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  1. Dave Pierce, better know for his works at the Calgary Stampede shows, will be the musical director of the ceremonies Some of his works (so we can get an idea of how the music could turn out) His official Myspace site http://www.myspace.com/officialdavepierce (you can hear some of his compositions at this site) Hmmm not bad. At least i think it will be better than Torino prerecorded music almost 4 years ago..eww ಠ_ಠ
  2. The official logo, visual identity and slogan for UEFA EURO 2012™ have been unveiled at a special event in Kyiv's Mykhailivska Square with co-hosts Ukraine and Poland looking forward to 'Creating History Together'. Star guests Polish Football Association President Grzegorz Lato, his Football Federation of Ukraine counterpart Grigoriy Surkis and UEFA President Michel Platini officially unwrapped the logo as the highlight of the launch proceedings. The ceremony was attended by the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, representatives from the eight host cities – Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kyiv – and numerous other dignitaries. Visual identity The purpose of the logo is to give UEFA EURO 2012™ a personality of its own, with the visual identity to be applied across a range of promotional applications from tickets to web banners. The objective is to help promote the tournament – one of the world's biggest sporting events – by providing an easily recognisable identity with a flavour of the host nations. The logo takes its visual lead from 'wycinanka', the traditional art of paper cutting practised in rural areas of Poland and Ukraine, as a tribute to the fauna and flora of the region. EURO bloom The 'bloom' logo has a flower representing each of the co-host nations and a central ball symbolising the emotion and passion of the competition, while the stem denotes the structural aspect of the competition, UEFA and European football. Nature has inspired other features of the visual identity, with woodland green, sun yellow, aqua blue, sky blue and blackberry purple being the crucial tones of the palette of colours to figure in official tournament branding. Uniting ethos The event slogan, meanwhile, is 'Creating History Together'. The staging of the UEFA European Championship finals in Poland and Ukraine, a first for Central and Eastern Europe, will have a place in the history books, with everyone involved in UEFA EURO 2012™ – organisers, host countries, host cities, players and fans – contributing to another exciting chapter of European football. ©uefa.com 1998-2009. All rights reserved.
  3. Tadaaaa Video with the presentation of the logo Michel Platini during a conference, with the logo behind
  4. I forgot to post my comment about it (besides the pics) horray =w= Gotta say i love these mascots (honestly i like them even more that the recent experiments we had as mascots on the OG and WOG. They are very likeable, cute and dynamic (altough maybe a bit anime-ish). I hope to see pics of them practicing sports like with the Fuwas
  5. And there ya go, Lyo and Merly Lyo My Story Lyo (pronounced as "Leo"), the "Lion of the Youth Olympics", is a lion cub with a mane as fiery as his passion for life. Full of youthful energy, Lyo is always on the go, exploring and discovering new things and playing sports. His favourite sport is basketball and he dreams of someday representing Singapore in international basketball tournaments. Growing up in Singapore, the City-in-a-Garden, Lyo is no stranger to people. He enjoys making friends from all over the world and learning about their different cultures. He is fun-loving and wants to inspire youths to keep fit and enjoy sports. Quick Facts Star Sign: Leo Dream: To win a gold medal in an international basketball championship. Personal Motto: "Never say never" Favourite Food: Chilli Crabs and Chicken Rice with lots of chilli! Hobbies: Jamming on his guitar, exploring and discovering new things, and playing sports, especially basketball. Symbolism Legend tells us that a prince visited a lovely tropical island a long, long time ago. Upon landing, he spotted a beautiful lion, and so named the island 'Singapura', which means 'Lion City'. Today, that island has grown into the city-state of Singapore, whose 5 million people have adopted the Lion as their national symbol. Fun Stuff Lyo's mane resembles the Flame of Passion of the Spirit of Youth, the emblem of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. It also calls to mind the Singapore 2010 tagline 'Blazing the Trail'. His paw is shaped like Singapore island Merly My Story Merly got her name from "mer" (meaning the sea) and "l y" for liveliness and youthfulness. She is a merlion cub who loves exploring the seas surrounding Singapore, and beyond. Although merlions are omnivorous by nature, Merly sticks to a vegetarian diet out of a deep respect for all living creatures. Merly is friendly and a great listener – when she becomes your friend, she is your friend for life! Always ready to join a good cause, Merly is especially passionate about protecting our environment (sadly, many of her friends have become ill as their homes have been polluted) Merly believes that every one of us can help create a sustainable future and works hard to spread that message. Her dream is to become an environmental scientist one day, so that she can find more ways to help people live in harmony with Nature. Quick Facts Star Sign: Aquarius Dream: To become an environmental scientist. Personal Motto: "You can achieve anything if you pour your heart into it!" Favourite Food: Ice Kachang (a Singaporean dessert of shaved ice drenched in colourful syrup). Hobbies: Singing, swimming, and collecting seashells to return them to sea. Symbolism The merlion is a mythical sea creature that is part lion and part fish. It is inspired by Singaporean folklore and Singapore’s fishing village origins. Fun Stuff Merly's paw is shaped like a heart. ______________________________ If you want wallpapers of the mascot(s) you can download them right here: http://www.singapore2010.sg/public/sg2010/..._downloads.html
  6. ...now talking seriously, freedom is one thing, and abusing of freedom is another. I could have accepted these protests on 2008 because China doesnt give a damn about freedom. But to do this on one of the countries with the highest freedom of expression level in the world (at least for me) is just abusive. Law should be more forceful against those little attention whores..
