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  1. Careful, Sir Baron . . . you are right . . . my 'gut' DOES tell me plenty & I've heard the little green guys are coming to beam you up as a specimen . . . secretly. . . I'll bet you like my UFO - fess up - you've missed me and at least you are witty.
  2. In the meantime . . . . Some of us were invited guest to the opening BC Place - when it was a facility for taxpayers to be proud of - when the washrooms, dome, isles etc. were CLEAN. Little wonder they have been tainted with 'dirt' with this crew in charge???? Now . . . to posters like Baron . . . who do not understand the 'innards' of British Columbia's circle of wheeling dealing & who's who . . . this will go over their heads. For others that who are astute and perhaps close to the inside, but hold ethics on their agenda and see the 'elephant in the room' in British Columbia - this will mean A LOT with the 'players' involved Pondering . . . . Could it be there is a hidden agenda? . . . . let BC Place explode, as you suggest and/or let it fall into such disrepair so then this little group could use it for development purposes and rebuild with their vested interest agenda fuelling the events (hmmmm - that Torch you mentioned LOL). This 'Insiders Game' is becoming increasing obvious to many British Columbians (N.B. please refer to Vanoc/Callaghan Valley Nordic Scandal thread - conflicts of interests etc. re: VANOC) Come to think about it - WHO is in charge of BC Place? None other than David Podmore, the President of Jack Poole's Concert Properties who controls VANOC, (vested interests you say????). Gee . . . isn't he the same guy who was in charge of Venue Development for the Bid Stage and the Referendum for the 2010 Bid in Vancouver (what happened to everyone outside of Vancouver who is having to foot the bills?????) being passed the ball in this VANOC 'game' re: the sinking in red ink Trade & Convention Centre (taxpayers start weeping NOW) that lobbyist Ken Dobell was in charge of for his pal the Premier, before he was investigated with fingers in all the pies, replaced by buddy Dave????? And isn't Dobell the same guy on the Board of VANOC and 2010 LEGACIES NOW . . . . who just resigned from the 'Lay Bencher' post on the BC Law Society???? Do you think - given that Poole's/Podmore's Concert Properties actually put in a Bid to build the Athletes Village in Vancouver (blinded by arrogance perhaps? then withdrew when it was 'outed' that when Podmore spoke recently of developing the land around BC Place that he & his associates were salivating???? Too bad the real estate market is plummeting . . the best laid plans can go awry . . . . Isn't this the same group of pals that lobbyist Patrick Kinsella is 'in bed with' now with a breaking scandal of his own surrounding his 'consulting company' LOL that has been greasing the skids re: VANOC? Breaking scandal: http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=40efeb6f-63b7-46a7-b66f-c7c2f5f276dc Isn't Kinsella a consultant of record for Concert Properties working directly with Poole, Podmore, Dobell re: Vanoc and much, much more as we are learning? (Read: $$$$$$$$) Hmmmmm - it pays to keep one's eyes & ears wide open LOL. Carry on, jamie25.
  3. WELCOME, jamie25! Thoroughly enjoyed your TRUTH!! So will the silent majority that are interested in reading the bigger picture surrounding VANOC & the BC Lib/Campbell circle of bandits that have manipulated the assets of BC for their own vested interests - enough already. There are a few of us posters here who have found their voices. How refreshing to have your participation outside of the handful of the usual little group of 'drink their own bathwater' media monitors - just ignore them . . . they will tire of themselves.
