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  1. Part of me is still very depressed that this ceremony and the games are being held without spectators due to the pandemic, so it feels extremely soulless. On a positive side, I am aware not having much people would also allow them to do stuff which are normally restricted to Winter ceremonies. By the way, doing a artistic display as the torch enters is something which has been going on for a while now (Jakarta Palembang 2018, Philippines 2019 SEA Games and also Lima 2019 Pan Am Games did a cultural display as the torch enters...seems like its the norm to do this thing now).
  2. They're playing Maurice Ravel's Bolero there. Seems like it could be related to Paris 2024 handover?
  3. Blue Impulse rehearsing the drawing of the olympic rings https://www.instagram.com/p/CRYmzcOD5Rg/ Also, some drones were caught around the stadium. Seems like they will use drones for the ceremonies. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRY1YfFjOhX/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CRWMj2bMnrR/ In other news, Keigo Oyamada (one of the music composers for the opening) was acussed of having bullied schoolmates with disabilities which it seems he has admitted (is there anyone else on these ceremonies team who doesn't like to shame others? ) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20210716/k10013143791000.html
  4. Opening Ceremony of the Stade de France in early 1998. Heavy use of projections, pretty good considering this show long predates when projections started to be heavily used in ceremonies (blame Doha 2006 for that)
  5. Seems like the ceremony will be mostly focused in the Pandemic than anything else. Very sad the circumstances forced this to happened but its also understandable.
  6. That's gonna help a lot, considering how many japanese are totally not resentful toward China for this mess and for many other **** they've been doing for years. Lord Killanin must be sighing in relief in the other world knowing he's no longer the worst IOC president.
  7. Looks kinda pbasic, you can tell they cut a lot of the budget compared to Mikiko plan if you look at the simplistic stage where the cauldron is.
  8. Thumbnail shows people carrying the Imperial WW2 flag, heavily associated with the japanese Far Right. Were you saying?
  9. Ironically, many in the far Right which hates cancel culture also hate the Olympics.
  10. They should just do the protocol and get over with. Japanese are very angry and it seems they are even asking the Emperor to not attend the opening ceremony (he hasn't said anything so far but parties are arguing that, him being a symbol of unity to the country, could cause division if he attends it after the population was banned from going) Meanwhile, Japanese people are becoming the biggest fans of Bach.
  11. If the music is as good as this one, I guess the french handover soundtrack will be one of its strongest points. Maybe without spectators or too much athletes they have a larger area to work with like Japan had in 2016.
  12. And I'm the one being antagonistic with others....yikes.
  13. These are going to be the most soulless olympics ever. And sadly I'll have to pin the blame in Japan as well. While many european countries, including England, have vaccinated most of their population, Japan hasn't even reached 20%. I expected much, much more for a country known for their organization, but I guess this is what happens when you leave the same bunch of old farts in charge of your country for too long. Pretty sure the UK and France would had avoided this catastrophe to be honest.
  14. I know the name Decoufle might cause cringe among some people in this board but I always liked his work in Albertville. something similar but with today's technology would be great. Maybe a sneak peak of their Look? who knows Pretty nice they choosed an internationally known musician for the handover. Woodkid also shown an extract of the music at the end of the interview which you can hear here: https://twitter.com/franceinter/status/1413375652464664576?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1413375652464664576|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Factu.fr%2Fauvergne-rhone-alpes%2Flyon_69123%2Fle-lyonnais-woodkid-choisi-pour-realiser-la-musique-de-passation-des-jo-entre-tokyo-et-paris_43340913.html
  15. North Korea is going through another famine and Kim became even more stricter with forbidding their people to enjoy anything which is even remotely "western" (which is typical of dictators when they're going through a bad time and don't want their populace to know better alternatives exist). And there's also the fact China is too busy handling their own mess so the aid to NK has stopped, and NK healthcare is completely unprepared to face the virus.
  16. Bureaucracy is the illness which has been making Japan fall behind China and SK. They take an eternity to make decisions, even if they're fast after they make them, its still a lot of wasted time.
  17. Funny thing, a lot of right wing people also hate the games, seeing it as an expression of Multiculturalism/Globalism and as an attempt by the secret illuminati government to subvert Japan (they actually believe this crap), being relieved tourists wouldn't come to their country when it was announced no foreigners were allowed. And Japan is known for being an extremely conservative country.
  18. Nothing yet and I check Instagram daily. Don't expect much info when spectators have been fully banned and the games are universally hated by the japanese population, so it's normal the interest is extremely low.
  19. We're not mad about the ceremonies, I could care less if they're cancelled to be honest. I'm mad because of the IOC and this organizing comittee lies and how they tried to delay the inevitable out of their pure greed.
  20. That thread is annoying as hell. Its always the same schizoposting of articles about a boycott which will never happen. Only naive people unironically think a boycott will happen when the IOC has shown us with Tokyo they, once again, only care for money.
  21. This organizing comittee is a joke. Always delaying the inevitable. At first it was "we will only allow people from Japan". Then, "We will only allow a max of 10.000 people per venue" and now its "Only VIP and no spectators at ceremonies". Not even an event for the people but for the Satrapas of the IOC, just to add more insult to the injury many japanese already feel toward this event. Again, I doubt Japan will ever want to host this mess of an event ever again. At least for a good bunch of years we'll never see another Olympics in Japan so you can kiss goodbye a Sapporo bid.
  22. Not sure if this was posted but we're finally seeing more details of Qatar 2022 brand besides the logo. Website also shows a bit more of the brand. https://www.qatar2022.qa/en Also, it's been quite a while and no mascot announcement...would it be safe to assume this WC won't have a mascot then?
  23. Anyway....a bit of a mangled translation but some of the decisions the japanese government took recently regarding spectators https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/6bdb1b6c433850749ca7270fcc4948da14af0cb1
  24. I am not being antagonistic (unlike someone I won’t name). And I do understand what is going on, only that it seems you care more for the cheers in an event for which japanese people feel very awkward to cheer about when their health system is about to collapse. Its not just about the commercials you mention. Not every channel in the world is the NBC (and thank god for that).
  25. Whine all you want about this being a Fake ceremony but the current times demand this and i'm sure the world has more important priorities than having a pharaonic extravaganza. If you want showbiz you have Beijing 2022 for that since the fuckers don't give a damn about anything and are laughing at the face of the world at this point.
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