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  1. Great. Another self masturbatory segment so Bach can have more spotlight. **** this moron, I hate him as much as the CCP right now.
  2. Don't put all of the blame in Covid. Mansai Nomura is a bore who's more specialized in Kabuki/Noh theatres shows. It could had looked a bit more spectacular without all the Covid limitations but with Nomura the ceremony was already kinda doomed.
  3. Even Nagano 98 had more emotion, and that was the most boring ceremony ever. Japanese really can't into sport ceremonies isn't it.
  4. Anyone with self conscience and dignity should do well to not watch whatever Beijing does next february. Never forget who caused this disaster.
  5. I mean, its a miracle this show is happening . This looks awkward as hell.
  6. Depressing ceremony so far. Seems like i'm watching the anniversary of 9/11.
  7. Seems the opening segment is mostly dedicated to the pandemic and how athletes had to find new ways to prepare and communicate between each other.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Osaka lights the cauldron, really. Specially in the current times when diversity has been a strong theme in the Olympics, and Japan is infamous for being a very racially homogeneous country.
  9. I remember the opening ceremony of the 2017 Universiade was disrupted due to people protesting because of some things Taiwan government and blocked the entrance of athletes into the opening. They might try to repeat that tonight.
  10. I kinda knew these were gonna be the rings already from the sneak peak the organizers provided a week ago. The props holding the lanterns had large rings so I always suspected these weren't just for show.
  11. Claro Sport and France TV will air it, but you might need a VPN depending of where you are right now.
  12. Not surprising. Mansai Nomura (one of the main guys in charge of the ceremonies) is a Kabuki actor/director and he often played roles in historical eigas (movies)} such as Onmyoji. Kabuki also happened in the Rugby World Cup opening. Almost 30 minutes to go.
  13. Presidential elections are in March 2022 and Moon Jae In aka the silly man who overtrusts NK too much is projected to lose since his popularity plumetted. If he's out of the picture then your prayers might be listened and Seoul will bid alone. I doubt NK will get too upset. They're in their worst crisis since the 90s and have just tightened up stuff even more to the point anyone caught with material from the south such as K-Pop will be executed (typical stuff dictatorships in crisis do so their people don't know a better alternative exist). Last thing they want is the Olympics and expose their people to other points of perspective.
  14. Strong rumours say the Emperor will avoid using the term "Celebrating" in the opening speech as in tradition, in order to not polarize japanese people more than they already are. Doubt they'll do fanfares or anything of the sort.
  15. Blue Impulse show will begin in 60 minutes, they will form the Olympic Rings again just like in 1964
  16. I forget Beijing because **** them and **** their games. No offense.
  17. Its a shame the torch relay was so screwed by the Pandemic. A lot of cities like Fukuoka had to cancel their torch events as well...I wonder if this whole mess will also have an impact in future torch relays. Perhaps it would be smart for Paris to simplify it and reduce its scale.
  18. So....here we are. Less than 12 hours for the Opening ceremony of a very cathartic Olympics which are, somehow, still happening despite everything. I know the current situation is very awkward and this might be the most depressing ceremony we'll watch, but we still have to keep with GB tradition somehow. Anyway, let's get started.
  19. Ah yeah, Fukuoka. Luckily I heard the city is the most innovative and with more young people in the country. Maybe they wont royally **** things up like Tokyo did.
  20. What did you expected from a country governed by old farts disconnected from the present world and who still think their methods work today? All of them were short sighted, selfish and greedy, still wanting to push with everything as if nothing was happening, plus wasted a lot of time making decisions thanks to their bureaucracy and their big mistrust on the vaccines trials, which led to them have a laughably low vaccination percentage. And yes, I know COVID happened and stuff but organizing comittes of an event must ALWAYS have a plan B for these kind of scenarios, specially when stuff like the terrorist attacks in Munich and Atlanta happened. And clearly, Tokyo had anything but. Its not gonna end here. I'm afraid this gigantic disaster is going to make many japanese start to question their government and we might see lots of changes soon, hopefully for the better. There is a reason why Abe resigned last year. The old fox didn't wanted to be remembered as the PM who royally fucked the Olympics so now all the blame will fall on his lackey, Suga. After all, this was his pet project which he pushed so hard to make out of vanity for a country which has felt behind vastly from China economically and geopolitically wise and which is even starting to fall behind in the innovative, technology area to South Korea, their sworn hated rivals. Tokyo 2020 killed and buried very deep into the earth the myth of flawless, perfect Japaneese organization which, I admit, 7 years ago, was also too naive and believed in, so seeing all this is a huge heartbreak. Its a big blow to their reputation which will take years to heal. Perhaps Nagoya-Aichi 2026 Asiad can be a small chance to start to redeem themselves, but it will take more than just that. One thing is sure, we won't see the games in the land of the rising sun for a long time, or unless the IOC changes their ways and the Olympics as a whole suffer a huge remodelation.
  21. Hungary is very hated by the media for their anti-immigration/west policy, and Orban is Discount Putin at this point so i'm not sure if they'll get it that easily though Hungary sees to be going all out to get sport events. Seoul would be very nice but SK needs to get rid of Moon Jae In and his naiveness on wanting to bid with the North which is what would kill this bid (luckily seems he might be done for since his party lost Seoul in the last elections which was more or less of a referendum about his government). Istanbul, same as Orban. India could barely organize CWG in 2010 and after being one of the most screwed up nations by COVID what makes them think they have any chances?
  22. And who will replace him? Don't wanna be that guy but much like Fifa, Bach will be replaced by someone as bad or worse. He already got rid of anyone who wasn't a Yes Man to him from the IOC so now most of the members are his bootlickers.
  23. Of all this shitshow, Pyeongchang was the most fortunate of the asian trio. And the lead-up of that one was also terrible (remember how they kept us scared the whole 2017 with Kim trigger happy attitude? Trump, for all his faults, at least managed to pacify that madman).
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