  4. Oh, I couldn't resist posting this little CBC article from 2002 where the BC Liberal President protests too much that there is no selling of "access" re: big bag man Kinsella dealings back then - how the worm turns . . . . I wonder how Mr. Reichart is feeling this week <H1 class=headline>B.C. Libs deny they're selling access to government</H1><H4 class=lastupdated>Last Updated: Monday, August 12, 2002 | 11:00 PM ET </H4><H5 class=byline>CBC News </H5>The British Columbia Liberal party is making no apologies for a fundraising letter suggesting $10,000 will get the "undivided attention" of key cabinet ministers. The letter went out to major public relations firms in Vancouver inviting them to a luncheon. But when news of the letter's contents got out, the luncheon was cancelled. It was supposed to take place at a restaurant in one of the city's exclusive waterfront hotels. Patrick Kinsella B.C. Liberal party fundraiser Patrick Kinsella and about a dozen principals from Vancouver's biggest PR firms were scheduled to attend. But the lunch was called off after CBC News obtained a copy of the letter that accompanied the invitation. The letter, from Kinsella, tells PR firms the communications sector hasn't paid its share. It suggests a $10,000 cheque would demonstrate the firms' support for the government. Kelly Reichert It also suggests the $10,000 could buy an intimate lunch or dinner with a key cabinet minister for important clients. B.C. Liberal party executive director Kelly Reichert denies accusations the party is selling access to the government. "We've been very clear to all the people that seek donations, and all the people that give donations, that all they should expect to get from that is that they're going to get better government." Reichert says there is nothing unusual about a political party soliciting donations from the communications sector, or any other sector. Joy MacPhail Jean Cormier of Cormier Communications agrees. His firm was one of the companies to receive the letter. "When you go to political functions and you make a donation to the party obviously you get to rub shoulders with some of the people who are in the party and in the government," he said. B.C. NDP Leader Joy MacPhail says the intention of the letter is obvious. "It's sort of like when someone says, 'You know it's not about the money,' you know it's about the money. And when someone goes and says, 'It's not about access,' you know darn well it's about access." Reichert said Monday's event was cancelled simply because not enough people were available to attend. He says the meeting has been postponed until the fall.
  5. You got that right, Province Editors. . . where have you been Canwest when so many knew, so much for so long! Why did a small media outlet have to out the truth? (asked with tongue firmly planted in cheek) Nothing like being caught with your pants down - you know . . . Canwest Global being a huge sponsor with their pals in Vanoc and Govt. re: media rights For that matter, why haven't "the Media Monitor/Vanoc PR posters here reported on this scandal - gee, let me name the reasons LOL . . . . Man, the whiff of of the rot within Vanoc's cozy, inside dealings and coverups re: their inside 'games' (Hasn't Kinsella been quoted as saying he's Poole's best bud, and Campbell's top bagman????) with their tight little circle threaded with the upper tiers of the Campbell Liberal Govt. . . . is becoming "I told you so" far & wide. How has this been kept under the radar for Now about that Vanoc/Callaghan Valley Nordic Scandal . . . . . . . with a "foot in Vanoc" according to Mark Jiles in the FOI documents released in Washington . . . I'd sure like to see the "insider's" sticky fingers on that one!! What else has been suppressed & and by whom? Too close for comfort The Province Friday, June 06, 2008 Columnist Michael Smyth raises disturbing questions about the lobbying activities of two of Campbell's political buddies -- Patrick Kinsella and Mark Jiles. Kinsella co-chaired the B.C. Liberal election campaign in both 2001 and 2005 -- when Jiles was Campbell's personal campaign manager in Vancouver-Point Grey. The two are now in business together at the Progressive Group, a Vancouver-based government-relations company. One of their clients has been the Washington State government, which is helping Americans cash in on opportunities afforded by the 2010 Winter Olympics. In a resumé they had to supply to the state, Kinsella and Jiles boast about their long list of clients -- and of the "strong relationships" they have with both B.C. cabinet ministers Colin Hansen, Kevin Falcon and Olga Ilich and federal cabinet minister David Emerson. As Smyth points out, the problem is that Kinsella has never registered as a lobbyist -- and Jiles did not register as one for the work listed on the resumé. A public investigation is obviously needed. Lobbying the government is a lucrative and murky business. That's why there should be clear rules governing it -- and stiff penalties if they are broken.
