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  1. More pics of the rehearsal plus the mini cauldron. https://twitter.com/tokyo2020/status/1228664283132657665
  2. Some rather dissapointing news about the opening after a planned number featuring the Ainu (a native tribe of Japan which lives in Hokkaido, and which the japanese government has been repeatedly acussed of abusing and considering second class citizens) was recently announced to be cut due to "lack of time". Yet they had lots of time to add pandering to Japanese animation and futurism. Embarassing considering hosts like Rio, Vancouver, Salt Lake and even Beijing gave their ethnicities some spotlight. https://www.hokkaido-np.co.jp/article/390859
  3. 4F has unveiled the Greek uniforms. https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/02/06/greeces-official-tokyo-olympics-2020-uniforms-unveiled/ Also, Nike has revealed the rest of Team USA uniforms for Tokyo 2020. https://www.standard.co.uk/fashion/nike-2020-tokyo-olympics-sustainable-kit-a4355331.html Basketball team Podium outfits Track and Field Kenya has also unveiled its outfits....which are not being very well received at all atm. https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/49449-ugly-kenya-olympics-kit-angers-kenyans
  4. USA, Nigeria and South Korea have unveiled their kits for 2020, which is most likely what we will also see in the olympics. https://www.forbes.com/sites/demetriusbell/2020/02/05/us-soccer-nigeria-and-south-korea-unveil-new-nike-designed-kits-for-2020/#492bfabc1d4c Also, Nike has designed the outfits for the debut of Skateboarding in the olympic program. Specifically for the US, Brazil and France. https://www.dezeen.com/2020/02/05/nike-designs-first-ever-olympic-skateboarding-uniforms-for-tokyo-2020/
  5. ^^ That will depend of Japan and if they can be organized enough to prevent a massive epidemic. So far all of the cases are on that cruiseship which has been locked/cuarintined. Let's hope that's all which happens.
  6. Ironically, the test events and events/celebrations marking the 2 years to go countdown did got cancelled.
  7. Japan currently having ugly issues dealing with a infected cruise with thousands of people, stationed in Yokohama at this moment. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-thousands-stranded-on-cruise-ship-as-death-toll-rises-to-636-11928035 Everything was going extremely smoothly for Japan until now. Too bad China's habit of eating anything which moves screwed what had been so far a perfect record (excluding the logo fiasco).
  8. Ariake Arena, venue for Volleball and Wheelchair basket was finished and opened some days ago. https://tokyo2020.org/en/news/notice/20200203-01.html
  9. Olympics are approaching and given Japan has already revealed their ceremony uniforms some days ago, I think it's appropiate to open this thread. Uniform is meant to be a reversal of the 1964 one.
  10. My bad, glad to know the presidency terms in SK are limited. SK ever since the 2000's seems to be a country which swings between the left and the right (00's being in favor of having better relations with NK , then the last decade having said relationships strained and seeing the rise of two conservative governments.) Maybe the swing to the left was mostly due to a very dissapointed populace after the corruption scandal which saw Park Geun Hye getting impeached, but now that it's been almost 4 years since it happened, they are getting conservative again for what you're saying. I hope a Se
  11. Current president is very obsessed with pleasing the North (remember the unified team and allowance of North korean diplomats in PC2018 was mostly his idea), in part due to how strained the relationships were during the two predecessing governments. Sadly its very likely he will get reelected so don't expect this diplomacy position to change anytime soon. Like Roger said, it's a big shame because Seoul has it everything and a serious bid from their part would easily surpass the others. But Pyongyang is being absolute deadweight which damages the bid prestige.
  12. Okay design, simple yet elegant and mantains coherence with the brand. Though I kind of miss the colorful Rio 2016 tickets to be honest. Also, noticed the opening/closing ceremonies tickets designs were not revealed. Will be interesting to take a look at them since they sometimes, though not always, give away details of what to expect for the show (London 2012 tickets were basically spoiling us the cauldron design). Rio 2016....not as much, possibly a hint of the olympic ring forest?.
  13. I thought they would put this crazy plan to rest after three defeats. Specially now with this chimera mess of a government which has been recently formed in Spain and a possible new economic crisis on the horizon (have absolute zero faith on the sickos who are now in power to dodge it). Not having much hopes for it to be quite honest.
  14. Opening of the Indian Ocean Island Games last year in Mauritius. Actually not bad for a small scale event. They even used floor mapping. Also the placard bearers were a bit reminiscing of the Rio bycicle ones
  15. Morocco seems to be a safe choice in case Dakar can't get the job done but still want to do the YOG in Africa. They replaced Malabo and Lusaka as the host of the 2019 All Africa Games and both Casablanca and Rabat already have enough number of sport venues. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_African_Games
  16. Congratulations to them. Also I guess this might slowly pave the way for South Korea to finally work seriously on their SOG bid.
  17. With Anime confirmed to be in the menu, a reminder Takashi Yamazaki (one of the three main directors) is known for having worked in CGI adaptations of popular anime recently. Doraemon's "Stand by Me" for example (the 3D model of Doraemon used in the 2016 handover was the same from the movie). And most recently, he has worked in an adaptation of Lupin III. Perhaps the appearances of anime characters will use a similar style?
  18. The posters of Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics have been unveiled today. Poster for the olympics is literally a Manga strip by Naoki Urasawa, while the Paralympics one, drawn by Jojo Bizarre Adventure author, depicts athletes descending into Japan and showing the Kanagawa Wave You can see all the remaining posters right here: https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/artposter/ Here are some of the ones I liked the most. And to be honest I think the Paralympics got the best posters, personal taste wise.
  19. Much like the CWGF, they have adopted a new look https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1087081/fisu-approves-new-visual-identity Also, the logo and mascot for Chengdu 2021 were unveiled some days ago. Chengdu, being the capital of Sichuan province which is known for the Pandas, the choice of a Panda as a mascot was an obvious one. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1088644/rongbao-panda-chengdu-2021-mascot
  20. FISU has changed its brand for a new one a couple of weeks ago.
  21. Not sure, though the old mosaics of Nomi no Sukune and Athena which were in the old stadium were preserved and also installed in the new one. Yesterday, the very first sport event in the new National Stadium was held, with the final of the Emperor Cup being held there.
  22. Considering its the olympics, makes sense they are going for mainstream things. Though there might also be some stuff only japanese will recognize as you said. I'm also curious about what Mansai Nomura meant about the four ceremonies not being separated shows but having some form of connection between each other. Also, interested about the spherical cauldron as well. Not sure if the roof will be strong enough to hold it so my guess is they will put it in one of the tribunes. After all the plan seems to be to make another cauldron for the public just like in Rio 2016, and this seems
  23. Big, important reveals for the Opening Ceremony, which appropiately have come up now that we've arrived to the olympic year. Anime will play a big role in the opening ceremony, as famous characters will make an appearance delivering a message for peace. Also, origami doves and an hydrogen Cauldron (the later which was already somewhat confirmed a couple of months ago) are revealed to be part of the program. Seems they know how well the handover segment was liked and are not going to try being subtle anymore, going all out for what Japan is known for around the globe. I bet everything
  24. Some rare videos from behind the scenes of Pyeongchang 2018 opening. One of the persons who worked in the mapping sequences of the opening posted a vid showing how they were being planned. The "Bell of Peace" opening video just before the countdown, now in RAW version and 60 fps How the mapping sequence of "The Land of Peace" segment was made
  25. Swedish government just loves to scare away any chances of sporting events ever taking place on their country, don't they?
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