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  1. No kidding, there is obviously some power issues in pertaining to the Kuala Lumpur bid. the OCM seems to have been black balled into bidding for the games. I wonder what one city can hold over a national olympic committee. I noticed that Athens wasn't listed among the cities in the last news item (however only 10 cities are listed when it states there are 11) hopefully it's just a typo. My short list: Athens Moscow Bangkok (they've hosted the asian games several times and seem to be the city to go when disputes arise for the games) Poznan (from the info on wikipedia it is a qualified city) Guatumala City (they are the only "american" city so just by that i'll guess they will be shortlisted. In the end Athens will win for two reasons 1st they just had the summer olympics 3 years ago therefore have the facilities. 2nd it's greece and they deserve to win by that fact alone. Moscow should be voted out because they have the WOG in 2012. My vote would be for Bangkok to host in 2014 then the fight for 2018 can be between australia and an american city (North America if Chicago loses 2016 or a South American Country if chicago wins 2016)
  2. So Athens has officially thrown their hat into the ring for their chance to host the first Youth Summer Olympic Games. However as of the last few days there have been major fires ravaging all of Greece. what kind of effect do we think this will have on the bid?
  3. I think what sir rotel is saying is that Torino MAY be looking to use the Youth Games as a stepping stone to a full fledge SOG. I am very excited to see Athens fighting to host the games, it would have been disappointing had they not at least tried. I am extremely interested to see who the other two cities are that are still "in talks" of bidding for the games.
  4. Athens has my vote for the first YSOG. Now what about the first YWOG? Salt Lake, Torino? or someone else?
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