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  1. Unsurprising given how low the relationships between Australia and China felt over the last couple of years. I doubt SK will join into the boycott given how the current president is friendly with Xi. Japan might maintain neutrality but will probably not send much representation.

    Given how also terribly bad the Strait relationships are, its very unlikely Taiwan will send any representant either (they surprisingly sent some for the 2008 Olympics despite the disputed status between the two).

  2. Their National Games opening ceremony, even with the current Covid situation, and the anniversary of the CCP ceremony at Bird Nest were of a huge scale. Its no doubt they will do something big, specially if they can add more salt into the wound of a country they've never liked much such as Japan.

    Anyway, it started snowing in Beijing earlier than expected






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  3. The only reason i'm watching the ceremonies is because of how Tokyo disastrously managed theirs with all their creative conflicts/people getting removed from the staff (things unrelated with the pandemic) and left me desiring much more. China enjoys dabbing at the world as of lately because of how increasingly aggressive they've become in economics/politics so its obvious they will do a huge show just to add more salt to Tokyo's wound.

  4. 9 hours ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

    The Tokyo medals were the most disappointing ever for me....a few ugly medal swirls that mean nothing and the logo....Japan is a world centre for design, what on Earth happened?

    Stagnation. The population is too old and most of them still hold the positions of power and don't seem to like innovation/breaking the mold. I'm a big fan of Japan design wise but they've been falling behind their neighbour a bit over the last decade.

  5. Those medals look way too uninspired and boring. I expected more from chinese designers but it seems all the talent graphic design wise was dragged to the Hangzhou Asian Games, which had much better designs. The Look is not even that good either and feels random at best a farcry from the Luck Clouds of 2008 which were one of my favorite brands.



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  6. Spain has way too many issues happening right now to be capable of hosting the Olympics. Barcelona is being way too optimistic but the truth is a lot has changed in the Olympics since 1992. People in Spain are very angered because of a huge rise in the prices of basic goods as well for electricity/water/etc (consequences of both COVID crisis and incompetence from the current government coallition). To add more problems to the pile,now there is the natural disaster happening in Canary Islands regarding the eruption of the Palma Volcano.

    Spain hosting the olympics is the last thing they should worry about right now.

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  7. 6 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    FaBULOUS!  25,000 performers are NEVER enough!!  Can't wait for February!  I hope Paris recruits 30,000 performers.  They should hire Chinese and North Korean choreographers!! 


    The ceremony of China National Games, while visually spectacula,r also felt very cheesy and politically self masturbatory. Hopefully Beijing 2022 ceremonies are more classy and have a general theme to them (I believe they wanted to use Chinese New Year elements in it)

    By the way, I read the composer of Beijing 2008 soundtrack will do the Hangzhou 2022 ceremonies music, which is another ceremony we should keep an eye on next year. Scott Givens (FiveCurrents) will be involved.



      On the afternoon of July 20, the Hangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony creative team conference was held in Beijing, and the creative team officially appeared on the scene.

      The announced creative team included Chief Director Lu Chuan, Chief Producer Sha Xiaolan, Music Director Tan Dun, Deputy Chief Director Cui Wei, Producer Wu Yan, Chief Writer Leng Freeze, Executive Director Meng Ke, Executive Director Gao Yan, Chief Art Designer Shang Tianbao, Technical Director Yu Jianping, Production Director Scott Givens, Chief Choreographer Nathan Helvelin, Technical Director Nick Eltis, Chief Choreographer Li Bin, Chief Sound Designer He Biao, Chief Fireworks Designer Cai Canhuang, Chief Weave Designer Xie Yongwei and a total of 17 Chinese and foreign experts.

      "I was very excited and proud to learn that I had become the chief director of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, but I was also a bit frightened." Lu Chuan told reporters that although he has a wealth of experience as a film director, but he is still considered a newcomer in this field of large-scale stage performances. He said that he would next apply a lot of his imagination in the process of making films to the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, bringing new creativity and ideas to it.

      The strong creative team of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will also bring more expectations for the audience. For example, Chief Producer Sha Xiaolan has participated in the creation of many large-scale state-level cultural performances such as the Beijing Olympic Games, G20 Hangzhou Summit, Qingdao SCO Summit, Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference and the Great Journey Cultural Gala; Music Director Tan Dun won the Grammy Composition Award for his opera Marco Polo; Production Director Scott Givens has participated in the production of more than 400 international-level large-scale events, including 15 opening and closing ceremonies of major sporting events, etc.

      "It can be said that the creative team this time gathered a variety of local and international experienced talents. Next, each of them will lead a professional team of more than 100 people to deepen the professional fields such as lighting, choreography and sound effects." Sha Xiaolan said he expects that such a team combination will allow East and West cultures to complement each other in the exchange and collision, and express the concept of the community of human destiny from an artistic perspective.

      For the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, what has the current creative team already envisioned? Lu Chuan said that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be opened on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival next year, and the people of Asian countries have a common belief in home, so we want to tell the Chinese concept of "home", "I hope to let the world see a vivid, happy Chinese face, see the heart of the Chinese people We hope to show the world a vivid and happy Chinese face, the warmth of the Chinese heart, the tolerance and openness of China, and the responsibility and commitment to the world."

      Sha Xiaolan said, "The opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games showed the world China's splendid and brilliant civilization, and we hope that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will show the spirituality and humanistic charm of the Chinese people on the one hand, and show that China's dream of a strong nation is coming to us step by step on the other."

      The opening ceremony of a major event is a comprehensive ceremony that reflects the historical heritage, cultural connotation and technological strength of the host city. The reporter learned that Zhejiang characteristics, Hangzhou flavor will also be fully reflected in the opening ceremony. "This opening ceremony will be based on Zhejiang, express China, with Asia in mind, looking at the world." Lu Chuan said, Zhejiang's green water and green mountains, history and culture, especially high-tech are very attractive.

      It is reported that during the preparation of the Hangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony program planning, Lu Chuan has traveled to and from Beijing and Zhejiang several times. In Zhejiang, he went to the Liangzhu Museum and other historical and humanistic attractions as well as a number of high-tech enterprises to draw inspiration. "I was struck by the innovative ability of Zhejiang's high-tech enterprises." Lu Chuan said this gave him a new understanding of the "smart Asian Games".

      Sha Xiaolan praised the civilized manners of Hangzhou people. He took Hangzhou's "give way" as an example, saying that after visiting many cities across the country, Hangzhou did the best job in this regard. He also hoped that through the opening ceremony, the spirit of Hangzhou will be reflected.

      Looking ahead to the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games, Lu Chuan proposed that the opening ceremony will tell a story with soul, temperature and emotion in a ritualistic way, which is poetic, warm and flexible, more in line with the temperament of Hangzhou. At the same time, it will also be based on high-tech means to convey the desire of science and technology to make people's life better, and present a visual carnival through the ancient and modern times for the audience all over the world. (Reporter Shen Audible Rain Zhang Mengyue)

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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