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  1. *55 million. https://www.olympic.org/news/pyeongchang-2018-announces-surplus-of-at-least-usd-55-million
  2. Good for them, I guess. I mean, in the end the Pyeongchang games got a surplus of at least 55 USD, so not everything was bad news. However it is true they've taken their sweet time into finding a purpose for all of these venues and it sounds like the WOG weren't enough to fully transform Gangwon into the winter sports hub they wanted it to be, so they're aspiring for the Youth games as a final push for that. Not sure if it will work considering even less people care for the YOG, but if no one bids for this then Korea can easily grab this into the bag.
  3. Well, Japan has a Rugby League so maybe one of the teams will be playing there though the official first test event of the stadium will be the Emperor's Cup final in January 1st. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Emperor's_Cup
  4. New pictures released today by japanese newspapers. We have clearer shots of the running track. The stadium is officially 98% completed now.
  5. New video showing the suroundings of the Olympic stadium, which are pretty much about to be finished.
  6. Opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup. Probably a different team that the one in charge next year, but for being a simple ceremony it was actually nicely done (focused mostly on japanese folklore this time). It's a shame FIFA ceremonies are in such an embarassing absolute state the Rugby ones are doing a better job these last years.
  7. Rugby World Cup opening ceremony held today at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo. Will post a better version when available
  8. Lightning of the Barcelona 92 cauldron as seen from japanese television.
  9. Soohorang can still sit on his throne in peace, to be honest. But they're a nice attempt. Panda will sell well with the kids. Also most of the jokes I see online are comparisons of the Panda and lantern boy with some vidya/anime/movie characters
  10. Mascot of the paralympics is an anthropomorfic lantern child. Fits with the fact the winter games will be happening somewhere around the Lunar New Year celebrations.
  11. And here it is. They went for a panda. So i guess they decided to stick with those guys from the handover. Yeah...i will need to see them in action before I start to like them.
  12. Marathon test event held recently in the suroundings of the New National Stadium, which allowed us to get some nice aerial views. Also the running track is finally showing its colors.
  13. Interview with Thomas Bach from earlier today. http://vod-xhpfm.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/NewsVideo/201909/aa62806ba4d64f469f5f7ba80dbbae41.mp4 Pictures source: http://xinhua-rss.zhongguowangshi.com/252/-399551614614816961/6511119.html
  14. Chinese websites have been talking these days about the Olympic mascots going to be unveiled very soon. https://www.ppsport.com/article/news/682544.html However, according to Xinhua, it appears they are actually going to be unveiled tomorrow Tuesday, after a year of competition. http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-09/16/c_138396332.htm IMO Soohorang left big shoes to fill, even for Miraitowa (even though the later is slowly getting more popular in Japan). Let's see what China comes up with.
  15. New vid of the National Stadium. The athletic track is under work now.
  16. Yikes. Its as if they weren't even sure if they would end up hosting the thing for real or not they literally did the logo at last second. When I thought this World Cup couldn't get any worse...
  17. Not an olympic ceremony, but its the opening ceremony of an event called the Asian Culture Carnival, held earlier this year in Beijing's Bird Nest. Massive show as expected from the chinese and maybe a small taste of what's to come for 2022?
  18. Someity has also gotten their own animation.
  19. Medals for the Paralympics were unveiled today as part of the One Year to Go events. They are themed around bnoth the traditional japanese fan and natural landmarks of Japan. https://www.paralympic.org/news/tokyo-2020-medals-revealed-hosts-celebrate-one-year-go
  20. The idea sounds pretty good, now it remains to see how they will execute it, as long as its different and more original from its Rio counterpart. I just hope they dont do another small cauldron for the ecologic message, though this seems to be an obsession from Marco Balich only (he did it in Lima 2019 too). Also they're following the trend of putting an external cauldron in a public place like Rio did, which pretty much confirms the cauldron in the stadium won't be visible outside. Probably its for the best given part of the roof is made of wood.
  21. Paralympic torch relay uniforms unveiled as part of the One year to go events.
  22. Finally. Though this also might mean there's no more turning back.
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