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  1. I heard there was a coup in Curacao. Does someone knows anything?

  2. Congratulations to Mexico for getting the Football gold medal! :)

  3. Congratulations for Chelsea for getting the Champions League for their first time. They deserve it.

  4. R.I.P. Maurice Sendak. Thanks for writing such a memorable children's book.

  5. History is repeating itself in Greece...the nazis took 8% seats of the Congress. Unbelievable

  6. Ozzie opened the gates of hell when he supported Fidel. In Miami. Talking about being retarded...

    1. intoronto


      Should be fired

    2. Soaring


      I don't think it warrants being fired. But just my personal opinion.

  7. Happy New Olympic Year! :D Can't wait for July!

    1. intoronto


      I can't wait either!! Hard to believe it has been two years almost since Vancouver.

  8. Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas!

  9. Rest in hell, Kim. Too bad you never payed for your crimes...

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I doubt he ever paid for his Scandinavian whores either ..

    2. Ikarus360
  10. Absolute victory by PP. Mariano Rajoy to become the next president of Spain.

    1. Faster


      president of the government, not Spain. Spain is a kingdom.

  11. Libya to use the Sharia as it's source of law...another Iran?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. intoronto


      Italy should just annex Lampedusa.

    3. KRATK


      But... Lampedusa IS Italian already :P

    4. intoronto


      annex into another country I meant.

  12. Should Spain believe ETA lies again? I don't think so...

    1. Athan


      I hope they're not lying this time. This can be a historic moment for us.

  13. Ghadafi is dead....Libya is officialy free

    1. baron-pierreIV


      Shot on the run--like a mad dog.

    2. Ikarus360


      He was also hiding in the sewers

  14. Pan American Games start today in Guadalajara

  15. Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. I hope you keep making awesome stuff in the afterlife.

  16. Third time is a charm! Congratulations PC and South Korea!

  17. First time in my life i see a city winning on the first ballot by majority...now let's see who's the lucky winner

  18. Has reached 1000 posts on GB! :)

  19. Less than 24 for the final decission...

  20. Support PC but i'll be happy as well if Munich wins

  21. Watching the situation at Libya...here's hoping that old tyrant finally leaves, although this will be harder than Mubarak...

  22. Purposal designs for the 2014 Winter Olympics mascot to be unveiled today at 21:30 (Moscow)

  23. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  24. Get ready for the hottest WC ever in 2022...XD

  25. Scott Givens to produce the 2011 Pan Am Games ceremonies http://bit.ly/d084vr

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