  6. For some reason the article: SENIOR LIBERAL AIDES IN NEW CONTROVERSY got cut off the above post. Here is the link: http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sto...83-7c9d2e626313
  7. Well, well, back to topic boys & girls . . . . . . BREAKING SCANDAL - something tells me that there is ,much more to come with the long tentacles that this club/cabal has grown over the years. Seems that there are all sorts of "Insider games" being played out by this circle under the radar, including VANOC. Re: the Vanoc/Callaghan Valley Scandal, we learned via the media articles posted on this thread, that Minister David Emerson was named as a 'player' from his days as Dep. Min. to Premier VanderZalm re: the scandal of how the sole, legal proponent was derailed after winning the rights to develop a multi billion dollar private sector ski resort according to government due process - by the Premier & Land bureaucrats for their friends. Many of the named players in the derailment, including the former Govt. AG lawyer and Land bureaucrats & Nordic friend are now linked to Vanoc and the Callaghan Valley. Hmmmmm - got me pondering linkages on the heals of this scandal surrounding Patrick Kinsella & Vanoc . . . Min. Emerson's name pops up here, again, connected to Patrick Kinsella - members of the 'club' with Poole, Dobell, former Dep to Premier Campbell and Jiles etc It is commonly known that Kinsella works tete to tete with Poole and his company Concert Properties controlling Vanoc all working closely with Min. Emerson holding fund raisers etc. and now we see offering "access" to all his pals for $$$$$$$. Oh what a tangled web we weave . . . . So who else in this 'circle' was involved in the Vanoc Callaghan Valley Scandal & the coverup with high profile names involved linked to the BC Govt. and Vanoc? Who knows what? Who covered for whom and for what vested interests? I smell a rat's nest as my friends & I have for a long time. According to a source this bunch are looking over their shoulders . . .waiting for the next shoe to drop because of other files they have had their paws on. Thanks to many astute bloggers sharing information on how this little group operate, passing the ball to one another, with their own rules outside of due process; all in harmony in their VERY prosperous playpen, feeding their vested interests, at the expense of all the rest of the taxpayers but behind closed doors - all linked to every major initiatives of the Campbell BC Liberal Govt. That old saying that: "Nothing covered up will remain covered" seems to be at play." Fascinating to watch it all unravel. Now we see how the circle operates in the shadows surrounding lucrative contracts, wheeling & dealing within Vanoc. It is not the Olympics that is tainted - it is the players & how they operate. <STRONG>SENIOR LIBERAL AIDES IN NEW CONTROVERSY
  8. Word has it, Baron, that the little green guys are leaving Texas to sample some of the specimens from this site . . . . . . maybe Fisher. BTW, Happy Valentines Day to you & Kendegra.
  9. Well. . . . . . I dunno, Kendegra - if the price is right . . . . Do we all get paid like all of the civil servants that are being forced to 'volunteer' by Czar Campbell for his pet project - after the big bombshell dropped today - quite the definition of 'volunteer' isn't it? Now we know what swelled the ranks of the volunteers How about you?
