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  1. Most ceremonies are a farce anyway, as they're an idealized view of the host country/city most of the time.

    It was only until recently when we had ceremonies like Rio which actually addressed global concerns and didn't shied away from depicting the poor areas of Brazil (even though the reality was a lot of favelas were being walled during the Olympics) as well for other urban subcultures.

  2. ^^ The catastrophe which were the Tokyo ceremonies, which left many people starving for a good show.

    Lets face it, it feels like since 2018 we haven't had an actual Olympic ceremony (excluding the paralympics on which at least they did what they could considering the restrictions and low budget but it didn't suffered of development hell), and the fact Yimou is involved reignited the interests of many here since the 2008 ceremonies are still considered one of the best ever.

    Don't get me wrong, most of us in this board don't support the CCP and the fact the IOC keeps bowing down to them (i still don't buy what the OBS guy said about this ceremony being on par with 2008's....), but I think one can still watch and appreciate things putting politics aside (also, in order to appreciate chinese culture which is worldwide and not strictly associated to a political form). Its not like i'm going to become a Winnie the Pooh fanboy after watching it.

    I mean, as long as i'm not paying a single cent of my pocket to watch it...if i gave a single penny then that would be a problem. Then again, we're all already giving pennies to the CCP anyway, thanks to the West naivety into moving all outsourcing industries over there out of pure greediness.

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  3. At first I thought "Well, this might be just one of the segments, they're probably not revealing their best cards on these sneak peaks"

    Then I remember they said the whole ceremony will last 100 minutes including Parade of nations/speeches/rest of protocol. So this tacky stuff we just saw might take a significant part of the whole show.

    I don't think even the cauldron lightning is going to save this, specially when we already know they forced this ecological idiocy again (wonderful they talk about it while they do a mass fireworks show which pollutes far more than a flame which will only burn for 14 days. Stupidest argument ever, feels more like an excuse to not even try doing good cauldrons anymore......)

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  4. With the current leadership of old boomers still inpower at the IOC, don't expect any of these changes happening anytime soon.

    Yes, Bach has to go, but he's just going to be replaced by another boomer with lack of awareness. Everyone is part of the problem so there needs to be a major shakeup/revolution in the institution, considering less and less serious countries/cities want to participate in an event which pretty much became a vanity/dick measuring contest with dubious actual contributions in the long term other than a huge debt and white elephants. They have been under the eye of the storm for some time and COVID just exposed it much more than it already was, with even a country like Japan struggling to make it (many years ago I would had thought it would had been a piece of cake to them).

    Some huge, catastrophic scandal needs to happen. On par with 2015's FIFAGate or even worse. A lot of people like praising Jacques Rogge in this board but that's just because the Olympics weren't under heavy scrutiny and still popular during his tenure. Many forget that a lot of his moves also led to the current situation, such as letting the Olympics grow out of control with more costs and unnecesary sport events almost nobody watches. Bach was his right hand man back then so he's from his same school.

  5. 8 hours ago, Nacholympic said:

    If the Tokyo 2020’s torch relay was the one with the lowest excitement ever, Beijing 2022’s definitely doesn’t exist.
    The decision to shorten the relay on just 3 days, arises again what I have been telling even before the pandemic: torch relay MUST have a dramatic change, MUST be redesigned, MUST be rescheduled.
    We all know the Olympics are not any more what they used to be in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000s, where a thrilling atmosphere surrounded all what was related to them. After countless scandals of corruptions and over costs, got exhausted the general audience (no mention the descendent audiences on TV spectators). Torch relays ARE part of the problem
    May the torch relay, since now on, should be shortened to the host city, or may arise a real popular participation in activities that involve spectators in a real way…. I don’t know.
    Definitely, Beijing 2022 torch relay is the death of the torch relay as we know it so far.




    More like the CCP are cowards and wanted to avoid zero risks of the relay getting disrupted by Uyghur or Tibet activists. In a world much more globalized than in 2008, its not insane to think this could still happen inside China, even with all the restrictions.

    However I agree with you that the torch relay cannot be a massive road as in compared in the past anymore either way, since it just adds more to the pile of expenses the host country must do, and for an event more and more people, specially the young, just don't care about anymore.

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  6. Half a year later and this is still painful to remember what could had been if not for Covid and massive disorganization/bureaucracy/sexism from the ceremonies team.

    I guess it hurts more because most of us had a lot of expectations after the wonderful 2016 handover. If there is something I learned after 2021 was to never trust the overhype handovers cause because the final result can be very different.

    I think even without Covid, given the other stuff which happened, the opening ceremony was always doomed to be a mess.


  7. Samaranch got overambitious after 1992 and wanted Spain to do another Olympics no matter what. Luckily, Rogge kept him in his place and with him gone his son are far from influential than his dad.

    Spain went through a lot back then because of the 2008 crisis so they would had probably resigned and 2014/2010 would had ended into a Denver scenario.

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  8. I'm starting to dislike Balich and his huge monopoly in the matter. He's the Disney of sport ceremonies at this point, then again since its his home turf, I guess it was to be expected.

    Not sure if he was involved in the Torino 2006 handover, which was pretty good, but the actual ceremonies in Torino were a bit hit and miss at some points. I hope he does a better job in 2026 (lets be honest, he's going to get it).

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  9. Retaliation without doubt. Look what's happening in Lithuania right now just because they decided to allow Taiwanese diplomatic offices to open up.

    Pyeongchang and koreans must be feeling very relieved now. Of all the asian olympics we had ever since 2018, they were the only ones who dodged this huge royal mess. Hopefully by Paris this whole drama is finally over, but I don't think the Olympics are gonna be the same after it.

  10. 29 minutes ago, Palette86 said:

    Funny news title even though China has not officially announced they would have spectators or not.:D

    They said they would allow spectators but only from Beijing for what I understood, in order to keep coherency with the bubble concept. Also spectators must get quarintined after attending events.

  11. 22 hours ago, munichfan said:

    Ever since that cheesy handover, I am no longer so sure of what to expect.

    I want to believe Zhang was just very uninspired that day or didn't had enough time to plan something as I remember he was assigned to the job of leading the handover in a rushed way. He was assigned for the role ever since 2019 so I guess he made something more cohesive this time. Most of the things he has done (except for The Great Wall (2016) which was hot steaming garbage) are still pretty good (haven't watched Shadow yet but seems it was very well received by the critic)

    On the other hand, he did Cliff Walkers (2021) which is set during WWII. While still generally liked, the reviews weren't as good. I guess Zhang's forte is in Wuxia/ancient China themes and not more contemporary/modern settings, so I hope there is a mix of both for the 2022 opening and it doesn't rely solely in modernism.

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