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  1. Oh okay then, it makes more sense I was just checking to see if the ioc is okay with it or not,,,. Btw good job tokyo on 100% full fiber optic coverage of the city, Qatar is followimg your footsteps, in 2014 we will be done..
  2. No media village for Tokyo 2020, is this fine with the ioc?
  3. The revolving restaurant in Doha is on the top of The Torch Hotel, this was the tower that held the Asian Games 2006 flame aside to the main cauldron in the stadium.
  4. istanbul2020a1.png


    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

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    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

  6. Erm, we just did -------> QATAR HOST NATION OF 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP Not to mention many, MANY more events, including bidding for the Formula 1 And the 2020 Summer Olympics.
  7. By 2030, Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for all of its people. Qatar’s National Vision defines the long-term outcomes for the country and provides a framework within which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed. The National Vision addresses 5 major challenges facing Qatar: 1)Modernization and preservation of traditions 2)Needs of this generation and the needs of future generations 3)Managed growth and uncontrolled expansion 4)Size and the quality of the expatriate labor force and
  8. I agree with you to some extent, there is always that doubt in the background but I think step by step for 12 long years all doubts should be gone for the 2022 event. For example we spoke about traffic, The same swiss management company that managed the traffic issues for South Africa 2010 has been consulted for the 2022 Bid Book. Moving on,,,, As we know the actual FIFA World Cup is not just football matches, what will the fans do ? what will they eat ? etc. There is an entire Entertainment city being constructed at Lusail city (nearby Lusail Stadium), not to mention an amazing number of ma
  9. Dude, There is no discrimination get over it ! Its not liek they were banned from participating or anything. The only reason that women were not there is because they simply were not able to qualify (mind you the citizen population is only 300,000 so its understandable...), other than that we usually have a good Women athlete participation in Asian Games. Especially Doha 2006 and Guangzhou 2010. Detroit, Egypt & Jordan recognize Israel, in addition to having diplomatic missions. Triffle, Our Emir visited Israel several times and met with top officials from the state, not to mention
  10. Qatar already sent women athletes to the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, Qatari Women in sports is still a young movement, considering that School Olympic Day program launched with conjunction of the 2016 Olympic Bid is actually still practiced. Aspire Sport Academy which was started in 2005 is also working steps to have good athletes in all sport disciplines. The formation of many women teams in recent time shows interest in it. We are soon to form a womens football league in Qatar. There is no sort of discrimination in Qatar against women, considering that the Bid Ambassador for the 2016
  11. There is no doubt that the current transport system would fail if miserably if we were to host the world cup in say a week. However we do have plans for the next 12 years. Other than the great Metro system that is under construction as we speak, Qatar is investing in a renewing and expanding its current and future road systems, we will be having highways running through Doha city (5 major transport corridors around the nation), some projects are under construction with more going to start soon. The roads are improving everyday, roundabouts are turning into major signals with underpasses, wit
  12. People should respect each other, You have no idea what I have been through in Skyscrapercity.com during the bidding process for 2022 WC I wonder how i was able to hold on to my self, In the end i thank god that all that time didnt go to waste and we are HOSTING THE 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP !!! Other than that I respect everyones point of view, but there is a difference between point of view and hate speech...
  13. Stadiums in relation to metro connections map taken from Qatar 2022 website. Qatar Railways masterplan New Doha International Airport (50 Million Passengers per Annum) opening 18th December 2011 World Cup fans housed at sea for Qatar 2022 Qatar is planning to use cruise ships to accommodate visitors during the World Cup tournament in 2022, Arabian Business has learnt. Qatar is planning to have in place around 240 properties before the start of the World Cup in 2022, according to FIFA’s official report on the evaluation of the Qatari bid. The report stated that Qatar currently has 100
  14. Qatar never even qualified to the world cup and look at us, we are hosting it in 2022, Qatar is looking into hosting the event not the actual performance in it.
  15. I wont even bother replying to you, eusebius65.
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