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  1. Just a small reminder Tokyo 2020 ceremonies weren't the only ones which suffered resignations from its staff. Four years ago I talked about how the original art director of the PC 2018 ceremonies resigned due to creative differences with the director (the later was considered much more experienced than the director himself). There is more info about it here


    Jung Gu-Ho,  (정구호 , art director) was very liked by korean netizens and some in 2017 thought the PC ceremonies were completely doomed. Fortunately, the worst was avoided and they could make a decent show.


  2. On 8/17/2021 at 11:16 PM, iceman530 said:

    "restrictions are expected to be lifted before the end of 2022", well, there ya have it.  As I said.  Bygones are bygones.  Russia and the IOC put on their dog and pony show to show Russia got punished.  Russia bids for 2036 will be fair game.  All aboard for St Petersburg I suppose

    The IOC realized the ban they did was a meme and Russians gave zero f**s about it, celebrating and cheering for their athletes anyway despite not being able to use the Russian flag. They consider "annoying the Globohomo west" a token of honor now, much like all of the anti-western nations do these days. Russia should had been banned alltogether but we all know how greedy the IOC is anyway. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Russia gets it, specially now that few if any wants the Olympics anymore.

  3. I actually was going to drop/ignore this opening after the catastrophe which were the Olympic ones, but after seeing the rehearsals it seems this show is going to mop the floor with the Olympics ceremonies. It still looks simple and with heavy use of projections but at least it seems to be a much coherent show with a common theme connecting it which the Olympic one didn't as a result of all the controversies/changes in the ceremonies team.

  4. Emperor Naruhito will be present for the opening of the Paralympics.


    Also....because of the shitshow which happened after the names of the staff involved in the Olympics ceremonies were revealed when a couple of them got Cancelled, the Paralympics organizing comittee decided to refrain from announcing the production team members of the Paralympics opening. :lol: Seems they wanna avoid the same mess to repeat again.


  5. Ah yes, the Stockholm 2004 bid which, much like with the 2026 one, no one in Sweden wanted. They went to the extreme of literally bombing both the Olympic Stadium and Ullevi Stadium (Gotheburg) as a sign of protest and to also scare people from voting Stockholm in 1997.


    On 8/13/2021 at 10:23 PM, Brekkie Boy said:

    To be honest though I've just got one question - what were their plans for the main Olympic Stadium?   With the 1912 stadium only holding around 15,000 that couldn't have been the main value, and I suspect it's historic nature meant knocking it down and replacing it would not have been considered.   I'm guessing any plans may have evolved into what became the Friends Arena, which opened in 2009.

    They wanted to build a whole new stadium. Half of the tribunes would be temporary, though, since a permanent 70.000 spectators stadium for Stockholm was ridiculous. There is more info about the project here.


  6. Fun fact, that interpretation of the Italian anthem during the handover was very controversial in Italy back in the day with politicians who thought it was too much of a free adaptation of Fratelli D'Italia (the song was also used briefly during the transmissions of 2002 World Cup but due to controversy it was retired from RAI). I frankly don't see anything wrong with it. :P

    In a similar way to Tokyo handover, but not as bad, I had lots of expectations for Torino ceremonies because of their handover. I don't dislike their ceremonies as much as I did back then but I still don't think they were my favorites from the 2000s (then again it was the decade of Athens and Beijing which are still unsurpassable ceremonies for myself).

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  7. On 8/8/2021 at 11:25 AM, Olympian2005 said:

    Tokyo could have done at least something like this. more about lights, technology and spectacle rather than risky mass performance.

    The more i think about it the more i think Tokyo were just lazy, using COVID as the ultimate excuse and even without COVID ever happening i wonder if the ceremonies would still have been below par. The Rugby cup ceremony goes to show how bad this was always destined to be.

    They wanted it to be a big show. Well, at least Mikiko wanted to. But she couldn't stand the toxic environment and Japan obsession with respect to elders who still think their ways work in 2021. Thus, she resigned, the whole ceremony team fell like a house cards and the disaster which we all know happened.


  8. 1 hour ago, BigVic said:

    Ceremonies were scaled-back due to COVID.


    Vancouver hired David Atkins Enterprises who are an Australian company to do their ceremonies instead of local Canadian talent. London went with Danny Boyle 

    David Atkins produced the show but all of the performers were canadian and i'm pretty sure Atkins also brought in some talents to be in charge of aspects of the ceremonies.

    Ironically, Australia used a british production company for both 2006 and 2018 CWG (Jack Morton) and I remember the Gold Coast decision was heavily criticized back then though in the end they're producers who are still using native talent to create a show.

  9. 10 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Thanks for posting that, Yoshi.  Three thoughts:

    1.  It sounds very much like the story of Kristi Alveberg for Lillehammer 1994.  She also had a nervous breakdown when other forces with the OCOG started tinkering with her original ideas and tried to ease her out.  I interviewed her for my book.

