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  1. 1000 more than Sochi's. It's not going to be Beijing 2008, that's for sure, but its still going to be pretty big, probably on par with Sochi's ceremonies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Winter_Olympics_opening_ceremony Not again..... Because the firework show totally doesn't pollute the sky more than a cauldron, right?
  2. South Korea uniforms. They're using The North Face brand once more as in 2018.
  3. More pictures of China's uniforms from Weibo https://my.weibo.com/2286908003/L9te8bFoT https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3ogjhhp1j60ee09ogm502.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3oaxx5phj60m807w3zc02.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3oaxx9vrj60m807wmxu02.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3oaxwu25j60m807u75002.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3oey7mdaj60m807vq4402.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3p24gvp1j60m807uwfb02.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/002uLDeXly1gy3oeyaw82j60m807w75402.jpg
  4. Torch relay will only last three days before the Opening Ceremony and it will only visit the three Olympic sites (Beijing, Zhangjiakou and Yanqing), with 1200 torchbearers. Undoubtly a consequence of the pandemic and to avoid what we saw in Tokyo relay which faced lots of cancellations/changes in many of its planned routes... So far they've been just doing an "exhibition" of the torch sans the flame around some of chinese cities (which makes me wonder why they did the Olympia ceremony so early to begin with) https://www.infobae.com/aroundtherings/articles/2021/10/20/plans-for-the-beijing-2022-torch-relay-revealed-as-the-olympic-flame-arrives-in-china/
  5. A series of short animated films featuring not only the mascots but also other popular chinese animation characters will start airing over the next weeks to promote the Winter Olympics.
  6. The IOC can't bite the hand of their masters, please understand.
  7. Winnie Pooh inspected the venues yesterday. We can see a bit more of the ice Ribbon indoors with the Look
  8. Highlight of the New Year Eve celebration done last week at the Olympic Park (it seems they also presented the theme song)
  9. And now the Medal Plaza in Beijing (last pic was Zhangjiakou). Can't embeed pics here because it seems this board doesn't accept image url's which aren't https. http://news.cnhubei.com/content/2022-01/03/content_14376809.html
  10. Sadly mass scale ceremonies won't be coming back yet for a good while as this year doesn't look very bright at all regarding the pandemic (except for Beijing 2022 which is most likely going to still do a massive spectacle). I still think the pandemic was an excuse to justify the organizative disaster which was the Tokyo ceremonies, though.
  11. China's outfits for Beijing 2022 https://news.cgtn.com/news/2022-01-01/Beijing-2022-Team-China-s-podium-uniform-unveiled--16sElHli4GA/index.html
  12. Outfits are okay (although very similar to Pyeongchang's), but the podium looks extremely uninspired, same for the mascot gifts. I prefer Soohorang with the funny graduation hat
  13. China's hermetic as hell as we all know so don't expect any leaks besides the official ones they give us. Have this in the meanwhile, though. https://www.instagram.com/p/CX1FxwwpbxQ/
  14. Full closing ceremony of the 1991 All Africa Games in Cairo
  15. Ice Ribbon completely dressed up with the brand. https://www.8world.com/sports/winter-oly-smart-stadium-1685091
  16. Anyway, Xi won't be lonely next February. Won't be surprised if the rest of the anti-west guys (Lukashenko, Orban, etc.) will be assisting too out of spite. This feels like the Cold War all over again. https://news.cgtn.com/news/2021-12-15/Putin-says-looks-forward-to-attending-Beijing-2022-opening-ceremony-16102vjGeu4/index.html
  17. Reminder every chinese leader since Mao promised to retake Taiwan. Their endgame is to scare people from voting for Pan-Greens (specially the DPP) again and return to KMT party rule which was more domesticated to comply with the CCP. A war with Taiwan will be disastrous for their image and its not going to be a walk in the park like Hong Kong was.
  18. OBS intro should get leaked very soon now that we're at one month and half before the games.
  19. Not according to them anymore. They're deflecting the blame on America and discussion about the virus origin is now Verbotten in China, in a similar way to what happened in June 1989. And the arrogance of the mainland has reached a point they only don't care about what the "degenerate West" thinks, but also are taking pleasure in pissing them off. Did you saw the massive show they did to celebrate the anniversary of the CCP this year? Chinese don't lack at vanity, no matter the situation. And their dislike of Japan will push them to flex at them in anyway they can (not like surpassing whatever Japan did is too hard though)
  20. Reminder SBS (South Korea) got banned from transmitting Beijing 2008 because they leaked many scenes of their opening ceremonies. China was furious and the IOC had to comply with banning SBS as punishment. I doubt any other television company wants to venture itself into trying something similar.
  21. After how Tokyo 2020 ceremonies team got constantly screwed up by Cancel Culture which led to the mess we saw last July, i'm not surprised China is being more secretive than ever with their ceremonies. Don't expect them to release the names of the staff involved until after the show is over (Tokyo did this for their Paralympic ceremonies).
  22. Unsurprising given how low the relationships between Australia and China felt over the last couple of years. I doubt SK will join into the boycott given how the current president is friendly with Xi. Japan might maintain neutrality but will probably not send much representation. Given how also terribly bad the Strait relationships are, its very unlikely Taiwan will send any representant either (they surprisingly sent some for the 2008 Olympics despite the disputed status between the two).
  23. China is probably pretty much like this right now They will continue with their circus as if nothing happened and i'm sure they don't need America validation for it. If anything, this is just another nail more in the Olympics prestige coffin.
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