  10. Here's a short little 'ramble' just for you, Fisher . . . I have every confidence even you, will be able to grasp: "I refuse to enter a battle of wits with an unarmed man." - unknown Hang in there, my friend - get a grip . . . . unravel your knickers. Everything is going to be OK. I am worried about you . . . .
  11. So Canuckfan, just for fun, I took your lead & googled the words you did, which of course turned up the recent discussion on this board along other sites posting the BIV articles plus the Pique articles. Interesting to note that all of the huge articles on this scandal up until a few years ago, printed prior to CanWest taking over both major papers in BC & all of the smaller community papers, have now been sanitized from the Internet & inaccessible in archives. Why aren't they reporting the big opening of the RCMP file now or doesn't it suit their private agendas? But, alas, your tip uncovered a front page story I remember well (which included a dramatic picture of the powder bowls in the Callaghan Valley that would be opened up at private sector cost by the sole proponent for this resort . . . . all being discussed with great excitement across the country over in Vermont - clearly ecstatic with the prospects of a massive new Alpine Resort coming onstream for the Olympics. Soak up these words with the descriptionthen go back to my questions above to put things in context. Just how did the Callaghan suddenly switch to a Nordic facility & who is behind it?????? Everyone is raving about the conditions of the Callaghan Valley. Looks like the Hartwicks as the winning proponent were ahead of everyone. So what happened???? Pretty obvious why the RCMP have reopened this hot scandal!!!!!! SKIVT-L Archives View: Next Message | Previous Message Next in Topic | Previous in Topic Next by Same Author | Previous by Same Author Chronologically | Most Recent First Proportional Font | Monospaced Font Options: Join or Leave SKIVT-L <A href="">Reply | Post New Message Search Archives Subject:Possible new ski area in BC (no Vt content)From:Geoff Devine <[log in to unmask]>Reply-To:Vermont Skiing Discussion and Snow Reports <[log in to unmask]>Date:Wed, 12 May 1999 18:44:46 -0400Content-Type:text/plain From today's (May 12, 1999) Vancouver Courier: Powder Blues Picture it: a resort five times bigger than Whistler, endless dry powder and twice as much snow as the dream season of 19999, not to mention golf courses, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and sailing. It's Powder Mountain Resort -- well, maybe. Next Monday, one of the longest-running dramas in B.C. history will come to a head in B.C. Supreme Court. Nan and daughter Diane Hartwick of Powder Mountain Resorts Inc. have been fighting for the right to develop Powder Mountain for 20 years. Powder Mountain towers over the Callaghan Valley, an area two and a half times the size of Whistler-Blackcomb, some 20 kilometers southwest of Whistler Village. Glaciers adorn the five mountain peaks-- Powder, Brandywine, Callaghan, Cayley and Metal Dome -- that encircle the 18,000-hectacre valley. A rough logging road leads to the valley from Highway 99, where signs point to Mad River cross-country ski area. <snip about 5 columns of text> Wow! 5 times bigger than Whistler-Blackcomb? That would put it in the class of Val d'Isere/Tignes, Les Trois Valles, or the Arlberg. There's some chance it could be up and running by the 2010 Winter Olympics. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SkiVt-L is brought to you by the University of Vermont.
