Almaty: 1) Geopolitics. I think that the IOC simply doesn't want to award three Olympic Games in a row to East Asia. Okay, they did the same in 1986 and 1988 by award
  9. Now that we are only two weeks away from the least exciting Olympic host city election since "We're glad that we still have LA in the running" in 1977, the tension in this forum is palpable. But somehow I'm still curious which city you expect to win - even more so because even Rob Livingstone seems to have abadoned this race (--> still no BidIndex this time around). If anyone is still around, opinions are highly appreciated.
  10. I can only concur with Rob's tag: Well this is a bit cr#p. Now we'll get Olympic ceremony broadcasts interrupted by commercials as well, and more commercials than we ever got before at ARD and ZDF during the broadcasts from the competitions. Also, some German commentators at Eurosport are almost impossible to bear - especially Sigi Heinrich, who for me is the king of talking sh*t in German sports television. Now here's hoping that ARD and ZDF (even if they don't do everything right in Olympic broadcasting either) still get a substantial portion of the broadcast rights, as sub-license takers. A
  11. And now, partially due to the FA's decision not to send teams to Rio, both the German women's and men's teams are qualified for Rio! While our women's team has only reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Canada yet, this is already sufficient for Olympic qualification because Team England advanced to the quarterfinals, too, and since it is not eligible for Olympic qualification, only Team Netherlands (which still has to play its round of 16 match tonight) can catch the remaining third UEFA Olympic qualifying ticket directly by reaching the next round in the World Cup, besides Germany an
  12. No, that pylon on which the "eclipse" sat looked very much as if it's the real cauldron and not only a temporary structure. However, I think they might pull the cauldron a little bit back, maybe also into one of the stadium's gates - just like London did with its cauldron after the opening ceremony.
  13. Come on, nit-picking is always an essential part of the fun of watching an opening ceremony I felt well-entertained and yes, it was an impressive ceremony of Olympic proportions. No, there's also a cauldron inside the stadium. There's just one question remaining: No athletes' oath?
  14. Come on, this is a pretty impressive segment now. A solar eclipse really is a first at such a ceremony And that apparently is the cauldron of Baku 2015 - a solar eclipse. Hmm, interesting (and not necessarily positive) symbolism
  15. Yes, it's great imagery, even if 50 % of it is copied
  16. Oh no, a flying carpet! Do not copy from Doha 2006 as well, please! Very nice effect with those greens coming up from the stadium floor, though. That's something new And we have water, we officially have water! Oh well, needless to say which ceremony this is reminding me off... And the throwing of dust up into the air, under an artificial sun, is London 2012.
  17. Me thinks she has smiled! Amazing - how does she do that? And now Patrick Hickey uses up all his speaking time just for welcoming the dignitaries.
  18. She looks like a freak. But hey, so did (at least in a slightly milder form) Gianna in Athens. So, another case of plagiarism! And her voice just sounds as motionless as her face looks.
  19. And now Mrs. "I can't move my face because it's 100% botox" Aliyeva speaks. The Winter Olympics have adopted that concept already, but I agree that it's unfeasible in the Summer Games due to the higher number of athletes.
  20. Fun fact: The lady sitting on the bull is the dancer who personified Mary Poppins in the London 2012 opening ceremony.
  21. And wasn't that some British piece that they played during the hoisting? Its beginning sounded familiar. And there are the projected DNA strands from Athens again, in some other shape
  22. I wonder if there'll be any cultural segments after this - the ceremony is only 1:24 hours old and they already hoist the EOC flag...
  23. And another word about Lady Gaga: Even if "Imagine" is such an outworn and cliché song for opening ceremonies, she shows again that she is a superb singer.
  24. And to Stefan: The Netherlands didn't pull out because of Azerbaijan's negative image, but because the costs were too high for them. Let's wait and see who the two new candidates for the 2019 Games are. If it's Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and/or Turkey, you might have a point. But the Azeris really pull out all the stops. Not every organising committee can afford Lady Gaga. Money can buy everything. Oops, delete Kazakhstan - it's not a member of the EOC of course
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