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  1. ^^ Not really. It seems to be related to some christian event held last year, although it was celebratory of the 2026 Winter Olympics. https://www.ansa.it/lombardia/notizie/2022/09/28/milano-cortina-verso-i-giochi-con-la-fiaccola-della-diocesi_0bcd2a7e-0dc3-4232-82be-5e0d8f58135c.html The torch is usually unveiled one year before the event, so I say we'll see it in 2025.
  2. I thought the Mexico City one was this? Which is alright. Nice nod to Aztec/precolombine art (and a bit of Mexico 68) but still meh.
  3. I'm tired of this stupid minimalist trend and the fact they are not even trying anymore with brands. Not just FIFA but the Olympics also are giving me this feel as of late (Paris at least its trying a bit more but....) Its a literal PNG plastered over a badly drawn number 26. That's it. That's the logo. Reminder that a """professional"" firm got paid thousands for this.
  4. Took forever but the chosen mascots have finally taken life from the original drawings. https://www.european-games.org/the-games/mascots/ I can't help but find so much similarities with certain popular german dragon.
  5. 2019 had very good music but that was pretty much it. Hard to believe it was Fivecurrents in charge of that one I want to be benevolent with the 2021+1 ceremony because of the Pandemic but it was still a poor ceremony which abused too much of VR effects Cambodia's ceremony, safe some small things which made me eyeroll (like obviously copying the Rio 2016 Amazon forest segment at one moment) felt like an Olympic ceremony most of the time, and it didn't exclusively depeneded in projections (even if these were heavy) The transparent fabric used for projections is an idea which should be definitely more used in ceremonies. I loled at the fact the flame in the torch was already extinguished before the Giant Naga lit the cauldron. Kind of reminded me of Sheffield's Universiade. Still, considering what Cambodia went through for many decades, it was a very impressive work.
  6. Opening ceremony of the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia about to begin, for those interested. For what i've seen it seems to be much larger than last year ceremony in Hanoi. https://www.youtube.com/live/LnFfkmAXSBM?feature=share
  7. Everyday i'm reminded FIFA comitted a gigantic mistake giving the WC to both these backward countries. Money is the only language they know.
  8. Nice, another sport federation selling itself to oil Sheikhs.
  9. 1:22:04 RIP Edna Everage (Barry Humphries)
  10. I liked the runner ups much better. They felt more faithful to korean traditional art. The winner choice is just okay. I guess they wanted to make it similar to the 2018 medal design in order to tie the two events together.
  11. RIP Ryuichi Sakamoto. An absolute legend.
  12. About time, and I saw this coming now that the new SK president is much less willing to be on friendly terms with NK, specially now that the later has gotten worse with their tirades to the point they actually achieved the impossible: Make Japan and SK resume diplomatic activities again and put aside their differences.
  13. We all knew for a time FIFA became too but dear god. Infantino has pretty much became the Sheikhs little pet. He's embarassingly pathetic at this point, and he'll probably play the racist card again when confronted by everyone like he did in the WC.
  14. The whole Cortina Milano brand has been a mess. A farcry from the beautiful brand we had in Torino 2006 (except the mascots which were godawful). Anyway....I think the flowers have potential to be good, if they get redesigned (since the drawings we've seen are obviously how they were originally submitted). They should had done that before presenting the choices. The whole thing feels very rushed.
  15. After Soohorang and Bing Dwen, seems we're up for dissapointments mascot wise.
  16. The Torch Relay will begin in Marseille. It will arrive to France by boat. https://www.instagram.com/p/CoMlbDaD8gM/ I love it. It also reminds me a lot of old torch relay on which domestic routes also began by sea (Mexico 68, Seoul 88...)
  17. After how they self sabotaged themselves last time and how most Swedes feel contempt toward the Olympics as a whole (see 2004 and 2026 bids), I don't have much faith from this. Don't get me wrong, a WOG in Scandinavia again would be great, but Swedes keep proving time after time they just don't want the games.
  18. I'm glad they refined the look. While I liked it very much I couldn't help but feel it still felt a bit random at times. Here you can see it has more consistency and blends better with the colors.
  19. Yaay, Marco Balich will do another sport ceremony.....again. https://www.santiago2023.org/es/noticias/portada-sitio-web/detalle/770/santiago-2023-adjudica-empresa-a-cargo-de-espectaculos-de-los-juegos Remember when we had more diversity of producers back in the day? Whatever happened to that. Not saying I don't like his work but the company has way too much monopoly over the business.
  20. I thought they might bring back Soohorang but seems the mascot is gonna be entirely different.
  21. Tokyo 2020 really damaged any remote possibility of Japan hosting it ever again, at least for some decades.
  22. Pele was the final torchbearer at the 2011 World Military Games held in Rio. Possibly due to the fact he served during a time in the army.
  23. Interview with Philippe Decoufle shortly after the ceremonies, also shown by Antenne 2 (the video embeded in this article). https://www.leparisien.fr/sports/dans-le-retro-1992-les-jo-d-albertville-emerveillent-le-public-03-02-2016-5511271.php
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