  12. For ease of reference, given this thread is so long, here are the key recent newspaper articles where key points are underlined: Business in Vancouver August 14-20, 2007; Issue 929 Powder Mountain ski resort controversy exhumed in lead-up to 2010 Olympics- West Vancouver mother/daughter duo hoping RCMP investigation will get to bottom of Callaghan Valley dispute 2010 Gold Rush 130 weeks until opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics . An Expo 86-era scandal may live again on the road to 2010. The RCMP is reviewing new evidence surrounding the aborted Powder Mountain ski resort in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler. Proponents Nan and Dianne Hartwick, a mother-daughter West Vancouver duo, hope RCMP will investigate how and why the Callaghan is becoming a $120 million, taxpayer-funded Nordic sports venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. RCMP Commercial Crimes Insp. Kevin deBruyckere confirmed that a review is underway to determine whether to launch an investigation. "We're going to the wall on this," said Dianne Hartwick, "because we know that project was stolen from us." Hartwick-owned Powder Mountain Resorts won a 1985 public call for proposals and gained approval in principle from government. Forests and Lands Minister Jack Kempf claimed Premier Bill Vander Zalm told him in 1987 to "cease and desist" with the Hartwicks and favour Callaghan Resorts Inc., which was backed by ex-Social Credit attorney general Les Peterson. The B.C. Court of Appeal refused to overturn the B.C. Supreme Court's 1999 dismissal of the Hartwicks' breach of contract and abuse of office lawsuit. A special prosecutor's criminal investigation was halted in 2003, just three weeks before Vancouver was elected 2010 host at the International Olympic Committee session in Prague. Because of insufficient evidence, no charges were laid. The Hartwicks had visions of the Callaghan Valley becoming the sequel to Whistler. It's remained an under-promoted playground for cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. Brad Sills' Callaghan Country Wilderness Adventures opened a Nordic lodge there in 1998, just in time for the Canadian Olympic Committee's selection of the Vancouver-Whistler bid over proposals from Calgary and Quebec City. Sills was an early campaigner for Olympic ski jumping, cross-country skiing, biathlon and Nordic combined to be held in the Callaghan. Critics said West Vancouver's Cypress Bowl could've been 2010's temporary Nordic site for much less. The Callaghan won't displace Calgary as the national training centre, but it could someday be what Cypress can't be: a four-season destination resort with all the amenities enjoyed up the road in Whistler. The Hartwicks haven't given up their dream. They claim backing from 75 private investors. Former Olympic downhill skier Todd Brooker is their vice-president of resort development. "We're not against the Olympics; we're against what has happened," Dianne Hartwick said. Where are they now Who were the players in the Powder Mountain saga in the 1980s and where are they now? Nan and Dianne Hartwick: Then: mother and daughter duo active in real estate with Social Credit party connections. Had provincial government approval to turn Powder Mountain in the Callaghan Valley into a ski resort until Premier Bill Vander Zalm intervened on behalf of a former attorney general. Now: still trying. Bill Vander Zalm: Then: Social Credit B.C. premier from 1986 to 1991. Resigned after Fantasy Gardens conflict of interest affair. Now: retired. Jack Kempf: Then: maverick Social Credit MLA for Omineca. Appointed lands minister by then-premier Bill Bennett in 1986 and assumed the same role in Vander Zalm's cabinet until he was fired in 1987 over a travel expenses scandal. Died July 1, 2003. David Emerson: Then: Vander Zalm's deputy minister. Now: federal Conservative minister responsible for the 2010 Games. Colin McIver: Then: attorney general's ministry lawyer. Now: partner with Fraser Milner Casgrain. Represented VANOC in Callaghan Valley Nordic venue development. Jack Hall: Then: Burnaby regional land office director. Later became vice-president of development and marketing for Land and Water B.C., the lead agency providing Crown land and water resources to VANOC. Now: director of Property Assessment Appeal Board and Real Estate Foundation of B.C. George McKay: Then: was alpine ski development project manager for LWBC predecessor B.C. Assets and Lands Corporation in 1990s. Became director of the Callaghan Valley Master Plan during 2010 bid stage. Now: VANOC's director of environmental approvals. Also listed in B.C. Government Directory as tourism ministry's manager of special projects. 2010goldrush@gmail.com August 24/07 article from the Whistler Pique: RCMP reviewing Callaghan Valley dispute, again Powder Mountain Resorts hopes investigation will uncover past conflicts of interest, revive ski resort plans By Andrew Mitchell The proponents of Powder Mountain Resorts got a boost last week with confirmation that the RCMP is reviewing the facts of their case with an eye toward reopening an investigation into how their resort proposal was quashed 20 years ago. Several other recreation tenures in the Callaghan Valley — site of the Nordic Centre for 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games — have since been awarded. Business in Vancouver magazine reported the newest developments last week, and according to Nan Hartwick — who co-owns Powder Mountain Resorts with daughter Dianne — the possibility of a new investigation was welcome news. "This is the third time that the RCMP have taken up this investigation, but this time, because of all the terrible conflicts of interest everywhere, we think this is something that should move ahead," she said. "We went through three different public proposal calls until we won the third one clearly. Now our lawyer is joining us for a meeting with the new provincial ombudsman to give him our information, and all the proven details. We haven't spent 20-some-odd years for nothing." At the heart of the Hartwicks' complaint is the province's decision to award development rights to Callaghan Resorts in 1987, two years after Powder Mountain Resorts was the sole company to answer a request for proposal process to develop the area. According to Nan Hartwick the Forest