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  1. Well, I found out the flame will be kept lit in Fukushima prefecture. That'll be better than just watching the lantern passing by with no spectators around, but behind window glasses.
  2. I get bored each time I look at pictures of that boring stadium.
  3. Is the Olympic flame going to get blown away or kept lit until next year?
  4. Is the logo going to get changed into the legend 'Tokyo 2021'?
  5. Good way to reset sportive calendars on this new decade. I never expected to experience an Olympiad ending on a non-leap-year.
  6. Each time I get bored of the overall graphic design, Olympic stadium look and the torch. My expectations are on the ceremonies.
  7. Exactly, I guess they haven't paid attention to their extra high expenses they have within 6 years. Is St. Dennis stadium being protected by the French police?
  8. It's not a bad idea if we are talking about saving; above all if the IOC will fully pay for the games (we all know or imagine how wealthy the IOC or any other sports international organization) and tax payers stop getting committed to such costly two-weeks sport party debt. Amid this host cities crises, my interest on the Olympics is fading away as well as most of people around the world who evidently don't care the OG are hosted, but we all now care about austerity. about the WOG, they should stay in SLC. Then we could avoid stressing the environment anywhere else in the world. after all, most people don't even understand opening ceremonies, so the IOC and Hollywood may focus on lovely fireworks and Broadway-like shows.
  9. I believe it will be good for the USA to play along with Mexico and Canada. Everybody across the world like Mexicans and Canadians! Without them, Morocco would have won. That was my favorite bid.
  10. Just like Sayuri Ishikawa did dancing Tokyo Gorin Ondo 2020 (fure, fure)?
  11. I meant to be inaccurate with the flight time. The relevant part is that such huge territory for the WC may not have connecting flights among cities.
  12. I don't think distances could be a problem. Fans are likely to see the three host countries at once, with plenty flight connections among the three countries. i wouldn't see myself distances as a problem if I attended the events. Actually, with all those all-included tours to be offered in a region where every single international sport and non-sport events have been hosted. It takes four hours to fly from Montreal to Mexico City, also direct flights from Guadalajara to NYC or from Houston to Edmonton. Actually that's nothing in comparison to the UEFA Euro 2020. Don't forget that eleven countries are involved and Bielorussia might not be as simple as the NAFTA region. Real challenges are trips from Baku to Dublin, from Bilbao to St. Petersburg or from Bucharest to Glasgow.
  13. Oh, it seems that fact heads to become a Japanese Olympic tradition. But I refuse the idea of non-athlete cauldron lighters with no actual sport achievements should never get the last relay. Calgary'88 and London 2012 pissed me off in that part.
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