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  1. Good luck with that lmao. No one with actual talent and reputation wants to be involved in this steaming hot pile of garbage. Only Squeenix and Namco were kind enough to allow them to use their songs for the parade of nations.
  2. Well...I think i'm ready to finally write a review about it. Last night I was extremely depressed, in all honestly. I guess that's what the expectation of waiting so many years for an Olympics edition you longed for so much only to have whatever we saw last night does to you. Anyway. I perfectly understand the Covid situation we're still living in and that it was going to downgrade these ceremonies in scale no matter white. Whoever, while Covid is an excuse for some stuff, it is certainly not an excuse at all for things like lack of vision and disjointed segments which you can tell from a mile they were done at last second. Its as if they had no idea of what they wanted from us. For some brief moments like the sticky men doing the pictograms, it felt like they wanted to bring the goofiness/fun of the 2016 handover, but in others it felt like I was watching Nagano 98 ceremonies all over again, with so much seriousness and lack of celebration feel. I have nothing against making a remembrance of the pandemic which changed the lifes of so many, but making your whole ceremony about it when most of your watchers are trying to escape from this dreadful reality to have a moment of hope and peace was not the way to go. Then again, when all of the members of the creative team got replaced over the course of a year, many of them even at last second such as the music composer and the third director this ceremony had, I guess the obvious final result was going to be this disjointed mess. For a country which is known for innovating, they had a big chance of using technology in order to make up for the lack of use of mass performances of actors because of the pandemic fears. The drone show could had been that chance, but they blew it with the most cringest, stereotypical song you could had chosen and which only old boomers with one feet in the grave care about. The parade of nations was the best moment for me. Being a huge fan of vidya and its music, it was a pleasure to my ears to hear songs from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Nier and even Romancing Saga being played as the athletes marched in. Also many of the athletes brought the happiness which this ceremony needed so desperately. The uniforms of the placards holders were quaint. You love them or you hate them. Kabuki segment, like most of you have already said, was a complete disaster, ruined by that piano performance. And it also felt extremely short, a complete waste of potential. The cauldron design was pretty good and elegant, typical Japanese style. A lot of people in certain websites are angry about Naomi Osaka for lightning the cauldron because of the color of her skin and for not being japanese enough, but in an event which has always been a representant of Globalism, it wasn't really much of a shock nor surprise for me. The only thing which upset me was that she didn't looked like she really wanted to be there. Also, the use of Bolero for the last lap of the torch was anticlimatic, and a song which I relate much more with France than Japan. I know many people want me to be less rough on this because of the Pandemic, but lets all be honest. This, at the end of the day, is a commercial product, and it must be judged as one. They had a whole year to make a consistent show but were much more busy in their internal feuds and Cancel Culture. The fact the Japanese government handled this catastrophically by refusing to accept the western trials of the Vaccines thus leading to a laughably low percentage of vaccinations added more salt to the wound....no wonder why Abe resigned last year. Since the Games were his vanity project after all, he didn't wanted to be remembered as the PM who screwed up the Olympics, so now all the fault will fall into Suga. Anyway, I guess my review was kind of disjointed, too....but considering the ceremony we're talking about, I think its very appropiate. I give it a 4/10. The worst opening ceremony i've seen in my entire life, alongside Nagano, except for its closing (ironic that two of the worst openers of an Olympics happened in one of the countries I simp for the most). Some have hopes for the closing ceremony, but lets be honest: do you guys really think after last night we should expect something from this team? Hopefully, the Paralympics ceremonies are much better done.
  3. The Olympics have always been about globalism. If they're mad now because a POC person lit the cauldron then don't host the Olympics next time. You knew what was going to come with the package you bought.
  4. I waited 5 years only for this massive dissapointment. It actually made me feel depressed. Here's hoping Paris 2024 learned from this mess. I think COVID was an excuse for a couple of things, but it doesn't justify the disjointed, uninspired show from tonight, specially from a country which loves to presume of being innovative and tech savvy. Japan seems to be cursed to always do crappy sport ceremonies.