Minister was about to approve their application when it was quashed by cabinet. The province said they quashed the Powder Mountain proposal over doubts that the Hartwicks had sufficient financial backing, which Hartwick says was not the case. At the time they had more than 75 investors behind them, all of which continue to back Powder Mountain to this day. Instead, the Hartwicks allege that cronyism was at play, and that then-Premier Bill Vander Zalm intervened on behalf of a friend who was involved in Callaghan Resorts. What has followed is more than 20 years of legal wrangling, lawsuits and appeals that have so far been unsuccessful. During that period the province has issued several land use tenures in the Callaghan Valley — including Callaghan Country, Powder Mountain Catskiing and Canadian Snowmobile Adventures — and aided in the establishment of the Whistler Nordic Centre as a venue for the 2010 Games. All of it is illegal, according to Nan Hartwick, who asserts that Powder Mountain had an agreement in principle with the province. "It's very important to repeat that we are not against the Olympics," she said. "We do think it's important for taxpayers to know that we never did ask for any government money, and we could have saved millions of dollars that were spent illegally in the Lower Callaghan Valley. We had the rights from the government, in documentation, to develop the entire valley, and still hold those rights." Hartwick believes that her resort could have hosted some of the Nordic events on privately funded facilities, or that the events could have been hosted far more easily at Cypress Mountain. She says the review will reveal that some of the same people who were involved in quashing her proposal in the 1980s are currently involved in the development of the Callaghan. If they can prove that conflict of interest as well as allegations of cronyism, Hartwick believes it will be a short leap to have the Powder Mountain Resorts' proposal for the area reinstated. "We don't need another lawsuit, it's the commercial crime group of the RCMP that's working on this investigation," said Hartwick. "They're going over everything, the entire history and everything that has happened. We're counting on them to be able to prove what we know and have known for many, many years." A previous criminal investigation by the RCMP was closed in 2000, shortly after the B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed a lawsuit for $5 million against Callaghan Resorts and others the Hartwicks allege were behind the decision to quash their resort proposal. Following the lost appeal, they applied to have their case heard at the Supreme Court of Canada — a process that is still ongoing. Hartwick said the RCMP's decision to re-open the case is based on new evidence of conflict of interest. The Pique: Whistler's Newsmagazine Published 2007-12-12 15:28:44 RCMP investigating Hartwicks' claims Review of Powder Mountain decision now an official investigation By Andrew Mitchell The RCMP has completed its review of a provincial decision to quash a resort proposal for Powder Mountain more than 20 years ago, and has referred to the case to senior investigators. For the mother and daughter team of Nan and Dianne Hartwick, lead proponents for a ski resort on Powder Mountain in the 1980s, the decision to open an investigation gives weight to their own claims that their project was sidelined by backroom dealings and government employees with conflicts of interest. They will meet with the RCMP's special investigators this week to share their documents, as well as new developments that have come to light. "Through all this time, we've never given up hope, we've never stopped investigating on our own, and now the RCMP has assigned some very senior investigators to our case," she said. "We're not looking for money, we just want the truth to come out and have our proposal recognized." This is the third time that the RCMP have investigated the Hartwicks' case, which stems from decisions made in government to quash their Powder Mountain proposal more than 20 years ago. At the time the Hartwicks won three different calls for proposals to develop the area in the Callaghan Valley, and were the sole bid for the project. In 1987 the province quashed the project because the Hartwicks did not have adequate financial backing, which the Hartwicks to this day deny. They had more than 75 financial backers when they applied for tenure, many of whom are still supporting the project. The Hartwicks claim to have documents that show then-Premier Bill Vander Zalm intervened on behalf of a friend who was involved in another proposal called Callaghan Resorts, and was supported by senior bureaucrats in the land use office — some of which continue to be involved in Callaghan development through agencies like the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics (VANOC). The most recent criminal investigation into the case was closed in 2000, shortly after a B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed a lawsuit by the Hartwicks against Callaghan Resorts and other parties. During the litigation, Land and Water B.C. issued several tenures for operations in the Callaghan, something the Hartwicks say should not have happened while court proceedings were ongoing. One of those tenures was for Callaghan Country, which is currently for sale at $5.95 million. The Hartwicks also allege that several documents that back their claims were not considered as part of the appeal, and were not included in the judgment. "That's all coming in to play now," said Dianne Hartwick, who has put together a detailed file with all of their court documents and instances where she feels there were conflicts of interest. She believes that everything that has happened since the province quashed their proposal has been a cover-up. "We won as the legal proponent to develop a ski resort in (the Callaghan), which we still want. That's what we're going for. Not for damages, but to get our rights back. We were derailed through deceit, unethical conduct. Now it's up to the RCMP to decide if it was criminal. "We're really thrilled, as all our investors are, that we stuck to our guns with the support of so many good people, and we're determined to right this wrong… we never gave up because we knew we were right, and have the evidence to prove it."
