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  1. Guys you can't be serious, if the ioc needs to say something they would have spoken already at the 2016 bid, the Olympic ceremonies were going to take place In Alrayyan Municipality which on it's own has a major chunk of Doha.... But no it's not an issue, because it was Doha 2006, Doha 2011 and now Doha 2020. I hope it's clearer now.
  2. It doesn't matter, you can count it as a city on it's own or a mere suburb, all the rules can be twisted and played with according to desires,, ,,. Doha 2006 Asian games ceremonies took place in khalifa stadium (Alrayyan municipality / city / whatever) but it's still part of Doha in general. So it's all good....
  3. Because the actual buildings are already planned for something else, in this case Qatar university facilities, housing etc.
  4. It's all part of "Greater Doha conurbation", they know how to bend the rules to what they need, for Qatar 2022 we apparentlly had 7 cities, these "cities" are municipalities in Qatar. 5 of those so called cities are going to be part of Doha 2020 bid. There are many changes from the 2016 bid !! It's so different
  5. I cant wait for the shocker of Baku winning
  6. First of all, the first phrase is incorrect, there are homosexuals everywhere in the world including Qatar, Pakistan and Iran. They will not arrest anyone just because their sexual prefrences is homosexuality, however if you actually go ahead and get some intercourse going on in public then obviously your asking for it. Not to mention that the majority of the "issues" that occured were due to prostitution, which cannot be tolerated. In 2020 olympics (if Doha gets it) and 2022 world cup, if you get engaged in public sex (homosexual or not), get drunk in public (+driving), doing, buying or selling drugs (all of them) and prostitution... Your basically asking for trouble, so expect it.
  7. Yes, not to mention Turin 2006 if Rome was still in the running, which isnt the case.
  8. Okay, please care to explain why you would expect IOC members from Asia and Oceania to vote for Tokyo!? Why no Baku for Asia, for example... IMO, i see almost all middle eastern votes going to Doha (The GCC is already providing full backing and technical/logistical support.) members from the monarchies of Jordan and Morocco are most likely to vote for Doha aswell. Let the worldwide PR lobbying bribing process begin! Cant wait for the controversies to start pouring,,.
  9. So I understand that Tokyo is the only one out, right ? It's the only one that I gained access too. I heard Baku and Madrid are out, still no links to it,,,,..
  10. Doha 2020 Website, applicant file will be available soon. http://www.doha2020.qa/
  11. Oh okay then, it makes more sense I was just checking to see if the ioc is okay with it or not,,,. Btw good job tokyo on 100% full fiber optic coverage of the city, Qatar is followimg your footsteps, in 2014 we will be done..
  12. No media village for Tokyo 2020, is this fine with the ioc?
  13. Speaking of unemployment, the figure virtually doesn't exist in Qatar , it's as low as 0.02% !!!!!!!!!
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