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  1. Nice find, panam! After watching the ceremony I can see some parallelisms with the opening ceremony of London 2012 , including the raising props/chimneys and the Industrial Revolution themes. Overall, despite the massive fail of the torch, the opening ceremony was actually quite decent. Also that European Union segment, considering the current events, did not aged well at all.
  2. Opening Ceremony of Montreal 1976 from Russian TV. The image quality is better than the video which was already in YT for years though the audio quality is kind of a letdown. However we finally have the full parade of nations included (which was cut in that video i've mentioned). Also, someone in YT managed to record the rest of marches used during this parade (besides the ones officially released in the offical music album of Montreal 76), so you can enjoy the parade a bit more. This last one was used during Canada's entrance
  3. ^^ Given the current times and how liberal most of french society is atm, I doubt they will display history and tradition given a lot of idiots people like to call it reactionary, racist and/or far right these days. They will most likely go to the Diversity™ approach like Birmighan did in 2018 with their disaster of a handover.
  4. Sadly, not only Tokyo but Paris will also fall victim to cost cuts because of the whole COVID mess. https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/paris-2024-olympics-hosting-ioc-coronavirus Meanwhile, it's certain China will still hold an over the top circus in 2022 while the whole world pays the consequences of their government plus WHO lying to us.
  5. Behind the scenes of LA 1984 opening ceremonies
  6. African Cup of Nations 2004 in Tunisia opening ceremony Also someone is uploading the 2001 Mediterranean Games opening, also in Tunisia (so far only part 1 though)
  7. ^^ Thank you for your contribution! I hope someone eventually uploads the full opening ceremonies (and no more clips which are the concert by Bird Thongchai )
  8. Yikes. Two countries with very dubious reputations (one known for being the worst Theocracy in the world even though they are slighty tuning it down a tiny bit ever since that Prince became the effective ruler, and the other one, while not being as theocratic, know for having shamelessly bought an international even host rights and treating their expats workers like crap). Guess the Asiad size also grew so much out of proportion no one except the big/rich countries in Asia want to host it anymore. If i had to pick one, maybe Riyadh just to shake things up a bit and because Doha already ho
  9. In the last decade they've been more open with mainland China (even though the new anti-mainland government which rules since 2016 has soured these relations) and most of the tourism Taiwan receives is from mainlanders. Taiwan dodged the virus for two months because they banned the entrance of all mainlanders very early. Problem is the virus is not exclusively a mainland China thing anymore hence why their COVID cases are slowly rising now. There are strong rumours the virus did arrived in NK and that the government quietly killed those who were infected. It's difficult to know anythin
  10. ^^ This. It was very obvious Japan was lying about the real numbers due to their (and IOC) initial desperation to hold the Olympics whatever it took. Thankfully, Australia, Canada and the UK finally gave them a reality check. If anything this whole mess kind of diminished my usual respect for the way Japanese do things.
  11. We all had hopes the event would go on but with Coronavirus still spiraling out of control and becoming the worst health crisis since the Spanish Flu, it's ridiculous and unrealistic to keep believing things will be normal by summer. Surely they might not be as bad, but we'll still be in a state of panic and restriction as long as there is no vaccine or a clear treatment for the disease.
  12. At least they're not cancelled. Frustrating, but understandable. It only took direct threats from Canada, UK and Australia for the IOC to finally wake up and smell the coffee. So what's going to happen to the torch relay? I legit stopped watching anything related to the olympics to avoid depression (part of me already knew for weeks this wasn't going to happen). They should just stop it, not mentioning still holding it was a suicide mission which would had gotten more people infected.
  13. China should be stripped of 2022 if the cancellation/postponement happens. I refuse to believe there won't be consequences/punishment for these actions. And i'm getting extremely sick at how their propaganda tool is trying to slide the entire world to make them unironically believe the US caused the virus. Trusting in the PRC was the worst mistake the world ever did.
  14. It had to be done. Still though, it's fucking depressing.
  15. When this is over the whole world economy will be alike to that of a Post-WW one. We're royally screwed.
  16. For an organization which has been seeking desperately to fix their damaged prestige after the Sochi fiasco, they're really doing an effort at having their event even more hated than it already was by people now with this stubbornness, and because organizations such as NBC are more afraid of losing money than the life costs.
  17. Welp. Euro 2020 and Copa America 2020 have just been delayed until 2021. I don't think there is a bigger reality check than this. I think it's time for IOC to stop with their lies. It is very obvious this crisis will extend beyond summer. As much as I love the Olympics, there are bigger priorities right now than holding this circus.
  18. Despite this torch relay will be heavily toned down due to Corona, I still want to try to follow it as much as possible. Let's hope for the best. Today was the big day and the ritual was held in Olympia. With no public besides the officials, of course.
  19. For an event which is supossed to raise more awareness and support for the Olympics, they are really trying hard to make people uninterested. Also, what I feared would happen due to COVID19 outbreak is now pretty much gonna happen https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1091121/tokyo-2020-downsizing-torch-relay-virus
  20. I understand if the games are cancelled, because human lifes are currently more important. It's still deeply sad and frustrating as hell seeing an event I was eagily waiting so much for seven years, only to get burned into the ground with just a few months to go because their neighbours have to eat everything that moves. If Tokyo has to cancel the olympics, I hope karmic justice does its job and Beijing somehow loses their games in 2022 as well.
  21. Thanks to the stupid cultists in SK, now the country is the most infected country besides China and its scary as hell how laughably easy it spead into the country so quickly. It basically jumped from 50 to 600 in less than a week. As much as they keep saying this wont ffect the Olympics i'm afraid they are going to get affected one way or another. At least the torch relay which starts next month is gonna be affected for sure
  22. Oh, I just re-read and its actually just the annual Tokyo Marathon which got affected. Still though, as much as the organizing comittee keeps saying the Coronavirus wont affect the games, things like these are making me have my doubts, specially considering it appears the worst is yet to come with this virus.
  23. As if moving the marathon to Sapporo wasn't enough of a crappy decision, now this happened. Thanks for nothing, China https://japanrunningnews.blogspot.com/2020/02/tokyo-marathon-cancels-mass.html Tokyo Marathon Cancels Mass Participation Race, To Go Ahead as Elite-Only Event (updated) Update: The Mar. 8 Nagoya Women's Marathon, the world's largest women-only marathon, is now also looking at canceling its mass-participation division. In response to the spread of the coronavirus within Japan, the Tokyo Marathon Foundation has decided to cancel the Mar. 1 Tokyo Marathon's 38,
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