  13. Welcome, Canuckfan, 'newbie'! I am a "semi newbie" to this forum. I haven't had the time to play in this sandbox of late; - never a dull moment these days, since 2008 launched! With a quiet evening at home, I want to reply to your post because it is worth discussing properly. BTW, such a relief to learn your "question" - in fact, 3 focused questions . . were "honest" - always a good start! All that focus on crediting me with spreading the news on this scandal, albeit thanks to that busy bee 'Google' with frequent 'drop ins' to this site, has gone to my head; perhaps I have missed my true calling in life! The relevance of this topic re: a scandal & police probe into evidence surrounding Vanoc's Callaghan Valley Nordic Venue fits the theme of this site. After my initial gleeful, shock from the articles in the independent media, I came across this site & decided to spice up this forum!! The rapid growth in popularity in comparison to the majority of fluffy threads in this section, speaks volumes. Clearly there is no problem with 'reader receptivity' Canuckfan, LOL - unless you are referring to a handful of 'flamers' that get their knickers in a twist on a regular basis. I am pleased to see your specific interest in this thread, given the many threads to choose from. However, why you are not questioning any of the key elements of this scandal written in two well circulated newspapers that would be more than obvious to a "simple citizen of BC" ???? With that inquiring mind of yours I'm honestly puzzled with your lack of analytical questioning . . . . You raise the issue of "personal implications": Where multi millions of Canadian taxpayers dollars are being funnelled via Vanoc into a Nordic Venue where private interests are benefiting; where serious allegations of conflict of interest surrounding the derailment of an international Alpine ski resort exist; where land bureaucrats & private Nordic operators are meshed in long term relationships; with an RCMP Commercial Crime file on this case being reopened for the third time with new evidence. . . . . I suggest that the "implications" are are obvious why ALL citizens should "care" & do by the interest this topic has generated - don't you? A quick read of my profile puts my 'motives' clearly in context. (Additionally, admittedly I am a 'powder hound' who has salivated alojg with every skier I know, since the winning proponent (the Hartwicks) won the govt. rights to develop a major new alpine ski resort; massive open bowls of powder snow, available year round in the micro climate of the Callaghan Valley - man, I can feel it. Ok, I'm a huge Todd Brooker fan! That guy brings a whole new meaning to riveting dialogue to his NBC ski analyst telecasts!) What really happened here? With the specific allagations & govt. players involved in the derailment of this project, there was widespread perception that something was rotten in Denmark. Then I read the breaking news - wow - high fives to the Hartwicks! So what do you say that we do poll on everyone's motives on this forum - including yours? Seems equitable to me? Seriously, your focus albeit probably not intended, did serve a wider purpose in focusing on an issue currently discussed on blogs across the Internet; an prevalent problem that helped fuel my thread topic here based on factual reporting by well known journalists. Here is the root of the problem: Rampant sanitizing/screening of the REAL news by big Media, driven by agendas & vested interests directly connected to big money - connected to big government connected to private interests. Investigative journalism has gone the way of the dinosaur; instead the powers that be use their influence to suppress at all costs to integrity of journalism & the best interests of the people . . . any truth that is a threat to these private agendas & high profile players that are all interconnected for the wrong reasons. The result is an inverse relationship that exists with big Media: The more important an scandal is involving big money, vested interests, connected to Govt. assets & big agendas with their private sector pals, the greater the effort to suppress. such as the situation with Vanoc & the BC Govt. Given the content in those articles that gave birth to this topic, the recent absence in the 'Main Stream Media' of stunning new developments in this scandal with more legs than a centipede . . . . is a no brainer. You must have also noticed a similar pattern of the suppression of the truth that has prevailed in the MSM re: a massive political scandal involving a 2003 drug Raid on the Gordon Campbell BC Govt. Legislature which spiralled into a corruption case over the sale of our BC Railway, involving the Premier's Office? This case is coming to trial in March yet the news has been thin in the MSM over the past 4 yrs, while informative Blogs have surface to uncover/discuss the truth. Now they are being forced to report albeit on the back pages of the paper & nary a whisper on the radio or TV news. A recent post on one of the well known Blogs on the Raid on the Leg summed it up: "Most of the press had been grape-vined, . . . . . . Anyhow, the major press appears to be cooperating with the Gordon Campbell government and pretending there's nothing of interest in the most important "trial" in B.C. in the last many years. The major press never asks key questions, and it appears to do what it can to cover them up. Which, in itself, raises all kinds of questions." I think citizens like you & me deserve better, don't you, Canuckfan? Key Questions: 1. How did the Callaghan Valley suddenly shift to a focus on NORDIC skiing with little to no return for the "simple citizen of BC" in the first place (yet we see one private Nordic 'player' handed a license by his friends, the land bureaucrats) AFTER the sole proponent had won the final, legal Government proposal call for the exclusive rights to develop an international destination ALPINE ski resort, utilizing the huge alpine, year round potential in the microclimate of the Callaghan Valley? 2. Why is this Nordic private operator, who worked hand 'n hand with his pals the Vanoc land bureaucrats on the Callaghan Nordic Venue & Bid, suddenly trying to sell his Nordic license, benefitting from taxpayer funded infrastructure & Legacy trails, immediately after the RCMP confirm they are working on the new evidence, reopening the original allegations of corruption? 3. As one of the articles pointed out, why didn't Vanoc & the Land bureaucrats on the 2010 Bid/Vanoc, put the Nordic Venue at the obvious location of Cypress Mountain where other Olmypic events will be held & where extensive Nordic infrastructure already exists very close to Vancouver? Have a productive week. Keep those peepers open for the truth - it comes when you least suspect it!