    2.  Sad to say, I worked for the Manila office of Dentsu briefly back in the 1970s -- but it was a small one then and had no Japanese execs nor did it do Special Eventing.  It was strictly advertising in the traditional sense.  

    3.  I wonder how reliable that Reddit story is?  

    I think its reliable enough. For a lot of weeks i've seen people in japanese social media talking about how Dentsu ruined the opening ceremony and how they're also the most despised company in Japan at the moment due to many of their shady actions. The reddit user did their homework pretty well, but a lot of weebs are still in damage control and blaming this mess at the IOC and the pandemic.

  10. All this catastrophe regarding the organization of the opening ceremony just highlights heavily everything which is wrong with Japan right now and why they have fallen behind in the innovative area compared to their neighbours China and Korea. Too sad that the young innovative people are always trampled by a bunch of boomers because of muh respect to the eldery (Japan only has one Unicorn city, in fact (a term used for the most innovative cities ) which is Fukuoka, coincidentally the city with the largest number of younger people in the country. Embarassing for a nation which many have promoted to be a hub of innovation).

    Like I said before, Japan really can't into opening/closing ceremonies. Next time they host an Olympics I know i'll do best to sleep well that day and don't bother to wake up to watch it.

    PS: I see the only things they kept from the original plan in the end were the Drones (though heavily watered down) and the cauldron (only the sphere/flower part of it though).

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  11. Official youtube channel of Paris 2024 has uploaded the presentation.

    National Anthem (a very beautiful rendition. After all, we're talking about THE national anthem, so they couldn't butcher this)

    And the presentation. Shame that the Pandemic forced them to make the Handover on this style, but neverthless, I feel it was very professional and not cringe at all. I trust Paris will do something with style in 2024.


  12. Despite the disastrous, pessimistic lead up, and an Opening Ceremony which felt more like a Funeral than a celebration, I think Japan still fought against all of the odds and managed to make a very good event, organization wise, despite the current circunstances the world is facing right now. Its just a huge shame they could not enjoy this event as most japanese didn't even knew it was happening given how bubbled up they were. But like some people said here, the blame is into Abe and Suga for being slowpokes with the vaccinations. Neverthless, whats done is done, and the catastrophe which many doomsayers said it was going to happen with hosting these games was prevented. Only time will tell if Japan will have a second chance to have the party which couldn't be. The Asian Games aren't too much popular and it will be mostly a celebration for the people of Aichi and Nagoya which, compared to Tokyo and Osaka, never had much protagonism representing Japan in events besides the 2005 Expo, but maybe they can be a What If.

    The athletes were undoubtly, as it should always be, the main protagonists of the show, with their outstanding performances and many broken records. While we still don't have popular figures yet, we have to understand these were the games of a new generation since the old one said goodbye to us in Rio. Their time of fame will come very soon in Paris and L.A. As for my country, I cannot complain. These were the best games performance wise we had in many decades, and with an Olympic and World Record included. I couldn't ask more from them.

    I pray that these and Beijing will be the first and only Covid Games, and the world will have surpassed this terrible pandemic by 2024. For all the criticism their handover got, at least they delivered a light of hope which was so needed, with the parisian people being together and celebrating despite the current situation. I trust in France and Paris to give us a classy event, after all, the french know when to have class when they're at the spotlight.

    I'm still contempt with watching Beijing's next winter, but I've been a longtime fan of Olympics so i'll try to ignore all of the political drama this edition will be and cheer for the athletes, just like I did this year. But I hope Paris comes soon enough and renews hope and prestige to an event which really needs it. And hopefully by then our dear Olympic champion in fencing will be out of the picture.

    Overall, I give Tokyo a 6/10. I understand most of what happened was not their fault, but at the end we're qualifying a final product and not a "what could had been". I'm sure they'll get a 11/10 when they are under a much luckier scenario.

    See you next winter!

  13. 10 minutes ago, Olympian2005 said:

    The japanese must be so pissed seeing the french all out celebrating 

    They've been annoyed at France for some days after Dembele made racist remarks toward some japanese workers in an hotel. Also while it gave a sensation of hope, its also kind of a contradictory message. Social distancing and no spectators in Tokyo while Paris was packed with people. They must be tilting their heads right now.

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  14. Very good rendition of Marseillaise which also included Stade de France. Wonderful introduction video through the roofs of Paris. The flag was completely fake and computer generated though lol, what the hell was that.

    However the ambience in Paris is very much different from the grimace which was Tokyo. Awesome performance by the air force too, and they kept the tradition of using the head of state in handovers which was kickstarted by Tokyo 5 years ago.

    7/10. I don't want to be too harsh on it because I understand the pandemic situation, so i'll just say it was decent and very french.

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