  7. *sigh* i guess we need Mr Plow back to job ''Mr. President, those young people are about to get a dose of reality.''
  8. *sigh* I had the hope that a south american city would host the games, but i guess that all the problems happening here on the region (mainly because of our whacko inmature politicians ) scared P.A.S.O in the end. Congratulations to Toronto, you were the best bid from the very beggining c: . I'm sure you will make a Pan Am Games of the same level (or much better) than Rio 2007. I hope these games and the WOG build the bridge for Canada to reach a SOG (like the 2007 pan am games helped Rio on getting the 2016 ones).
  9. Well there are a lot of indian members on the net talking about the CWG, but most of them are on the Skyscrapercity forums :U Go here and you'll find quite a good activity and most of the posters on this thread are indians http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.p...911&page=86
  10. On the other hand, pics of the works on Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium
  11. Guys please, this is not place for fighting, we're talking about Delhi 2010 CWG And i dunno, probably they will give the games to a city which already has all the infrastructure ready (probably a previous city like Kuala Lumpur) Btw, Queen Baton relay has started, i give you some pics The Queen gives the Commonwealth Queen's Baton to the President of the Republic of India Pratibha Patil ® at Buckingham Palace, India's first individual Olympic Gold medallist and world champion air rifle shooter Abhinav Bindra, right, is presented the baton, as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, Gurbachan Singh Randhawa, Sebastian Coe and India's World Cup winning cricket captain Kapil Dev carrying the baton
  12. Didnt liked the priestess voice this time |:c . I think the one at Athens 2004 did the best job. And thank goodness bad weather didnt ruin the ceremony
  13. First the Look of the games designer, and now him O.O?...pretty macabre thing that some of the people responsable for the 2010 Games didnt lived enough too see the fruits of their efforts R.I.P
  14. I'm worried for the Delhi delays as well, but i have faith they will finish on time. Lets remember Athens 2004 Besides, its already too late to cancel (or move) the games and i dont thing the CWGF will want to postpone them.
  15. But this was done as well on Melborune 2006 , in fact, i think their baton relay was longer than Delhi.
  16. The Queen's baton relay will start the next week on October 29. According with the tradition, the relay will start from Buckingham Palace in London and will visit each country of the Commonwealths, until finally reaching Delhi the day of the Opening Ceremon, 3 October 2010. It will take 190,000 kilometres in 340 days, making it one of the longests in history. The baton was unveiled early this year. The queen's message was done on microcaligraphy on this ocassion, over a small golden leaf, representative of the ancient Indian `pathras` Also, plans for the opening ceremony were unveiled these days. It will have the Wheel of Life, the ''Chakra'' as it central theme. The Wheel of Life is also a national symbol of India.
  17. Like baron said, I think those ''100'' seats are for the athletes, probably after the artistic part.. Because if it is for spectators i think the ceremony scenario will be very reduced which would make it kinda lame D: . Remember that we're talking about a football stadia, not an athletic one, so the pitch space is smaller
  18. I know this is irrelevan but |D... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JWwaUu2vjc From the videogame. Altough the cauldron reminds me a lot of Beijing 2008 As for the actual ceremonies, i already read official info before that David Atkins were going to project gigantic images on the roof (like what they did in Doha 2006 with the giant LCD screen). During the rehearsal they projected an octopus and images of athletes. I'm sure these ceremonies will be far better than Torino 2006, but they will be better than Beijing 2008? We'll have to wait until then (altough after seeing the unbelievable show they did at the asian games... )
  19. Thats such terrible news :c he was a very gifted designer, and VANOC look of the games is by far my all time favourite, along with Torino 2006. May he rest in peace...
  20. According to the sneak peaks i see, it looks like we're going to have some anime-stylished mascots. Merlion is a very known symbol at Singapore altough they overused him a lot as a mascot altough i'm glad they apparently didnt choose an ugly design XD Anyway we shall wait till September 7 to see them completly.
  21. Some construction updates of the venues (i think they'll be ready on time but they better hurry now since its almost a year left for the CWG) (NOTE: Most of the pics are from one month ago) Athletes village Render of the village when finished Website with updates of the village construction http://www.emaarmgf.com/CGV/updates.asp IGI Stadium and Jawaral Nehru Stadium Nehru Stadium
  22. Altough they organized their olympics pretty well, i still want to know what made Samaranch think that the olympics would change China politics ...besides, its pretty sad to see that such a masterpiece like the Bird Nesthas not an apparent future :c (i guess that gives more reasons for London to support their ''legacy'' blahblahblah XD)
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