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  1. Nope lol. Very heavily toned down/punished show. The worst in a long long time.
  2. On a positive not, it was pleasing to see all the stupid racists in certain sites (*cough*4chan*cough*) getting triggered for Naomi Osaka being the final torchbearer.
  3. I usually don't side with Baron but this ceremony was absolute trash. I'm sorry....
  4. Ravel's Bolero for the Cauldron lightning. Reminiscing of how Turandot music was used in Nagano 1998 cauldron lightning. Not a fan, though. This song should had been for Paris 2024.
  5. Olympic flame. Well, sadly, it seems this show is going to end soon.
  6. Kabuki! Finally this show stopped being a WW2 Remembrance Memorial.
  7. This gives vibes of the 2016 Handover, jazz music and everything.
  8. I won't lie the Pictogram segment and the upcoming one was/look fun. It wasn't so hard to make most of the ceremony like this, Japan. If i wanted to be remined of this fucking pandemic i wouldn't had watched it
  9. Segment dedicated to the pictograms. Finally no more depressing crap.
  10. Well, the athletes look happy. But the volunteers and actors....you can tell nobdy want to be there,
  11. Olympic Anthem in english. Missed oportunity to sing it in japanese like in 1964 and Nagano. You really want to keep making me regret having woke up early today isn't it Japan.
  12. Depressing as hell music for the flags entrances. This looks like an Holocaust memorial service
  13. **** you Bach. Thanks for ruining Olympics. You and China can rot in hell together for all I care.
  14. So the Olympic Oath is now done right after the parade of nations huh.
  15. Another positive note, finally they gave a rest to popular tunes/dance music in parade of nations for a change. Not against it, i liked the Kpop in PC and british pop tunes in London but I missed orchestra music in parade of nations which hasn't been done since Vancouver.
  16. Despite the borefest of cultural show, the parade of nations was actually much better than I expected. And that's always been the true core of an Olympic Ceremony, thank god at least that was saved.
  17. Vanuatu trying to steal Tonga's thunder by also bringing their own Lotion Man
  18. Too bad the stadium is not with spectators. I would had loved every single second of the Chinese team getting booed.
  19. Seems they are using lots of Japanese RPG music for the Parade of Nations. They also played Chrono Trigger music.
  20. The parade of nations already? To any brazilian/Rio 2016 fan who is reading this: I deeply apologize for being such an asshole 5 years ago. Your opening is Cirque du Soleil compared to this catastrophe. Dragon Quest theme to open the parade of nations.
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