  14. Happy New Year, Kendegra - good questions . . . now if it wasn't so late I'd respond but time to hit the sack, in my part of the world before the sun rises! Tomorrow is another day - I may consult some of my legal beagle buddies/politico junkies in the next few days to get their input on your ponderings . . . seems to me that the last Whistler Pique article I copied here may give some possible answers . . . It is all very fascinating - glad to see your musings here . . . anything can happen with this juicy scenario . . . .
  15. . . . Baron 'what's his name' Answer: "Strange" you ask???? . . . WHY???. . . Agenthuggles is clearly keen on the focus of this topic at hand, obviously, as are the large number of viewers who read this thread but do not comment re: the growing Callaghan Valley Nordic Venue Scandal. This topic is very relevant to this GamesBid site for the 2010 Olympic forum, as the Nordic Venue in the Callaghan Valley, is the largest taxpayer funded Vanoc development & involves Land bureaucrats & private Nordic operators, according to the media reports. Interesting, Baron, I have often asked the same question about WHY the small band of you, have persisted in 'circling' together to attack on this topic , with a sole intent to shoot down the new information/facts provided on this developing scandal vs sensible input???? Both agenthuggles & I have encountered a barage of stupid attacks/threats/insults since day one - back to the first thread I started. No one is forcing you to read the information posted on this thread. What do you think you contribute other than throwing darts??? What is it that brings you back again & again ad naseum to post nonesense content???? You have so many other threads to play on . . . go play, please. I don't get it. . . . DOES it have something to do with the thread on the Off topic section- that I didn't know existed until recently - about Gay participants on this site . . . that a participant on GamesBid has to belong, as many of you regulars do according to what you wrote - to some kind of secret club to be able to be able to post a new meaty thread on GamesBid ????? What on earth does this aspect have to do with the Olympics????? But maybe on reflection it answers a lot of my puzzlement about your responses . . . who knows. . . The RCMP Commercial Crime probe IS big news to anyone, who has followed the high profile public saga of the shocking derailment . . . by a former Premier forced to resign from his Office assisted by a group of BC Govt. Land Bureaucrats. . . . of a proponent who won the govt. rights through a public proposal call, to build an international destination ski resort in the entire Callaghan Valley adjacent to Whistler/Blackcomb. All of us downhillers yearn for deep powder bowls & mega runs that this company's high profile plans offered from the private sector NOT the Government $$$$$$, as is now being poured into the Nordic Venue. I started this thread with media stories that suddenly started to appear last Fall of 2007 expecting to be met with an enthusiastic, at least curiosity based discussion, based on the meaty facts printed & copied here. Personally, I WAS taken aback by the crass comments & responded. In my view, the only 'trolls' as per the definition provided on this site - are the persons who have ulterior motives re: this thread vs constructive comments about the topic of this specific scandal. What is NOT to be interested in with these latest developments ? I agree with agenthuggles wholeheartedly, about the attitude of your small group. For the RCMP Commercial Crime to re-open a major file for the third time - something is very wrong with shenanigans in the Callaghan Valley. With their resources stretched to the max, common sense says they wouldn't do this unless there was ample reason given the 'players' involved now with the Callaghan Valley Nordic facility. You are so right, agenthuggles, you don't have to take the abuse. I appreciate your input & interest whereever you hang - maybe you can give me a heads up off this site????. . . HAPPY NEW YEAR - get them boards ready to join your ace skier sons. Yes thanks, the family & I did have a great Christmas - the boys off to Seattle - no skiing this trip - big time shopping in Seattle LOL, but we all caught Brooker on NBC at the Worldcup - he knows how to call them curves. I WILL keep my eyes & ears wide open & update. So many questions are bursting in my head surrounding this Nordic scandal, but that last Pique article was a doozy, wasn't it? BTW, your detective skills are sharp - court training perhaps??? I & many others reading this site are glad to see you back - just let the 'drips' run right off you
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