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  1. Samaranch got overambitious after 1992 and wanted Spain to do another Olympics no matter what. Luckily, Rogge kept him in his place and with him gone his son are far from influential than his dad.

    Spain went through a lot back then because of the 2008 crisis so they would had probably resigned and 2014/2010 would had ended into a Denver scenario.

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  2. I'm starting to dislike Balich and his huge monopoly in the matter. He's the Disney of sport ceremonies at this point, then again since its his home turf, I guess it was to be expected.

    Not sure if he was involved in the Torino 2006 handover, which was pretty good, but the actual ceremonies in Torino were a bit hit and miss at some points. I hope he does a better job in 2026 (lets be honest, he's going to get it).

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  3. Retaliation without doubt. Look what's happening in Lithuania right now just because they decided to allow Taiwanese diplomatic offices to open up.

    Pyeongchang and koreans must be feeling very relieved now. Of all the asian olympics we had ever since 2018, they were the only ones who dodged this huge royal mess. Hopefully by Paris this whole drama is finally over, but I don't think the Olympics are gonna be the same after it.

  4. 29 minutes ago, Palette86 said:

    Funny news title even though China has not officially announced they would have spectators or not.:D

    They said they would allow spectators but only from Beijing for what I understood, in order to keep coherency with the bubble concept. Also spectators must get quarintined after attending events.

  5. 22 hours ago, munichfan said:

    Ever since that cheesy handover, I am no longer so sure of what to expect.

    I want to believe Zhang was just very uninspired that day or didn't had enough time to plan something as I remember he was assigned to the job of leading the handover in a rushed way. He was assigned for the role ever since 2019 so I guess he made something more cohesive this time. Most of the things he has done (except for The Great Wall (2016) which was hot steaming garbage) are still pretty good (haven't watched Shadow yet but seems it was very well received by the critic)

    On the other hand, he did Cliff Walkers (2021) which is set during WWII. While still generally liked, the reviews weren't as good. I guess Zhang's forte is in Wuxia/ancient China themes and not more contemporary/modern settings, so I hope there is a mix of both for the 2022 opening and it doesn't rely solely in modernism.

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  6. 15 hours ago, AustralianFan said:

    Munichfan posted this week in the Cauldron thread a google earth image of the Birds Nest Stadium which was excellent.  

    This morning here are a couple more images from google earth and looks the same.

    Is that an ice skating rink on the stadium floor?

    There is also a hinge on that side-ramp ….



    They said in the article the stage was finished by October/November so i don't think its going to change much.

    If that's a huge Ice Rink then that alone would put this ceremony on a whole different level, and it would be Salt Lake City 2.0. Back in the day I was very impressed by the use of an ice rink in 2002 but I missed the fact that feat was never attempted again in other winter ceremonies. So seeing it done again by China and 20 years later when the technology has changed drastically would some high quality moments.



  7. Anyway....most of us knew it but now we have it confirmed. Given he wants to be different, its clear the ceremony won't be a story lesson like in 2008. Seems its going to be short, too, probably short segments like in Pyeongchang. But i'm sure he will be able to do something interesting neverthless.

    Just hoping its better than the handover, though. That one wasn't his greatest feat and it felt more like a tryhard attempt to surpass Tokyo's handover from 2016 with those moving LED TV's and everything.

  8. 54 minutes ago, munichfan said:

    So... 3,000 performers. That should be about on par with what Sochi had, if I recall that correctly.

    1000 more than Sochi's. It's not going to be Beijing 2008, that's for sure, but its still going to be pretty big, probably on par with Sochi's ceremonies.




    He hinted that the design was in line with the concept of environmental protection and low carbon emission, but refused to give more clues, saying "it's a secret."

    Not again..... :unsure:

    Because the firework show totally doesn't pollute the sky more than a cauldron, right?

  9. Torch relay will only last three days before the Opening Ceremony and it will only visit the three Olympic sites (Beijing, Zhangjiakou and Yanqing), with 1200 torchbearers. Undoubtly a consequence of the pandemic and to avoid what we saw in Tokyo relay which faced lots of cancellations/changes in many of its planned routes... So far they've been just doing an "exhibition" of the torch sans the flame around some of chinese cities (which makes me wonder why they did the Olympia ceremony so early to begin with)




  10. Sadly mass scale ceremonies won't be coming back yet for a good while as this year doesn't look very bright at all regarding the pandemic (except for Beijing 2022 which is most likely going to still do a massive spectacle).

    I still think the pandemic was an excuse to justify the organizative disaster which was the Tokyo ceremonies, though.

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