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  1. Official youtube channel of Paris 2024 has uploaded the presentation.

    National Anthem (a very beautiful rendition. After all, we're talking about THE national anthem, so they couldn't butcher this)

    And the presentation. Shame that the Pandemic forced them to make the Handover on this style, but neverthless, I feel it was very professional and not cringe at all. I trust Paris will do something with style in 2024.


  2. Despite the disastrous, pessimistic lead up, and an Opening Ceremony which felt more like a Funeral than a celebration, I think Japan still fought against all of the odds and managed to make a very good event, organization wise, despite the current circunstances the world is facing right now. Its just a huge shame they could not enjoy this event as most japanese didn't even knew it was happening given how bubbled up they were. But like some people said here, the blame is into Abe and Suga for being slowpokes with the vaccinations. Neverthless, whats done is done, and the catastrophe which many doomsayers said it was going to happen with hosting these games was prevented. Only time will tell if Japan will have a second chance to have the party which couldn't be. The Asian Games aren't too much popular and it will be mostly a celebration for the people of Aichi and Nagoya which, compared to Tokyo and Osaka, never had much protagonism representing Japan in events besides the 2005 Expo, but maybe they can be a What If.

    The athletes were undoubtly, as it should always be, the main protagonists of the show, with their outstanding performances and many broken records. While we still don't have popular figures yet, we have to understand these were the games of a new generation since the old one said goodbye to us in Rio. Their time of fame will come very soon in Paris and L.A. As for my country, I cannot complain. These were the best games performance wise we had in many decades, and with an Olympic and World Record included. I couldn't ask more from them.

    I pray that these and Beijing will be the first and only Covid Games, and the world will have surpassed this terrible pandemic by 2024. For all the criticism their handover got, at least they delivered a light of hope which was so needed, with the parisian people being together and celebrating despite the current situation. I trust in France and Paris to give us a classy event, after all, the french know when to have class when they're at the spotlight.

    I'm still contempt with watching Beijing's next winter, but I've been a longtime fan of Olympics so i'll try to ignore all of the political drama this edition will be and cheer for the athletes, just like I did this year. But I hope Paris comes soon enough and renews hope and prestige to an event which really needs it. And hopefully by then our dear Olympic champion in fencing will be out of the picture.

    Overall, I give Tokyo a 6/10. I understand most of what happened was not their fault, but at the end we're qualifying a final product and not a "what could had been". I'm sure they'll get a 11/10 when they are under a much luckier scenario.

    See you next winter!

  3. 10 minutes ago, Olympian2005 said:

    The japanese must be so pissed seeing the french all out celebrating 

    They've been annoyed at France for some days after Dembele made racist remarks toward some japanese workers in an hotel. Also while it gave a sensation of hope, its also kind of a contradictory message. Social distancing and no spectators in Tokyo while Paris was packed with people. They must be tilting their heads right now.

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  4. Very good rendition of Marseillaise which also included Stade de France. Wonderful introduction video through the roofs of Paris. The flag was completely fake and computer generated though lol, what the hell was that.

    However the ambience in Paris is very much different from the grimace which was Tokyo. Awesome performance by the air force too, and they kept the tradition of using the head of state in handovers which was kickstarted by Tokyo 5 years ago.

    7/10. I don't want to be too harsh on it because I understand the pandemic situation, so i'll just say it was decent and very french.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Olympian2004 said:

    Really, was it that bad? I'm wondering whether the Americans even noticed that they were behind China in the medal table anyway. It's because in the US, they rather count the overall number of medals, I believe. And there the US were leading for the past few days already.

    Because they have got too loud in recent years and wanted to turn it into a promotion of their political system.

    Anyway, VR projections. Remember how Pyeongchang was criticized about it? In comparison Tokyo is going overboard with it then again its understandable.

  6. 1 minute ago, munichfan said:

    I really liked the national anthem. Does anybody know why Naruhito is not there himself?

    There was enough controversy with him being in the opening ceremony because of public contempt with the event, and Japanese people take his role as being an unifying symbol of the nation very seriously. He had to avoid using words like "celebrating" in his opening speech in a similar way how the mexican president did in 1968 because Tletaloco Massacre was just a couple of days before the opening.

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