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  1. I'd better focus on sports results. Ceremonies are becoming a waste of time. If I listened to "Imagine" one more time, I would throw up.
  2. I feel sad for the people of Tokyo. Very expensive games, high expectations turn out to be disappointments in terms of ceremony execution and empty stadia. Let's see what Tokyo taxpayers will say when the bill comes up.
  3. Paris 2024 nailed it! Inspiringly mindblasting présentation.
  4. Japan never performs great shows for international audiences.
  5. I'm curious to watch what Paris 2024 is performing. I want to forget this sad edition.
  6. The IOC should reinforce that. Since London 2012, cauldrons are missing, except for Winter Olympics.
  7. Since Pyongchang 2018, it's expected a drone logo performance in ceremonies and handovers, so no surprise if we end up watching that as a handover finale. I guess Paris 2024 might focus more on values. France's motto and Coubertin's ideologies are likely to be shown and reminded. No controversies, but axiological ideals to excite people. I'd personally be happy if I simply watched can-can dancing and Eiffel Tower projections. Whatever will be more amusing than what Tokyo 2020 is going to offer in the closing ceremony. I doubt Macron disguises as Astérix boogieing in one corner of the stadium, yet it'd be acceptably fun to see.
  8. Actually, I've been watching better opening ceremonies like Innsbruck'76, München'72, Montréal'76 and Sapporo'72. All of them are more inspiring than Tokyo 2020. I highly recommend them!
  9. What are those fulfilments that cauldrons should have according to the IOC?
  10. This opening ceremony was so boring because of the fuss by fired key people a few months and even days before the kick off?
  11. The organisers should have cut off a lot meaningless stuff. They could have used more drones flying around Tokyo or at least cut off everything, but the parade and protocol (a Tokyo'64-like ceremony). But it lasted even more than latest ceremonies, 4 hours of boredom and frustration. I hope records can be broken here more than ever, to forget this bitter taste.
  12. This was the worst expense ever! –Above all, due to the boring design – Fortunately, Tokyo is a huge city where stadia could be re-utilised by the crowds (mobs, when tax payers have realised how expensive were the Olympics).
  13. I honestly was expecting to see a decent drone display forming the Olympic rings above Tokyo Metropolitan Area and wander around till reaching the Olympic Village, so the athletes who didn't attend the ceremony could have a chunk of it as home delivery. And the pictogrammes also performed by drones.
  14. Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024 must prepare something 'second to none' in order to wipe from our memories what Tokyo 2020 inserted in our minds with this sort of ceremony.
  15. The athletes look as bored as I am. I hope and expect great sportive display
  16. I've never been so bored watching the Olympics in my life. Let's see how that drone show and the cauldron lighting wakes me up.
  17. Well, I found out the flame will be kept lit in Fukushima prefecture. That'll be better than just watching the lantern passing by with no spectators around, but behind window glasses.
  18. I get bored each time I look at pictures of that boring stadium.
  19. Is the Olympic flame going to get blown away or kept lit until next year?
  20. Is the logo going to get changed into the legend 'Tokyo 2021'?
  21. Good way to reset sportive calendars on this new decade. I never expected to experience an Olympiad ending on a non-leap-year.
  22. Each time I get bored of the overall graphic design, Olympic stadium look and the torch. My expectations are on the ceremonies.
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