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  1. I know someone probably said this already but screw the IOC and screw Thomas Bach. Part of me hopes things get even worse so they're finaly completely cornered and forced to make changes if they want to survive in the current era.
  2. Finally some decent videos of the ceremony. This was also my first Pan Am Games opening which I watched, back before they started going over the top with them like the Olympics.
  3. Oh, no, a diplomatic boycott. I'm pretty sure the CCP is totally going to care very much about this instead of giving zero fucks and laughing at the west. Seriously, some people in this thread need to get real.
  4. Wait for Wumaos play the Whataboutism card and mentioning the Vancouver 2010 incident to look better.
  5. Their National Games opening ceremony, even with the current Covid situation, and the anniversary of the CCP ceremony at Bird Nest were of a huge scale. Its no doubt they will do something big, specially if they can add more salt into the wound of a country they've never liked much such as Japan. Anyway, it started snowing in Beijing earlier than expected
  6. I wonder if the reason why they've given so little detail about the ceremonies and its staff has to do with the fact they want to avoid a Tokyo scenario where half of its staff was constantly Cancelled which lead to the disastrous ceremonies we already know.
  7. The only reason i'm watching the ceremonies is because of how Tokyo disastrously managed theirs with all their creative conflicts/people getting removed from the staff (things unrelated with the pandemic) and left me desiring much more. China enjoys dabbing at the world as of lately because of how increasingly aggressive they've become in economics/politics so its obvious they will do a huge show just to add more salt to Tokyo's wound.
  8. Stagnation. The population is too old and most of them still hold the positions of power and don't seem to like innovation/breaking the mold. I'm a big fan of Japan design wise but they've been falling behind their neighbour a bit over the last decade.
  9. Canada just unveiled their uniforms for the upcoming Winter Olympics
  10. Those medals look way too uninspired and boring. I expected more from chinese designers but it seems all the talent graphic design wise was dragged to the Hangzhou Asian Games, which had much better designs. The Look is not even that good either and feels random at best a farcry from the Luck Clouds of 2008 which were one of my favorite brands.
  11. Thread to talk about the next regional event in the American continent. Some days ago, the mascot was unveiled.
  12. Torch arrives at Beijing http://www.news.cn/english/2021-10/20/c_1310257158.htm
  13. Flame handover ceremony at Panathinaiko Stadium https://www.bilibili.com/s/video/BV11b4y1h724
  14. Well, what can we expect from an insecure person who literally banned a cartoon character because of unoffesive comparisons.
  15. Anyway, lets talk about my favorite moment of the event. https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/beijing-games-flame-lit-olympia-be-flown-china-tuesday-2021-10-18/ At least the CCP was smart this time to keep the Torch Relay inside its own land. Too bad that won't save them from the Greek route.
  16. My contempt toward both these games and its host nation is so big I legit forgot this started today.
  17. The last song used in Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympics opening ceremony, which was a remix of korean folk songs/pansori, is available for download at Soundcloud.
  18. China has always been terrible in team sports due to their culture/mentality, so its not surprising. They only seem to be capable to perform good at individual events.
  19. Spain has way too many issues happening right now to be capable of hosting the Olympics. Barcelona is being way too optimistic but the truth is a lot has changed in the Olympics since 1992. People in Spain are very angered because of a huge rise in the prices of basic goods as well for electricity/water/etc (consequences of both COVID crisis and incompetence from the current government coallition). To add more problems to the pile,now there is the natural disaster happening in Canary Islands regarding the eruption of the Palma Volcano. Spain hosting the olympics is the last thing they should worry about right now.
  20. Thank you so much, I was looking for this for ages alongside Chiang Mai 1995 opening. You can tell Singapore just went with their creative teams which do their annual National Day Parades for this.
  21. Ah, back when the Pan Am ceremonies were much more simplistic. Rio handover was literally the best part of it. Really strange this channel didn't uploaded the opening ceremonies first (maybe in the next days?)
  22. The ceremony of China National Games, while visually spectacula,r also felt very cheesy and politically self masturbatory. Hopefully Beijing 2022 ceremonies are more classy and have a general theme to them (I believe they wanted to use Chinese New Year elements in it) By the way, I read the composer of Beijing 2008 soundtrack will do the Hangzhou 2022 ceremonies music, which is another ceremony we should keep an eye on next year. Scott Givens (FiveCurrents) will be involved. http://www.zj.xinhuanet.com/2021-07/21/c_1127676364.htm
  23. The most irritating thing is that they DID installed LED lights in the Tokyo Stadium for a late 2020 event (the Arafes concert). There was literally no excuse for not adding it here to try enhacing things given there were no spectators and the budget was drastically cut. Beijing 2022 ceremonies are going to flex really hard in what Tokyo did.
  24. I don't like pointing fingers at just one person tho.
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