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  1. As much as I support the cause in Ukraine, this will not do well for a contest which has been accused for years of being politicized. UK and Spain deserved to win it, specially because this was a once in a lifetime chance after many dissapointments for both of them (Spain hosted it in 1969).

    Also, I doubt this war will be over by 2023. How is Ukraine exactly going to host anything when the entire country is in shambles?

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  2. Not a big fan of the huge use of VR in this ceremony. Hard to tell what's really happening in the stadium or isn't at times. Then again I know these SEA Games budget were severely affected due to the pandemic so I guess they tried to go for some alternate routes. 

  3. As expected, Yekaterinburg lost the hosting rights for the 2023 Universiade for the reasons we all know.


    However, its kinda strange FISU took longer than expected to revoke the hosting rights. I assumed they did so months ago.

    Not like they can celebrate it anyway given the Chengdu Universiade which was supossed to be held in 2021 (then to 2022) was delayed yet again to 2023 now that China lost control of the pandemic. Seems FISU got hit by the pandemic even worse than the IOC.

  4. This could had been the Winter Olympics but they were lucky to avoid the storm. Unfortunately, Hangzhou and Chengdu weren't as lucky.

    Asian Games in China postponed due to pandemic


    Summer World University Games in Chengdu to take place in 2023


  5. Closing ceremony of the 2003 SEA Games in Hanoi (Vietnam). Next week Vietnam hosts the SEA Games again, an edition which, much like others, has been delayed/received budget cuts due to this tiresome pandemic.

    For what I read it seems they are taking the Beijing route and will implement usage of LED in the floor. 

  6. Please spare us the racist card. Russia has been a blight for Sports reputation for a lot of years because of organized doping/cheating. What they've done to Ukraine this year is an invasion, no matter all the excuses, childish accusations of nazism and historic facts they want to use as coping to justify it. While I understand there are sport players who don't agree with what that their government is doing, right now, giving Russia even the smallest window of representation could be taken as a form of recognition/approval of them as a country who deserves to be respected. And if their sportmen/sportwomen only become more hostile and pro-invasion because of this, then it means they are showing their true colors. 

    And yeah. Before you also play the Whataboutist card, its possible other countries did it too. The difference is Russian government wasn't even smart enough to make it subtle. Isn't that right, Sochi?

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  7. 10 hours ago, Palette86 said:

    The video has been very interesting. I found the square stage was almost as same as the one of Tokyo 2020's closing ceremony.

    不評の五輪閉会式で、「東京音頭」のベタさがウケた謎 | 女子SPA!

    Nagano stage was partially based after a Sumo ring, to keep with the use of traditional elements at their opening. The pillars weren't there originally, as they were raised at the start of the show (the Onbashira tradition is actually much more dangerous outside of what they did in the stadium, since they often pull the logs through crazy places such as rivers and steep slopes)


    The circle at the center could also be raised thanks to hydraulics. It was used a couple of times during both opening and closing ceremonies.


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  8. The only good thing of this ceremony (Tokyo's) is that it made me value the Nagano ceremonies more. Don't get me wrong, they were still very simplistic, but after many years i've started to appreciate its peacefulness and how it focused heavily in the culture of the japanese countryside.

    The fireworks at the closing ceremony (made by traditional fireworks makers which are still spectacular today)were for me the top moment of the closing.

    I wish we could live in an alternate world where Dentsu and Covid didn't fucked up the Tokyo ceremonies. :( At least, if Sapporo wins (which for the moment seems to be the most plausible scenario) they will have a second chance to get it right. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, Olympics2028 said:


    Photomapping, particularly at an opening, has become "been there, done that."

    If 2024 both avoids that and also holds most of its opening ceremonies during the daytime, that alone will be an improvement.

    I liked photomapping at first, but as time went on, seeing everyone relying heavily on it to the point performances by actual human people/use of props became more and more abandoned or lazy slowly made me hate it. And Beijing 2022 was the last straw for me since it was obvious like hell they spent 90% of the budget in that stupid LED floor which were just glorified projections but with another form. 

    I want something creative again, like London's. Or at least where the balance between projections and props/performers is good (Sochi for example)

  10. On 3/25/2022 at 5:29 AM, Nacholympic said:

    A REAL 80s ceremony. As it is original from the 80s, it's a valuable material!

    Sarajevo '84 Opening Ceremony Olympic Winter Games.

    Held on February 8, 1984 at Kosevo Stadium.

    Broadcast of ABC.


    You're welcome. :D

    Someone uploaded it (although with commercial ads) years ago but sadly their account was taken down. I happened to have it saved so I edited it removing the commercial ads and reuploaded since, because of the terrible war which happened in the 90s, a lot of files were lost and finding the original footage seem to be almost impossible (given most of the HD images we've seen is from documentals which used a different footage).

    I've also reuploaded Nagano Paralympics opening. Sadly most of the cultural performances were lost but i managed to salvage most of it.


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  11. Spain has bigger challenges to face right now than being worried about hosting a WOG. Specially when the catalonians are already politicizing it this hard. Sadly, this isn't the first time as they also attempted to do the same back in 1992. The difference is regionalism wasn't as rancid and radical as it is today. Both Aragon and Catalonia hate each other and accuse each other of historical revisionism regarding their past, symbols, etc. so these fights with them do not surprise me to the slightest.

    Sapporo so far looks like its going to win this so easily it makes me wonder why I should even follow up this. 

  12. Sadly, yesterday events feel like the seed of something much, much worse, was planted. Not necesarily from Russia's side as well, but for other countries with similar ambitions (China with Taiwan, North Korea with SK, etc. )

    After Afghanistan humilliation (pretty much Vietnam 2.0), the enemies of the West have obviously concluded and even say aloud that we're in our weakest moment. And like the saying goes, "When the cat is away, the mice will play". And, to be fair, they're not too far from the truth. The United Nations has failed as an institution, much like the old League of Nations, and its an organization where, no matter what the majority says, only what a couple of countries say will matter (China, Russia, the US). Also, the lack of unity and decisiveness in the EU member countries regarding what actions should had been taken regarding a country with a previous experience of doing the same thing with Georgia was laughable at best. 

    The west needs to pull itself together and show strength toward people who has obviously demonstrated they don't care if the world burns. 

  13. On 2/21/2022 at 7:19 PM, baron-pierreIV said:

    Oh God, "duality" of Milano-Cortina just gives me nightmares thinking of the 2026 children of these 2 -- among the least imaginative mascots of all time.  And then the Asterisk for the Paras.  With the 2026 logo people chose, I think M-C 2026 is ALREADY FAILING in its Design challenges -- all the more disappointing considering it's Italy.  They could've let Donatella Versace or the Gucci woman do the designs.  I don't think they could've done worse than the curretn designers working on MC 2026. 

    Torino Olympic Mascots.svg

    Meh, I forgave these mascots and didn't cared because Torino at least gave us one of the best Looks of any Olympics.



    I hope Milano/Cortina does something like this because Beijing look was very forgettable in my opinion.


  14. 15 hours ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

    Because China is so disliked around the wrld these days, I wonder if they took the "China" out of the ceremonies on purpose?

    You would barley know these Games were in China - the ceremonies were inoffensive and generic like a Disney production, and even the look ofthe Games was just soft blue mountains (no bright red lanterns etc)....and there was no Chinese music to be heard anywhere.

    China is disliked as a government, not as a culture. In fact I hated these ceremonies because they lacked the chinese factor I was looking forward so badly.

    And get used to these inoffensive stuff. Globalism became intensified in ceremonies thanks to Bach meddling. Its never going to be the same. 

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