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  1. Umm..that looks like some kind of campfire-shaped cauldron. I remember some users suggested the cauldron would be a campfire, so this is very curious and ironic
  2. Back then, i didnt tought the handover was so terrible. In fact i was somewhat surprised at how much it was bashed by canadians. It was just a handover, not like its going to represent everything about Canada (i remember aussies also got ashamed of their handover in 1996)
  3. I'm sure there will be a good balance of aboriginal and other stuff (i think Sydney 2000 aboriginal parts were awesome). But i agree, it would be somewhat dissapointing if thats all they can offer. Oh btw the fireworks shots are very poor so far, i'm glad to hear they didnt used all of that yesterday and we'll see the real fireworks this friday. So far the ceremony sounds awesome but i still dont know what to think about the guy who said it was even better than SLC2002..Salt Lake is one of my fave winter ceremonies (About kicking Torino's butt..i think he has a point there )
  4. Mr. X if you keep like this you'll get f**** nuts before friday calm down
  5. Pffffff *rolls on floor laughing* So much drama just for the pre show rehearsal? i knew this was too bad to be true. Anyway..the roof still scares me
  6. Hey relax people, we still dont have much info besides the stage pics and the audio problems, i'm sure it will look 100 times better at friday. The roof is what worries me more
  7. Yeah, this wednesday (February 10) there will be another rehearsal. Oh btw the stage looks interesting, but the roof..meh ._. i'm a little dissapointed i tought they were going to cover it or something
  8. Since there are public rehearsals today and wednesday, i predict much of the secrets are going to be leaked on the next hours
  9. Ok for those talking about the pyro effects on buildings near the BC Place, this has nothing to do with the OC, but with a show called Ignite the Dream, as part of the cultural olympiad, which will be held every night from February 12-28. More info here: http://blog.livedesignonline.com/designing-vancouver/2010/02/vancouver-2010-northern-lights/
  10. I agree with Olympian. Just because the stage is not made of ice or snow, that doesnt means the ceremony will suck. I have the feeling this will be a great show, altough so much secrecy is starting to kill me XD (i believe there's a public rehearsal today right?) Also..what does Arnold has to do with the torch relay anyway? ._.
  11. Not really a ceremony thing, but remember that opening TV idents we see on the beggining of the official broadcastings? Well this video will be the first thing we'll see on February 12 moments before the OC begins : I like it, altough reminds me a lot of the Torino 2006 one.
  12. Why i'm afraid we're going to have another Centennial Park Bombing... This people are very dangerous for the games. Police must brute force whatever they like it or not
  13. Ok i'm horrible saying this, but really, i dont give a flying f*** if they beat the crap out of those protesters. Seriously, what a party poopers. The great part of Vancouver wants to enjoy the party, its not fair that they have to suffer just because of a minority >_> (specially when they keep thinking that violence is part of freedom...even freedom must have its limits)
  14. Wow, that reminds me of that performer in Beijing 2008 who suffered paralyzis after an accident on the rehearsals. The video itself doesnt show anything since the pics from inside the BC Place are two months old, before any of the stages (or those thingies they put on the roof now to cover the dirt as well for projections) were put on place. I'm glad the performer is alive and he survived that crash, but now it remains to see if they'll use a replacement (altough i'm sure David Atkins had a plan
  15. Before the countdown, the two presidents entered the tribune and they were greeted by a chinese military band at one of the sides of the stadium (a little a la Athens 2004). After the countdown, they were simply called up.
  16. I'm pretty sure it will be played again (they did it as well on Winnipeg 99 Pan Am Games opening), but they dont really need to make a flashy entrance for the GG. Altough i think it will sound somewhat weird that they play the Canadian anthem after the salute (unless they do the salute before the countdown/first performance). And god..no, dont make me talk about Torino announcers, the woman one still give me nightmares.
  17. Is that so graymccarty? That sounds interesting.. Anyway, i found a website with a webcam of the BC Place (i know is not much but it could help a little to see if there's some interesting things going on ) http://www.vancouver.com/webcam/south-east/
  18. Oh yeah, i forgot about that Also, like i was saying, i think is a very touching and good detail that they have decided to make a segment dedicated to Haiti on the ceremonies. I'm looking forward to see how this new version of We are the World will sound like.
  19. As long as they dont bring Yoko Oh No again like 4 years back on that small peace segment in Torino, i will be happy. Of course, its unlikely they will dedicate all the ceremony to the Haiti tragedy, but they'll probably pick a segment (probably between the protocol part) to make a remembrance about the earthquake as they perform the song. That would be very touching.
  20. I dont like absolute secrecy about the ceremonies as well, but i also dont like that they show a lot of details about it. One of the things that made me dislike 2006 ceremonies was that they purposely shown a lot of details for the opening ceremonies even 3 months before the games (i remember they even shown a render of the stage, and the Sparks of passion thingie in December 2005). That kinda ruined the wow factor to me, and when i watched the actual Torino OC, to be honest, i was a little dissapointed . I believe, since we're almost only 7 weeks before the OC, maybe they will start to show some small details of what we're going to see (or maybe they'll name some of the performers), or a sneak peak video like Beijing did (and im not talking about that korean vid btw but one they shown three days before the OC). Also lets remember Doha didnt unveiled much details as well back in 2006 (and everyone knows how awesome was that opening) Altough i dont think they'll surpass Beijing 2008 ceremonies (which is something pretty hard to do anyway, Beijing has lifted the bar pretty high IMO ) i'm sure they still will be spectacular and i'm eager to watch them.
  21. Wow. I love the podiums a lot! they fit perfectly with the nature brand theme of these games (and i like the concept of symbolizing the athletes that have climbed the mountains to their victory). This beats IMO Torino and Beijing's podium designs and i'm happy they didnt did something boring like just pasting the look of the games on a simple podium like most of the rest.
  22. Most likely. The Vice Regal salute was used in Calgary 1988, and it was used as well on the 1999 Pan American Games on Winnipeg (altough it was a member of the royal family who opened these games). I dont think she'll have much of a big entrance anyway
  23. Welcome to the forums scielle And yeah, thats the main reason i wanted Celine Dion out. It would be so predictable they use her, and she already performed in 1996 (and i hate Avril Lavigne as well =_= )
  24. I'm sorry but for anyone who's going to mention the 2006 Asian Games, altough they did an awesome work back then, that doesnt count anymore here (as well for the 2011 AFC). We're talking about an event which involves not only a city but an entire country. Whats the point of hosting the WC if all the stadia are going to be in Doha? In other words, they never learn do they ?
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