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  1. Lillehammer 1994 - Best torch entrance ever (personaly i liked the music i tought it was really epic) I would put Athens 2004 as my second fave entrance ever, and i also liked the torch didnt entered through the same way athletes do, but at the north tribune (as well for Atlanta, altough the lightning was horrible IMO)
  2. Probably, altough there's always someone who can infiltrate inside the spectators and poop the party for the rest. But yeah, they should block the traffic to BC place (and they will, so the athletes and performers can move in) And horray for sonic cannons
  3. I know i'm horrible saying this but the cops should once and for all teach those anarchist hippies the beautiful art of the police brutality :'D . If this keeps happening we're going to have even worse things than the nudist girl and the Casino Online retarded from Torino 2006 closing...
  4. When i heard the song for the first time i had a grateful surprise, CTV did an excelent work with this theme song. I think it would be weird that a theme song from a channel would be performed at the OC, but anyway, tit would be a shame they dont use such a breathaking song for the ceremonies. Ok then, now making some small speculation 'bout the structure ceremonies (but of course much of these things may not happen in the end ) considering David Atkins last two ceremonies works 1) Sydney 2000 had probably the best national anthem performance ever on an OC. Qatar anthem was pretty good as well on the 2006 Asiad. Probably they'll make a great rendition of the Canadian anthem. 2) Both ceremonies had a huge stage at one of the tribunes of the stadia (NOTE: After seeing how the seats are distributed i'm not sure if this will happen again on Vancouver) 2) Bot Doha and Sydney had young kids as the main characters of the ceremonies storyline, which was an element that connected the performances each other. I'm looking for something different this time. 3) Doha and Sydney had like three or four song performances on the OC (while Beijing and Athens only had like one or two). They would probably use a couple of song to open and/or conclude the parade of nations, and a song for the last leg of the torch relay before reaching the cauldron. 4) They used lots of horses (and elephants in Doha) on both of these ceremonies. And since Canada has the RCMP... PD: I'm just praying Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion stay away from the show D:
  5. Not sure...besides being the manager of the Canadian hockey team in 2002 olympics, he didnt took part on the winter olympics so much. Probably an athlete who has won medals on the actual games and not just a professional hockey player would make more sense (anyway, maybe he and the canadian hockey team from Salt Lake could be one of the final torchbearers on BC place)
  6. Get ready for the hippie riots everyone *shot* Now seriously, glad to see the torch its almost on Vancouver, and i'm eager already to watch the olympics c:
  7. Placards from Calgary 1988. They were on english, but the announcer said the names both in french and english. I think the placards will be written on english because we're talking about BC, and i dont think there's going to be a big fuss about it, as long as the announcer on the Vancouver ceremonies uses both languages.PD: Notice on the vid how they said China instead of PRC i hope they dont commit the same mistake.
  8. I also hope whoever composes the music for the parade get through his mind that disco is dead
  9. Blame the quality of the vid XD. That tower behind the choir guys is a small cauldron indeed. The flame on the Indianapolis 87 OC was somewhat small as well.
  10. Some people are way toooooo obsessed sometimes Isnt it beautiful?
  11. As being a person obsessed with ceremonies, i got to answer AdisterBryce statement . Yes, the closing ceremony of the X Pan Am Games were on the Hossier Dome (called RCA Dome some time after, which was demolished two years ago), a stadium which has more or less the same characteristics of the BC Place. And yes, there was a cauldron. However, the cauldron was very small and it was located on a small stage built inside the Hossier Dome. There is a vid on Youtube on which, if you look carefuly, you can spot a small cauldron with the games logo, as a Gospel choir was performing on the CC:
  12. Oh yaaay 8D the ceremony will be at 9:30 PM on my local time (Torino was at 3:00 PM local time and they stopped showing the ceremony suddenly because of a baseball match T_T i hope those retardeds dont do it again)
  13. If i see another thread about the cauldron i swear you guys..=.=;;; And like mr. x said, this doesnt says anything new of what we heard.
  14. Hmmm, now that the rehearsals are actually happening, there are a lot of chances that we'll see some more leaked content. The tickets for the rehearsals are 100$ Also i found this announcement for the rehearsal thingie http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/tix/1539494261.html
  15. Probably. I remember the guys behind Torino 2006 ceremonies unveiled a lot of details like three months before the actual ceremony (like a render of the scenario) and stuff about the sparks of passion (maybe spoling too much details was something which contributed to my actual dissapointment at those ceremonies in 2006). David Atkins didnt revealed much details before the Doha 2006 ceremonies, only like two pics of the dress rehearsals and that Jose Carreras would perform. Nothing more. I kinda prefer more secrecy about the ceremonies, since it helps to contribute to the surprise factor. I'm sure Vancouver 2010 ceremonies would be far better than Torino 2006 (altough i dont think they will surpass the spectacle two years ago in Beijing ) For the details we have heard, i can tell the cauldron wont be too big. The lightning of the cauldron, in other way, could be spectacular. I wonder if they will make an scenario on the north tribune of the BC Place (like David Atkins did on Doha 2006 and Sydney 2000, altough the last one was on the west side of the Telstra stadium)
  16. Umm guys i dunno if this was posted before here, but i found some pics googling, which seems to be purposals for the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 olympics. ^^; I hope you like them (some of them are very weird )
  17. Well, this whole miming stuff also reminded me of what happened on the Sydney 2000 opening ceremonies (which music was not also mimed but, in reality, performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra ). That doesnt hurt the fact that their music was probably the best i ever heard on a OC. Which worries me its the possible echo distortion at these ceremonies since w'ere talking about an indoor venue.
  18. I jut hope they dont make a big fuzz like some people did on Beijing 2008 relay (specially at London and San Francisco). Which scares me is that the worst part will be when the torch arrives to Vancouver, where i expect there's going to be even worst protests than the ones in Toronto or Victoria.
  19. God...not this again... *sets every stinky hippie on fire*
  20. Interview with David Atkins himself speaking about the ceremonies, on an interview at CTV
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