  5. Just reposting the last two Olympic ceremonies for all of you guys, so we can clean our eyes from the monstrosity which was Tokyo's. PS: Dang. A lot of koreans and brazilians in the comment section are either being gleeful or also lamenting that Tokyo ceremonies were a trainwreck.
  6. Literally everyone with actual talent and prestige in Japan decided to distance from this when it became obvious the japanese populace despised the idea of hosting this event (Mikiko, Nintendo, etc. ) Doing mass, good quality choreographies requiered having a lot of people working together, which was a risk because of Covid, also because the Japanese government was dumb as hell and decided to do their own vaccine trials which led to less than 20% of people being vaccinated. Whole ceremonies team had no idea of what to do and Mansai Nomura who had zero experience into actual massive shows like this was hired for the job. Lots of members of the team getting Cancelled and/or resigning in the previous months, which totally didn't led to a lot of segments being rewritten, added and/or changed at literally last second. Yeah. All of these things honestly could only lead to the disastrous result we saw tonight. So much for the myth of Japanse flawless organization.
  7. I don't have confirmation but Nintendo, much like a lot of other japanese companies, also wanted to save face and reputation and decided to distance themselves from the Olympics, hence why there was not a single Nintendo song in the whole parade.
  8. Lots of changes in the ceremonies team, many of them at last second, and the firing of the second director in March due to the Olympic joke.....all of this unfortunately led to the disjointed mess we saw today.
  9. A lot of people here seem to be forgetting Brazil was going through a mess as bad as this one. Economic crisis, political crisis (Dilma removed and Temer hated by everyone in Brazil so protests happened all the time), and also a health crisis (Zika Pandemic). It's time to face reality and accept the people in charge of Tokyo 2020 were completely short sighted.
  10. Did you saw the show they did some weeks to celebrate the CCP anniversary? A complete self masturbatory extravaganza. They only care for themselves as it was shown last year when they did all those celebrations for ""defeating"" covid when it was still happening. China has always despised Japan and is currently going all out on screwing up the west. They might do a good show but I could care less for it and will wait for Paris 2024. You subverted the Olympics I was waiting eagerly for so long? I'll subvert yours.
  11. Never let Mansai Nomura in charge of anything again. Poor Mikiko.
  12. China will do a bombastic show for sure, just to dab at Japan and add more salt to the wound.
  13. Nagoya is the birthplace of Akira Toriyama....I hope they consider him to make the mascot or something.
  14. Opening this for anyone interested. Still have to go through the hangover of that catastrophe, I need a couple of days and some drinks to get out of my head the depression of thinking what could had been, before I write a neutral opinion about it. Anyway, leave your opinions and reviews here.
  15. Oh god...Birmingham 2022 Handover all over again. Can these bloddy ceremonies get any worse?
  16. Millions have died because of a pandemic which is yet to end thanks to their lies, and they subverted these games which many of us were waiting for years, and you still ask me what's up with me and China.
  17. Keep telling that to yourself until you believe it lmao. Closing Ceremony is gonna be as bad. Maybe only saved by Paris segment but I don't have hopes for them either.
  18. I need to rewatch Pyeongchang and Rio's ceremonies to take the sour taste from my mouth. Japan, you really can't into sport ceremonies.
  19. And i won't watch any of them. While Japan had a year to prepare for this and they also crapped the bed really hard with this terrible ceremony, nothing of this would had happened if it wasn't by China. I don't care how bombastic they make them. If anyone has dignity they shouldn't watch whatever they do next february.
  20. Nope lol. Very heavily toned down/punished show. The worst in a long long time.
  21. On a positive not, it was pleasing to see all the stupid racists in certain sites (*cough*4chan*cough*) getting triggered for Naomi Osaka being the final torchbearer.
  22. I usually don't side with Baron but this ceremony was absolute trash. I'm sorry....
  23. Ravel's Bolero for the Cauldron lightning. Reminiscing of how Turandot music was used in Nagano 1998 cauldron lightning. Not a fan, though. This song should had been for Paris 2024.
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