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  1. I never thought I’d see this day - NBC will air the opening ceremony live in the morning. On actual NBC. (If it happens.) https://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2021/02/10/nbc-olympics-to-provide-unprecedented-network-coverage-of-tokyo-olympics-opening-ceremony/
  2. We will see how many people in Italy truly want the Games once they see how much all of this is going to cost. Multiple arenas need to be built, an old sliding track needs significant updates, and everything else that goes along with hosting - it’s going to be quite the price tag.
  3. I am too. Once again, the IOC talks about Agenda 2020 but goes with the bid that will have much higher costs. I guess we’ll never know what the deciding factors were but good luck getting Sweden to try again after this.
  4. I think Stockholm wins this one, and by a comfortable margin. I’m surprised by the number of people who think Milan will win. Sweden has never hosted the Winter Olympics, and the IOC has to know that if they reject Sweden again, it may be the last time they bid. Plus, a successful Stockholm Games, moreso than Milan, might bring the Norways, Germanys, etc., back into the fold in the future. I’m predicting the margin in favor of Stockholm is at least 10 votes.
  5. I still can’t believe they’re going to keep the February 4th start date and go up against the Super Bowl. That is going to result in disastrous opening weekend viewership for NBC (and the first Sunday was the most-watched night of the Games this year). I know the world does not revolve around the U.S., but I’m really surprised that NBC was not able to influence a change in the start date to February 11th.
  6. I assume they’re still working out morning finals for swimming so that they can be shown live during U.S. primetime. Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of good events available for live primetime coverage unless some of the premier track events are held during the morning session. None of the gymnastics will be live in primetime. It’ll be interesting to see how NBC structures their primetime coverage based on this schedule.
  7. Brisbane might not be the IOC's ideal A-list city, but Australia is a known entity that has staged two excellent Summer Games plus two highly successful Commonwealth Games since 2000. The IOC can have high confidence that any Games in Australia will have strong organization and full stadiums. Brisbane and Gold Coast are closer together than the ice and mountain clusters at several recent Winter Games. While not all of the venues are currently Olympic-caliber, several have the potential to be upgraded for the Games at relatively low cost. The Queensland Athletics Centre in Brisbane currently seats about 50,000 and could probably be upgraded with temporary seating to get to 65,000-70,000 for the ceremonies and athletics. Either the Brisbane or Gold Coast Aquatics Centre could easily host diving and water polo as is, with the other being upgraded for swimming or a temporary pool built for swimming. The Brisbane Entertainment Centre could be used for one of the major indoor sports, and Brisbane has a large Convention Centre that could house several sports. An Olympic-caliber velodrome already exists. The Games would be more spread out than the IOC is used to for the Summer Games, and the venue capacities might be a bit lower, but they'd be very successful and relatively cost-controlled. I'm sure the IOC would prefer a strong European bid for 2032, but in the absence of Europe, the IOC could do a lot worse than Brisbane, especially if their only other options are another Games in Asia (Shanghai) or cities like Doha and Baku.
  8. September/October would not be acceptable either due to NBC’s demand that the Games be held in July or August.
  9. All I’m going to say is that it’s very sad to see almost empty stands at every snow event so far. The athletes deserve a much better environment than this.
  10. Last night's NBC + NBCSN viewership tied the first night of the Sochi Games. The 18-49 viewership is down quite a bit, but this is still a big win for NBC. The viewership for the opening ceremony was higher than all but one of the primetime regular-season NFL games this year, plus the NBA Finals and most of the World Series. I'm a bit annoyed with the media outlets focusing only on the linear NBC numbers and reporting "significant drops" for this year's Games, when the reality is that almost as many people are watching Olympic coverage in primetime this year as there were in 2014. Overall, I think the coverage has been quite good so far. My only major complaint is that the extra 30 minutes of primetime in the Mountain and Pacific time zones was not available to me last night in the Central time zone. I don't understand why this coverage can't be shown on NBCOlympics.com and the NBC Sports app for those who want to watch. It's stupid when they're streaming and archiving all other coverage.
  11. I'd guess that NBC will request a first-week schedule similar to 2008, with swimming and gymnastics finals between 10am-2pm in Tokyo so they can be shown live in primetime. I could see them maybe allowing the men's gymnastics finals to be held in the evening since those events will have major interest in Japan. NBC didn't care about having gymnastics live in primetime in 2016, but I think they'll want at least women's gymnastics live in 2020. I'm sure NBC will push to have at least some track finals during the morning sessions, and I'd imagine the organizers and IAAF would be open to this since they did it in Rio. Another option would be a schedule like the World Championships in London with only one session on most days of the competition that would take place between 10am-2pm.
  12. Yeah, the NBC-only and 18-49 demo numbers aren’t great, but the viewership on NBCSN really helped. Of course, the media will spin this as ratings being down significantly, but overall, almost as many people watched the Olympics last night as on the first night of Sochi. And when you factor in that the coverage in the Pacific time zone started at 5pm instead of 8pm, I think that’s pretty impressive overall.
  13. First night of primetime on NBC & NBCSN combined was down only 6% from 2014. That’s a pretty big win overall for NBC compared to how much everything else on TV has been down as of late. 7 of the top 10 markets were in the Mountain and Pacific time zones.
  14. If it looks like Sapporo is going to be the only bid for 2026, I think there will be a big push to get Salt Lake into the race. Salt Lake also has almost all venues ready and could easily step in to host 2026 if needed. I just don’t see much support for three straight Winter Games in Asia if there is any other option.
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